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I think the average person would truly be surprised with some of the e-mails I get on a daily basis.  There are some REAL wizards out there!!  I have though about making a “stupid e-mails” page for years, but decided it was probably not too PC… well, this first winner is the one that finally pushed me over the edge, and there are plenty more to follow!

I was informed by another breeder that I appeared on Rottweiler.net (a “Rottweiler” forum- and I use that term VERY loosely because most of the discussions are not helpful, but are really a bunch of “breeders” that apparently have not yet graduated high school and feel the need to rip everyone elses dog up or talk trash about each other to feel validated)  Even though I typically avoid such useless endeavors, after I also had someone on my GR fb post that they also found a post about me on a Rottweiler forum, my curiosity was peaked, so I looked up my “discussion.”  Well, long story short, there were some pretty harsh comments made by someone named Gina.  I was really not sure what I had done to tick her off (maybe denied her one of my puppies, or possibly she’s just another breeder trying to over-compensate for her own inadequacies?)  But at any rate, she replied to a post regarding the best dog food for a puppy to increase weight and she came way out of left field to attack me because the person posting called me a COE (Code of Ethics) breeder.  This is what Gina posted:

You may want to read up on what makes a COE breeder. This is not, this is a commercial breeder. 5 litters in the last 3 months. Buys dogs with some East European Championships …no working titles on any of the dogs…and only hips and elbows done in Europe. If they are breeding in this country they should have the hips and elbows done and scored, in the US, as well as the heart and eyes(which none have).
I’m sure he is a lovely puppy…but with so many litters to care for at the same time it could be that your puppies litter just did not get the care they needed living in a kennel.
Try him on a higher calorie food…or feed him a bit more of the Fromm. Try adding some cooked ground beef and or scrambled eggs to his food (start with tiny amounts)

My first thoughts (well, this is a family website, so I won’t put what my first thought for her were) but this was my response:
Gina, You incorrectly stated that I am NOT a COE breeder and that I had “5 litters in the last 3 months” and was a “commercial breeder” along with some other very harsh statements.  I really wish you would have taken the time to educate yourself on myself, my breeding program, or even given me the courtesy of contacting me like an adult before making such hurtful and inaccurate slander.  First, I have been breeding for nearly 10 years and have YET to make it through the alphabet (so that is LESS than 26 litters in almost a decade- yes VERY commercial!)  I have people who are on my waiting list for a year or more because I WILL NOT breed a bitch back to back simply to satisfy demand.  My dogs are my family, and they ALWAYS come first.  Second, if you were to even bother reading my PUPPIES page, I post not only my litters, but some of the litters my good friends and breeders in Europe have available IN EUROPE, as a courtesy to my friends.  Third, 2 of those litters you were referring to I whelped for a very good friend of mine who is an INTERNATIONAL JUDGE in Europe and was asked to Judge Ecuador’s KLUBSIEGER (judging any country’s KS is the highest honor a judge can be given!)  He had bred 2 very special litters before he was invited and did not trust just anyone to whelp them.  It was very bad timing for me as I was preparing to move, however, I was extremely honored by the request and knew his dogs were as special to him as mine are to me, and I could not let him down.  I gave everything I had to my moms and pups- going days without sleep and staying in the box with mom 24-7 as I ALWAYS DO.  Most importantly to the question at hand, the litter you are referring to was my ONLY litter on the ground at the time!!  The pup came from a litter of 10, so OF COURSE the average weight of each puppy will be smaller than those from a litter of 5, however, the pups were good size, great bone, excellent head pieces and it was one of my best litters yet!  
The correct response to the gentleman asking how to make his puppy bigger should have been to NOT!  I feed FROMM specifically because it is lower in protein as the pups need a slow steady growth, not rapid growth spurts which can do irreparable damage to a growing puppies joints.  A lean, fit puppy is the best way to promote healthy joint growth.  WAY too many Americans are obsessed with having the largest, heaviest Rottweiler and they TOTALLY forget about the health or even the correct size (80-90 pounds for a bitch, 110 pounds for a male per FCI recognized ADRK German breed standard!)  As far as for your insinuation to my pups being neglected in a kennel, my pups are NEVER raised in a kennel, they are raised in my home with my kids.  I love my Rottweilers with all of my heart and soul.  I breed for the breed and not for any other reason.  If you even bothered to read my website, you would know why I breed and exactly how much my dogs mean to myself and my family, and how my Diesel saved me in more ways than one.  This is NOT a commercial operation!  No one works for me!  It is myself and my kids mostly who take care of my rotties because my husband works 2 full time jobs just to help out with the dog expenses because everything I make with my rotties gets re-invested on traveling for shows, training, or put into the dogs I rescue and rehabilitate (yes, I work with Johnson County, Morgan County and many other local shelters and take in their hardest cases for rehabilitation and rehoming, so yes, so very commercial!)  I have spent up to $7,000 to save the life of one puppy before because this is NOT JUST A BUSINESS and every one of my babies is important.  There is no button on my website to click and add a puppy to a cart and have it shipped to you- I require an interview and contract with EVERY puppy, youth or adult I sell or adopt.  I do not dock tails despite the fact that I could probably sell more if I did, and I stand behind ALL of my dogs with lifetime guarantees.  I guarantee the health, temperament, and on show quality pups, I even guarantee the conformation, and I can absolutely guarantee you that I am the only breeder WORLDWIDE that does this!  I offer training and lifetime breeder support to anyone who purchases one of my puppies.  Yes, I do import from Europe as well as Germany because (and if you ever went to any European shows like I DO you would also know) some GOOD, trustworthy breeders in European countries outside of Germany are breeding dogs that rival anything that Germany is producing!!  Just look at my pics for the ADRK KLUBSIEGER in Sudlohn, Germany last year!  Talk about some GORGEOUS rotties from all over the world- 2 of which I handled!!  As far as no working titles on any of my rotts, check again, most of mine have temperament testing AND working titles (NOT that working titles have anything to do with the health or size of a pup!!!)  and as far as no cardio or CERF, again, check your crystal ball.  And finally, if you are suggesting that when a dog’s hips and elbows are x-rayed in Germany (the country that not only originated the Rottweiler but also set all the breed standards and MANDATES that their dogs comply with the health, temperament and conformation of the breed before they are even CONSIDERED to be eligible for breeding rather than simply “SUGGESTING” a guideline like AKC) should have the x-rays re-done here in the US by the OFA, a process which is much more subjective and relies not only on a vet correctly performing the x-rays, but also on 2 of the 3 OFA judges agreeing on a rating, then you are implying that the experts in Germany are incompetent or that their standards are not good enough for the US.  And having seen the difference in Germany’s standard and what is considered breedable here in the US, I know who I trust more!  So, if you are going to throw your opinion around, try basing it, at least a little, on fact.
Alice Velasquez
PROUD owner of Guardian Rottweilers

