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Sire: Romeo vom Engleblick
Dam: Candy Timit-Tor
Born on 28 November.
Sorry, Kaiju is not available.

Candi had one singleton born, which, in and of itself is pretty special as this is only the 3rd time it has happened for me in 20+ years.  However, her beautiful little girl, whom we named Kaiju, is even more unique and special.  She is the first puppy I have ever had born without a tail!  Kaiju was born with a perfect little stump as though it were professionally docked!  She is so special and unique that, at least for now, she is not available as she is too busy wrapping all of us firmly around her little paw.  Below is a photos of miss Kaiju, hours after being born, snuggled up with me in the car in the parking lot at the vets office.  If you have not been to the vet since covid, most vets are now doing what is referred to as “concierge style” service.  You pull up in your car and text them to let them know you are there- yes, this includes emergency visits, as this one was.  Then you wait for a vet tech to come out and get your beloved pet and take them in.  It is a very helpless feeling not being able to go in with your baby, but at least in this case, Kaiju and her mama, Candi, went back together.

Here is miss Candi with her newborn baby right after she was born <3 

Miss Kaiju came to us in the usual way, but that is where this little lady decided to abandon “usual”.  We named her Kaiju.  Anyone who has watched a Godzilla movie or Pacific Rim, or one of the other Japanese large monster movies is likely familiar with the term.  It translates to “strange or fantastic beast.”  With a personality that has been larger than life since she was born and the fact that she could not be anymore fantastic- it just suits her.
If you are not familiar with newborn puppies, they mostly scoot and roll to get to where they need to go and coordination skills do not develop until much further down the road.  Miss Kaiju, however, seemed to struggle a bit more than the average pup with mobility.  My daughter made a comment about how much having a tail vs. not having a tail effected balance even at such a young age and it was indeed quite striking the difference between Kaiju and her “adopted” siblings (Candi has been helping miss Ava with her pups <3 )  Unfortunately, as the days turned to weeks and the pups came to an age where they really should start to have some walking ability, Kaiju still seemed unable to balance or even get her feet under her.  By the time she was about 3 weeks old, we were fairly certain that there was some issue whether anatomical or neurological we were not sure, and whether it had anything to do with her being born without a tail, we also did not know.  But we took her back to the same hospital that had taken care of her and her mom when she was first born.  Some good news and some not good news (not sure why it feels better to call it “not good new” instead of bad news, but it does).  Basically, the tail is, of course, part of the spinal column.  Sometimes, besides the obvious trauma when you dock a puppy’s tail, there can be other consequences including loss of bowel or bladder control and issues with ambulation.  This is because of potential nerve damage.  Essentially, although Kaiju was born without a tail, it is the same situation.
We have been working with her with physical therapy.  The first concern the veterinarian raised was whether or not Kaiju had the ability to control her bladder and bowel.  I was honestly not sure.  From birth, a good mom does all the cleaning.  Newborn puppies do not have the ability to eliminate- pee or poop- by themselves and rely on mom stimulating them by cleaning to go potty.  It unfortunately occurred to me that we were helping clean Kaiju more often, so the concern was that she did not have control.  We started physical therapy with her- placing her legs under her often, doing bicycle like movements with her legs, and encouraging her to stand, even if momentarily.  We also all made it a priority to keep an eye on Kaiju’s potty habits.  Thankfully, it did not take us too long to discover she did indeed have the ability to hold it.  Tahlia was snuggled up with her on the couch and fell asleep.  I was in the kitchen baking when I heard little Kaiju crying.  I scooped her up and set her down in her play area thinking maybe she was thirsty or hungry.  She immediately peed!  I was so proud of her.  Not only could she hold it, but at only 3 weeks old, she already knew she did not want to pee on Tahlia <3  We discovered that the reason her backside needed washing more often was unfortunately because she just did not have the strength to stand up and get up off the ground when she had to go potty.  We have been working with her physical therapy now for almost 2 weeks and I am so proud of her <3  She went from laying on her side and slowly moving her rear legs without purpose to kicking well when attempting to move and even trying to push herself up to a stand.  We are not giving up on our little Kaiju <3  And her personality is still bigger than life <3  I adore everything about this beautiful girl <3  Even from her half way laying down position, she is feisty and just wants to play <3  She is still not available for adoption of course, and may never be.  Her future is uncertain, but what is not uncertain is how much we treasure her and how hard we will keep working <3

Miss Kaiju at 6 weeks old!  Already stronger <3

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