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Akina Lubrucke

Akina Lubrucke
Sire: Aksel Von Radkestein
Dam: Laura Ti En Mein

Born: 12 October 2012
CHIP# 688035000070729
JR 723659 Rw
HD- B; ED- 0
Champion of Serbia 2015
3x C.A.C.
 Akina is a very powerfully built female with a heavy frame.  She has an incredible head- strong, yet correct.  Somehow, this bloodline just gets better with every generation.  I have owned and/or worked with 4 generations in her pedigree and I am just absolutely infatuated.  I love conformation aspects that can be so hard to find in current bloodlines- dark eyes- they look absolutely black unless the sun catches them just the right way for you to see that they are just a really dark brown; black mouth and that CORRECT head type- not a hound dog, but not a pug or bull dog either.  Deep stop, short but correct and full muzzle.  Akina’s structure is so balanced- perfect topline, correct front, well knuckled feet- all leading to such harmonious movement.  Akina’s build just goes to prove that you can have a strong, powerfully build Rottweiler and not lose any of the agility.  Her attitude is just perfect.  She loves to work and is such a Rott-star in the ring, but she seamlessly transitions to a calm, patient, biddable, intuitive girl when she needs to be.  I got to know her so well on our long trip from Europe to here and we became fast friends. She has the heart and soul that I love in this breed and I am so honored to have her.  Thank you again so very much Mirko for just a phenomenal dog.

Akina’s first transcontinental trip on a plane from Europe to the USA, and she did brilliantly <3  Everyone loved her and she handled all the new encounters (escalator, elevator, train, etc.) like a seasoned pro.  Super character and temperament and we are very lucky to have such an incredible girl.  Thank you so much Mirko Krivokapic for breeding and sharing such a phenomenal girl.  I know she will be missed greatly by your family, but she will be treasured by mine.
Here are some more photos of her journey from Macedonia to Belgrade, Serbia, then to Verona, Italy, then to Venice, Italy, then to USA <3   

Akina in Macedonia, where her long trek to the Unites States started <3 

Young Akina with her mom, Laura

Akina with her first litter of pups and her breeder.

When I look at Laura, Akina Lubrucke’s mom and my Akina v. Radkestein’s daughter, it is like I am looking at my Akina reborn in the next generation!  Laura is her mother’s daughter, through and through, but especially that enthusiasm, contagious excitement, never EVER quit attitude and incredible drive and focus.  I love everything about this bloodline.

Akina’s name sake, her grandmother, and to date, one of the most driven working females I have ever had- legendary Akina Von Radkestein:


Akina Lubrucke’s breedings, click thumbnails for more information

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