*UPDATE:  Apparently because of the amount of outlandish slander on their “ethics” section of this “forum” they have been forced to remove it under threat of numerous lawsuits- even from other countries!!  Pity really.  A forum that people should be able to come to to learn more about this breed, health, nutrition, training, etc. turned into the website version of a Jerry Springer.  It is sad to see such hatred, jealousy, bitterness and backstabbing instead of a place where breeders should be able to exchange ideas and knowledge and help each other out with the common goal of improving the breed.


Everyone has a critic.  Usually the worst ones are those with a guilty conscience!  One upset visitor to my website has this to say: (in reference to American vs. German page)

To Which I responded:
 Sorry if I offended you. Actually the dog I showed is an AKC fully registered (with breeding rights) “American Rottweiler” that belongs a good friend of mine and was three years old at the time of the photo (fully mature). If you went on to really read what my website has to say, you would have read that the ONLY true difference in a quality “American Rottweiler” and “German, Canadian, or ‘European'” Rottweiler is country of birth. Reputable, “Code of Ethics Breeders” who truly follow AKC or ADRK regulations governing temperament and confirmation produce beautiful, quality “American” Rottweilers. As I own several “American” born Rottweilers, I obviously have NOTHING against them, only frustration and contempt for those indiscriminate breeders who do not consider the quality of dog before breeding and are more concerned with a quick buck than bettering the breed or the unfair reputation on such magnificent animals they are helping to perpetuate.
Hope you have a better day and attempt to fully comprehend what is offending you before you go an a rampage.

To which he responded:
Madam there is such a thing as a American Rottweiler and a German Rottweiler. I have gone as far as to show your website to some fellow rotti owners. They all came to the same conclusion. You showed a poor example of the flawless American Rottweiler. As a matter of fact the animal you showed is a MUTT!! Not a American Rotti.

Again from me:
OK , I understand your passion for the breed as I have that passion as well. But I never state on that page whether either dog is American, German, Canadian, etc. I simply put a picture of 2 very different rotties to illustrate how indiscriminate breeding cheapens the breed. By assuming so quickly that the dog on the left is American, you must have had just as much experience with poor quality American born Rottweilers as the rest of us. Again, if you read the page, I CLEARLY state that a good breeder using “Code of Ethics” breeding produces beautiful “American” born Rottweilers.  A proper American Rottweiler by AKC standards is still a magnificent Rottweiler. The main problem here in the US is that too many “back-yard” breeders do not care about AKC standards when reproducing, and AKC does not physically inspect each dog and bitch to insure that it conforms to standards both physically and temperamentally before it is bred. This puts all the responsibility on the breeder, and many just abuse that resulting in poor quality dogs. Again, “American” Rottweiler or “German” Rottweiler, etc only tells you where the dog was BORN. Also CLEARLY stated (first sentence on that page) on my web site. Now if you believe there are FACTS that are incorrect on my web page, I would be happy to discuss those with you.
Thank you though for showing my website!

His response:
American standard basher go to germany since you love there standards.

Okay, first of all, are you 4 years old and on the playground?  Will “I know you are and what am I?” be your next response?  Anyway, I will go back to Germany and bring back some more fine dogs. Also, my five-year-old notes that Germany is a Proper name and should be capitalized and that “there” should be spelled “their.”

Typically this area is reserved for e-mails, but I had phone conversation recently with a local “breeder” that I had to share it:
(From me) “So your dogs are German Rottweilers?  Are the parents imported?”
(From ‘the breeder’)  “No.”
                       “How far back on the pedigree for the German Blood?”
                       “The dog does not have to be from Germany to be a German Rottweiler.”  (Well, I wonder then, just why do they call them German Rottweilers?)  She continues: “The way you tell a German Rottweiler is by the webbing between their toes.”
                       “Um….yeah…” (based on this theory, my neighbor believes she has seen some German Ducks!)  “Maybe you can show that to me.”
                       “The parents are not here on the premises.  They don’t live here. (what a shocker!)
                       “What about health clearances?”
                       “What do you mean?”
                       “OFA/PENN hip and elbow, heart, eyes…”
                       “We don’t do any of that, but I’ve been breeding for over 10 years…”
                       “And you never contemplated testing for the main genetic diseases that plague Rottweilers?”   (because of morons like you!)  “What kind of guarantee do you give with your pups?”
                      “Oh, we don’t give a guarantee, but you shouldn’t have a problem with the puppy.” (Now that’s some trustworthy reassurance!)
                      “Wow! and you only want $400 for your pups!?  Amazing!”

More Stupid E-mails (My 3-year old would reprimand me for using “the S word” as stupid is on the naughty word list in our house, but you’ll see why these people deserve it and then some…)
As many of you have had the pleasure of finding out, there are many breeders that should not have an ant farm, let alone raise such a noble dog as the Rottweiler.  Just like everyone else with an e-mail address, I receive lots of those annoying chain e-mails.  Usually I just delete, but when it comes from another breeder, I will often open it in case it is something of importance.  I truly wish I had just deleted this one as it enraged me to the core.  For those who don’t know “BSL” or “Breed Specific Legislation” are laws against specific dog breeds (like the Rottweiler).  I am obviously against BSL as I believe the individual dog (or usually bad owner) should be punished, and not the entire breed–hence the slogan “Ban the deed, not the Breed.”
This particular breeder preached against BSL, which I agree with wholeheartedly.  However, what I do not understand is how you could be asking people to be breed tolerant, to not have ignorant presumptions about a particular dog based solely on his origin, but then turn around and propagate racist literature against people based solely on their origin.  I guess her dislike of prejudice, hatred and racism extends only to canines.  This is the e-mail I received earlier this afternoon and my responses:

George Carlin’s
Solution to Save Gasoline

Bush wants us to cut the amount of gas we use…..
The best way to stop using so much gas is to deport 11 million illegal immigrants!
That would be 11 million less people using our gas. The price of gas would come down…..
Bring our troops home from Iraq to guard the Border….
When they catch an illegal immigrant crossing the border, hand him a canteen, rifle and some ammo
and ship him to Iraq …
Tell him if he wants to come to America then he must serve a tour in the military….
Give him a soldier’s pay while he’s there and tax him on it…..
After his tour, he will be allowed to become a citizen since he defended this country…..
He will also be registered to be taxed and be a legal patriot…..
This option will probably deter illegal immigration and provide a solution for the troops in Iraq and the aliens trying to make a better life for themselves……
If they refuse to serve, ship them to Iraq anyway, without the canteen,
rifle or ammo…..
Problem solved…..
If you think this is a good solution to both the problems, forward it to your friends. ………..
I just did……….

To which I did not hesitate in responding as follows:
Okay, maybe you shouldn’t forward this crap to someone whose husband is from El Salvador, and whose 4 kids are Hispanic. My last name should have been your first CLUE! My husband came here from El Salvador as a kid after he was shot in the abdomen during a civil war in El Salvador. Because he came here illegally, even though he was just a kid, it was a long, hard road to get his citizenship–many years, and thousands of dollars. EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD NOW LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES IS THE PRODUCT OF IMMIGRATION.
As a Unites States Army Veteran who was stationed at the Pentagon during September 11th and lost several friends, no one has greater appreciation for our troops than I and I resent your implications.
For someone who is against “Breed Specific Legislation”, I am surprised to see you propagating such racist and stereotypical literature. Or maybe banning presumptive prejudices should only apply to dogs and not to people?? Perhaps you should take the time to educate yourself a little before mindlessly succumbing to the mass perception. Sure, there are a lot of immigrants who come here and are absolutely useless, but honey, we do not have to look to our illegal immigrants to find poor examples of the human race.
And since you so adamantly believe that only those who take up arms for our country should be “allowed” to receive citizenship, when was the last time you picked up a weapon in defense of your loved ones?

To which her lame response was:
 The key word is illegal. It is different, if everyone is here legally its not a problem. I was 21 years old driving 70 mph on the interstate with a child. A black car with 6 other people (overloaded ) was doing 20 mph in the fast lane. A trash truck (big BFI Truck) swirved around my left blind spot to see the little black car that had to many people in it, doing 20 mph! At that point we had a 9 car fatal accident that put me in ICU for a week, and almost died, the lady in front of me went through the windshield and the cars behind me squashed me like a sardine! The child in my car was severly hurt!
The reason is 6 illegal immergrants had no license, a stolen car, no passport, or anything that crossed the border illegally, they went to jail but that didn’t fix the 24,000 medical bill not including the other people.
I have no problem with anybody here as long a they are legal!

SIDEBAR:  First of all, if she was going 70mph and the little black car was going 20mph, she would have been miles ahead within seconds–sounds like road rage on her part!  Secondly, I’m sure it was their illegal status that made the little black car go slow, not them being lost, or mechanical issues, or even distraction by another car speeding past at 70mph!  This is an accident I would love to see the police report for.  If she was stuck with the bill, then more than likely she was at fault!  Carrying a grudge against your scapegoat doesn’t change anything.

At any rate, this was my response:
Again, my husband was illegal for 20 years–he was unmarried and had no family–no way to become legal on your own at 12 years old. He worked 2 jobs to support himself and his daughter, while going to High School and became the first member of his family to graduate High School, again while he was illegal. You can not make assumptions and generalizations. If it had been a car full of rednecks, would it have been okay that they were “overloaded” or going slow? Or would you now be campaigning against caucasian?  It sounds like it was the truck that caused the accident anyway, and that the car “full of illegals” was simply caught in the middle. But that is not the point, point is just like it’s stupid to ban all rotties because there have been a few bad ones that were a product of society, it is just as ignorant to assume that all illegal immigrants are sub-human–how was it you put it in your e-mail–worthy of being sent to Iraq with no water and unarmed to “solve the problem.” Sounds like something Hitler would say.

One liners from some real Wizards that have contacted us:
“I have a real Rolex, can I trade it for one of your puppies?”

“I see the deposit is $500.  Can I get a puppy for $100?”  
(my reply)  “Sure, go to your local animal shelter!”

“If I get your pick puppy, but I only want it for a pet, how cheap can I get it?”

“Do you have anything available that I can get to guard my used car lot?”
(my reply) “I assume you mean adult, because using a child would be ridiculous.  Are you wanting an armed guard or unarmed (this can affect the salary range)?  And how much are you planning on paying per hour?”  
Some of you understand my sarcastic sense of humor and are reading this and smiling, others are confused.  Not sure which category this chap fell in because he never wrote back! ;-)’

“Is Diesel for sale?”
(my reply)  “Is your child for sale?”

“How much money can I make breeding?”
(my reply)  “Well, I have sold my pups, youth and imports this year for a grand total of $17,000.  If you take from that my expenses: about $800/ mo. on dog and puppy food, treats and toys (about $9,600/ yr.); vet expenses on puppies (about $2000/ litter for prenatal care of the bitch, all puppy check-ups, microchipping, vaccinations, de-worming, flea/tick preventative, heartworm preventative); vet expenses of adults (about $250/ mo.–about $3000/yr.– for Frontline and Inteceptor, about $150/adult for annual vaccinations and check-ups; import and customs fees ($1000-$1500/ import);  So, lets see–that’s about negative $2,250, but that does not include the extra expense of a sick puppy or adult, whelping supplies or the whelp box, items for the take home puppy care package, travel and entry fee expenses for the dogs shows, my expenses of new imports for Guardian Rottweilers, nearly $1000 per adult to do all health clearances for breeding, the new couch one of the puppies ate, all the sleepless nights and hard work, and of course all the poop you can scoop!  So all in all–I guess that’s probably why my husband works 2 full time jobs and installs carpet on the side!!
Hope this was helpful”

And of course my favorite (never gets old!)  “You expect me to pay HOW MUCH for a dog!?!”  
“No, I expect you to pay that for a companion, best friend and Guardian.  One from carefully selected bloodlines chosen specifically for their temperament, conformation and health.  Lifetime breeder support, a companion willing to always have your back, even if you are wrong, never passing judgment, and years worshiping you just for being you with unconditional love and wet slobbery kisses.  I have known MANY dogs in my time (all were two legged) and none fit that description.  That is the price of a Guardian Rottweiler.  You can probably get a “dog” for much cheaper. ”

“Hi my name is tori and I have a female 9 month old Rottweiler who is now in heat and is almost ready to breed, and I was wondering if you could give me some information on if you would be willing to breed one of your males with her. Pleas e-mail back as soon as possible”
(my reply) “Are you CRAZY?  She is a BABY!!  Did you want to have up to 14 new born babies to take care of when you were just hitting puberty at about 10-11 years old??  PLEASE, PLEASE take some time to go over my pages on Rottweiler Health and Rottweiler Reproduction.  You are running SERIOUS risk to your female if you decide to breed her now!  Not to mention the puppies!!  Once she does reach sufficient age, you need to get her hips and elbows x-rayed and get her heart checked.  Why are you wanting to breed?  How do you know she will have anything to contribute to the breed?  Has she been shown?  Does she have any show results that would suggest that she is even correct enough to consider for breeding?  What is her pedigree?  How is the health, character and conformation of her bloodline?  There is so much to consider before simply adding more pups to the shelters.  I would be happy to answer any questions you have and help point you in the correct directions.  Again, PLEASE do not make your puppy have puppies.”

Here is a beauty that my daughter came across in our local paper “The Indianapolis Star” :
“ROTTWEILER AKC Pups of German distant, very lrg., blk & mahogany. Parents on site. Great w/kids, $550. “
The funny part for those that did not catch it was that they probably meant to say “of German descent” but the irony is that the German bloodlines (if any) are probably VERY DISTANT!  (not to mention how, if the microchips are $68 per pup, the vaccinations are $35, deworming about $20, tail and dew claws [as I assume they still mutilate their pups for fashion] when done by a vet- about $85, post and prenatal check up for the bitch and pups, about $480 with x-rays and ultrasound, AKC registration $35- so, without any food for mom or the pups, no whelping supplies, puppy toys, a whelping box, bedding, etc.- we are already at over $500 per pup (of course not including any of the genetic testing done for mom and dad to ensure they were breedable and breed worthy, no showing, handling, training or travel, no import fees, and no consideration for the price of both parents) SO, either these people are saints who do not mind to lose 10’s of thousands of dollars per litter, or they are skipping out on almost everything the pup needs, feeding Ol Roy to mom and pups, skipping any vet care, and probably breeding the bitch back to back to back to try and make the $50 per pup they get even after taking all the short cuts worth while.)


Over the years, I have had quite a few people that were frustrated because my interview process was too strict or I did not think that a Rottweiler was the best choice for them (or in some cases not even a gold fish!) But this has to be the first person too angry with me over just the THOUGHT of an interview to even have one!

I have owned Rott’s as pets for 20 years, and I’m looking for my third one. I lost a 13 year old last
fall. I have been looking for a puppy for about a month now, and would like
to get a litter or two out of my next Rottweiler.

I have read a lot of these contracts over the last month, and I’m disgusted.  My animals are my children, and threatening to take my “kids” away is not acceptable!
I do realize there are lots of irresponsible people out there, and you are trying to protect your animals and the general public.  but I can’t seem to get thru one of these contracts without asking myself “who do these people think they are”

Honestly breeders today come off as elitist snobs. The way it looks I’m going to have to get a Rottweiler from the type of people we both don’t like. I really don’t want my money going to support the wrong element if you can appreciate that.

just something to think about… what are we normal people supposed to do?
pay a huge amount of money to sign away our rites, or deal with the scum bags that fight dogs or breed mutants.

Thanks for the venting space!
Brian Pete

I am really not sure what to make of your e-mail Mr. Pete. I hope I was not included in the list of “these people” and “elitist snobs”???? If so, not sure what you are referring to???? I know there are MANY “breeders” out there (and I use the term loosely!!) that do not know or care anything about their dogs. You simply click on a button and buy a dog. Any good breeder will require a contract because we love our dogs and our puppies. We want to make sure you are not one of those “scum bags that fight dogs or breed mutants.”  Not only do I have $20,000-$80,000 invested in every dog I own, show, handle, train and work.  Then we spend several thousand on health clearances (hips/ elbows, DNA testing, heart certified, etc.) and the import costs per adult, youth or pup range from $2000-$3500. This does not include the prenatal care for the pregnant bitch, post natal care of her and the pups, premium holistic dog food and raw food (about $3500/month) flea and tick preventative, de-worming, etc. Not to mention the amount of blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul we pour into each breeding and each puppy.  We will spend 2 or more years raising, training, showing, screening, temperament testing, loving and caring for each adult before it is even considered for breeding. Then we have all of the pre and post natal care of all the females, and of course 8 weeks of around the clock care into each puppy to include early neurological stimulation, bottle feeding, socializing, playing and training. So when you buy your puppy for the bargain price of $1000-$2000, you are barely covering the expenses associated with that individual puppy and not even touching the expenses of her parents, our time, energy, etc. And really, if you think I am going to put 2-3 years of my life and my family’s life into that puppy for you and then just let any yahoo with money in their pocket walk off with it, then you must really not have any concept at all of what it means to see “my animals as my children.”

I also am not sure what the other contracts you have read say, only what mine guarantees. The ONLY reason I would ever take one of my dogs back is if 1) you were unable to care for it and gave it back as all of our puppies have a forever home here. OR 2) if you abused or neglected the dog– and if you love love your pup as you claim then I am sure you would expect nothing less. I am sure you would never send your kid away to school or anywhere else without some assurance that he/she would be loved, treated with respect, and not abused or neglected. So, frankly, I am lost as to what part of my contract offends you?????? I go above and beyond and am the ONLY BREEDER I have ever come across that does not require you to give your puppy/dog back when you are owed a replacement (“If this puppy is being sold as SHOW QUALITY and it develops a genetic fault which DISQUALIFIES it from the show ring, a free pup of equal value will be provided from the next available litter AND Buyer will be able to retain possession of original puppy provided written proof that the puppy was dismissed from the show ring for a genetic fault is given as well as proof from a licensed veterinarian that the dog was spayed/ neutered. We will not take your best friend away from you simply because we failed to fulfill our end of the contract, we just ask that it be spayed or neutered to prevent the genetic flaw from being passed on and amplified in future generations.”)
So, again, maybe you can help me in understanding your frustration with me or my contract, as I am totally lost. Those who do not care where their pup goes and are concerned only in what form you will be paying, I am sorry to say, are NOT breeders, they are puppy mills.

Best Regards,
Alice Velasquez
Guardian Rottweilers
Courageous Guardians. Loyal Companions.

Thank you for the detailed reply! Your contract was about the tenth I have read this week, and actually one of the best I saw. My apologize for aiming my frustration your way!  It’s been a tough search on the net. Between the obvious dog fighters and mills and the scam I nearly fell for earlier this week I’m about done for a while.

First I should say I am only considering breeding, mainly because my first Rottweiler was such a great dog it was shame her blood line could not live on. I should also say my second while I loved her was not fit to be breed, according to the specialist she had an eye condition which was hereditary, it looked a lot like cataracts. After reading your description honestly I’m not sure I’m cut out to be a breeder. I would have to do a lot more research first, but I would like to keep my options open.
My main problem is the stipulation place on any future breeding, and I agree with it in theory, but if an accident occurs and I end up with a dozen poodleweilers, I’m not going to give up my dog willingly.
All of my rott’s have been house dogs. The first 2 lived to be 13 and 14 respectively, I have been told that’s a ripe old age for the breed, and I hope it says something about how they were cared for. I do not and will not own a doghouse or chain. I think the only time my rott’s have slept on the ground is when we were camping, and they probably slept on me instead of the ground. I live on 3 acres in a rural area. I have post up for 80% of the fence and about 10% of the fence installed. I should be finished by the end of summer with the blackberry and locust I have to wade through to put it up. Regardless I don’t leave my dogs unwatched outside. I feed my adult Beneful or the diet version if needed, and I plan to feed the young one Eukanuba. I teach them basic obedience skill’s I learned in 4H a hundred years ago on and off leash. I guess since I have dealt with a half blind 120lb. Rottweiler for 13 years, without serious injury to herself, myself or others I feel qualified, and almost every contract I have read disqualifies me in some way at least if read with my glass half empty outlook.
I do understand you have to do a lot of filtering, I just hate the trip through the mesh.
Thanks for your time
Brian Pate

After you have explained yourself a littler better, I have a better idea of where you are coming from Brian, and I hope I can give some insight on reputable breeders so that you may understand better why we are the way we are. This is not a “business”, it is my passion. I am a normal, reasonable, and at least a little intelligent human being. I have never and would never take a well loved, well cared for dog away from her owner. To be completely honest if you did have an open, honest communication with me about the “accident” I would do everything in my power to help you, not steel your dog. I am about helping this beloved breed, and helping others experience the pure joy that can only come from owning a great rottie. If you were not able to get that impression about me from my website, then maybe I have not done it as well as I though I had.  The point of my breeding clause is to 1) prevent stupid people that think a bitch in her first heat cycle is anymore ready to breed than a 11 year old child who gets her period and 2) to promote responsible breeding through carefully planned mates and correct health, conformation and character screens.  What I certainly want to avoid are those idiots that think a mutt is a designer dog- if it is a chihuahua and a poodle mix, lets call a spade a spade- it a a mutt! Nothing designer bout that 😉
I hope when you are ready to consider purchasing a Rottweiler that you will go with a reputable breeder and that you will realize the benefits to you and the breed in doing so. I can say with 100% certainty that BYB’s (back yard breeders) who are selling the cheap knock-offs are cutting every possible corner and it is the dogs that suffer.  There is no way you can spend $400-ish per pup just on deworming, vet visits, microchipping and vaccinations and still sell the pups for $300-$400, even if you are feeding Ol Roy and have never spent a penny on training or showing the mom and dad, you still could not sell that cheap unless you were skipping everything with the pups, providing the bare minimum and breeding dogs that you also bought from someone else’s back yard for $300.
If you do decide that buying a Rottweiler from a breeder is not for you, I hope you will go to your local animal shelter and provide a home to a well deserving pup, youth or adult, and I pray that you will stay away from pet stores, puppy mills and BYB’s.

Sorry for the double reply’s my machine is being a little whacky… I am not opposed to spending 1000-1500 on a dog. I have had to deal with a poorly breed Rott., I shutter to think what your home owners insurance cost!  Your web site is well done in my opinion too. That’s why I was disappointed when I hit your contract I want a reputable breeder, not a grilling.
The question is would you sell me a dog? I don’t have that much today, but in a few weeks I can put it together.

If you are wanting something that you would have the potential for breeding, our show quality pups start at $2000.  We will not give away breeding rights to a female that is already lacking in breed type, I am sure you can appreciate that.  Unfortunately, you will not get a reputable breeder without the grilling.  These are MY CHILDREN. As I said before, if you have kids, I am sure you would not just hand them over to some random stranger on the street even to watch for 5 minutes, let alone to go and live. If you are going to be considered for adopting one of our puppies, you must understand this. I would love to consider you for one of our puppies, but if you are not comfortable with our interview and contract policy, as I said before, going through a reputable breeder might not be what you are looking for.
Most Sincerely,

after 2 hrs worth of correspondence you still want to interview me…???  absurd, really My knee jerk reaction was to send you long list of personal stats, but I don’t think that would be productive. Frankly I hate people, that’s why I keep dogs, they are trust worthy.  It’s shame I have not even been able to start looking a blood lines or qualifications. There is not much since in doing the research if the breeder isn’t willing.
I would also like to add you are selling breeding rights not giving them away, and yes I do appreciate that position. It’s the tone/pretense that turns me off.
Does AKC or some other group have a “pre-qualification” program or something? Should I just write a doggy owner resume? May be my vet will write me a letter of recommendation.
Thanks again for the feed back

I have tried with much difficulty to avoid any knee jerk reactions as well Brian, but quite frankly, despite all the patience in explaining the methods behind ensuring the safety and welfare of our most beloved puppies, you seem determined to avoid any actual contact with me or any other breeder.  You claim that your dogs are like your kids, however, either you have an ENTIRELY different idea of “parenting” than I do by being willing to let your children wonder of with anyone willy-nilly, OR you are hoping to find a breeder that has great bloodlines but absolutely no love, affection or concern over the welfare of their pups once they are “paid for”.  Selling breeding rights??  Sorry Brian, but it appears your reading comprehension skills are not much better than your communication skills.  The price of the puppy is based on the QUALITY OF THE PUPPY, NOT whether or not you want to breed.  I will NOT take a PET QUALITY puppy that is lacking in breed type, possess physical or character faults/flaws and SHOULD NOT BE BRED and allow you breeding rights as long as you pay more.  I know many “breeders” have males one set price females another set price and add another $500 to each puppy if you want breeding rights.  I can GUARANTEE you that UNLESS THEY ARE CLONING- there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY every single pup in that litter should be bred, and to just give breeding rights to the highest bidder with no regard on how that will impact the breed or the bloodlines is the EXACT REASON “America Rottweilers” not only LOOK the way they do, but have all the health and character issues they do!!!  You DO NOT have to breed or show a show quality puppy, and we have had MANY that were spayed or neutered because the family simply wanted a wonderful family pet; HOWEVER, you CANNOT take a FLAWED puppy just because it is cheaper and go ahead and breed it (which I am CERTAIN is your PLAN! So, to answer your earlier questions- NOT A SNOWBALL’S CHANCE IN HELL I WOULD EVER SELL YOU ONE OF MY PUPPIES!!)  As far as a letter of recommendation from your vet- yes, we do get those often and they do certainly help us feel better about the homes our puppies will be going to-however, it will not help you here as my mind is already made up.  And lastly- AKC could care less if the bitch that is bred is old enough to breed, let alone has necessary health clearances, is conformationally correct, or is even a purebred dog for that matter.  So not only would they care less about any “pre-qualifications” but I would give ABSOLUTELY NO REGARD to any suggestions they made on potential owners for MY PUPPIES.

Good day and good luck,

 Conversation copy/pasted from facebook.
A mutual friend posted a short, shocking video shot at a puppy mill.  He then implored people to not buy from Puppy Mills or pet stores like Uncle Bills.  His friend was very quick to defend Uncle Bills.  Although I am very happy for her that her experiences with them were positive, please do not be fooled.  NO REPUTABLE BREEDER WOULD EVER SELL TO A PET STORE, PERIOD!

Sorry to disagree but NO REPUTABLE BREEDER would EVER sell a puppy to a pet store! We want to know EXACTLY where our babies go AND I would never EVER consent to one of my babies being left in a plexiglass box all bloody day and night without anyone to play with and snuggle with. UNCLE BILLS= PUPPY MILLS Just because they use the same breeders over and over bc that particular breeder is giving them a good deal DOES NOT MEAN they are not puppy mills!!!!! What are the qualifications the “breeders” they use have for breeding??? Do they show or compete with their dogs?? If not, how can they prove conformation or character?? Are health clearances done? (different for each breed) And what can the well educated workers at Uncle Bills tell me about the pedigree’s, parents, history, faults, characters, etc. in the bloodlines they are selling??? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Just because they are nice, well intentioned people does NOT mean they are not buying puppies from puppy mills!! A breeder is defined by their involvement with the breed- knowledge inside and out of their breed, bloodlines, etc. and their ability to be there for you and for that puppy from the time it is conceived until the time it goes onto Rainbow Bridge. NOT TO MASS PRODUCE AS MANY PUPPIES AS POSSIBLE AND THEN PASS THEM TO A THIRD PARTY AS SOON AS THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH!!!!!! As Shannon pointed out, if you do not want to go with a reputable breeder, go adopt a deserving dog from a shelter. (Sorry Steve- did not mean to completely hijack your post, off my soapbox now).

Alice, I agree. Uncle Bills does go farther (at least, I KNOW the Boston Terriers) They have done their homework. I believe they work on referrals for their other breeds. I know I have been offered to talk straight from the dam and sire – owners. I believe in them and have fill many years with great years with my oldest being 14 years old from Uncle Bills . I have a personal relationship with uncle Bills and it is a great on. No I do not work there nor have I ever been involved professionally. I am a consumer. I got all of that knowledge, advice, names and places of breed. They are not afraid to offer any information. My female who is 8 years old had a small problem but was not a heredity problem. The helped me pay for my baby to be helped. She has trived and smart as a whip. My cat I have is the moist domesticated cat I have ever had. I did not go into Uncle Bills even wanting to get a cat. I had to put my kitty down about 2 weeks earlier. This cat grabbed me from her cage and hung on until I got her home. I never had a bad experience with them and Puppy Mill? I do not believe they (at least Boston Terrierr) are puppy mills. I know what to look for in this breed and they have given me quality family members.

Laura, if the Boston Terrier breeders are indeed reputable, then they should have proof that all breed suitability testing was done on the parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents, etc., correct? That any genetic health issues were screened against (I do not know enough about the breed myself to tell you what all issues should have been screened against, but EVERY breed has inheritable genetic problems- with that breed, due to the brachiocephalic nature, I would presume respiratory issues at a minimum) There should also be proof that the competed with the breed to prove the parents worthiness to breed- at a bare minimum, conformation shows where an unbiased judge can tell them that the dog does or does not conform to the breed standard and should or should not be bred. They should also have extensive bloodline knowledge and should be able to tell you exactly what faults to be aware of in that particular line? Of course I could go on, but I already know all the answers to these questions based on the very fact that they gave their puppies to not only a pet store, but the very chain of pet stores that has been in the media so horrendously. NO REPUTABLE BREEDER would EVER give their puppies to a broker, pet store, or any third party mediator any more than a parent would send their child to sit in a 2 foot by 2 foot plexi-glass cell day in and day out. Have you even seen how the puppies are kept in Uncle Bills and like stores?? On display like a fish??? From what you know of your beloved puppies, do you really think they would ask for that life if even for a day, let alone weeks at a time?? If the Boston Terrier “breeder” is producing mass puppies for a chain retailer, they are a PUPPY MILL, PERIOD! They might be a cleaner, nicer puppy mill, but none-the-less a puppy producing factory  If they were a breeder, they would have a specific purpose behind each and every breeding- i.e. to improve toplines, to improve front assembly, etc. and the puppies that fell short of their expectations, they would seek loving forever homes for. I am over-joyed for you that you ended up with such great pet- you are one of the lucky ones, that I can absolutely guarantee and send you PAGES AND PAGES of links, photos, vet records, etc. to back up what I am saying. I also have some rescue pets that came directly from shelters and they have been healthy, social and very much treasured family pets. THIS FACT does not mean that every poor pet crammed into an over crowded shelter (made so by PUPPY MILLS) will be healthy both physically and mentally, that is unfortunately the very nature of a shelter. But AT A MINIMUM, a shelter TRIES to fix the problem as best as they can and DOES NOT ACTIVELY CONTRIBUTE to the problem!! The puppies that Uncle Bills sell that do not go to good homes and end up back on the street or dropped of in a shelter, does Uncle Bills assume responsibility for them? The breeder clearly does not as he/she does not even know what happens to their beloved puppies once they have been boxed up and shipped off 🙁


I am thinking this guy does not like my website.  Pity he/she could not have found a more constructive way to let me know that… not sure why it is so difficult for people to talk to one another with at least a monochrome of respect :/ (I censored the potty words before posting, but he/she did NOT censor them before sending the email!)
what a dark gloomy page. I know you think it is cool but it isn’t. Real hard to read. Get rid of the evil dark and get a light white or light blue background and leave your witch dark s*** behind


email sent to me regarding my position on tail docking…
Man has genetically changed canine for centuries, if an indoor companion you can’t do any better. with a tail tho?

(my daughter’s response) Man, although supposedly the evolved species, still feels the need to mutilate and manipulate even a soul as loyal and devoted as a Rottweiler. As a companion, the Rottweiler could do much better than humans!!  But grammar though?

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