• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Guardian Vlinder Von Gottschalk

Guardian Vlinder Von Gottschalk
Boda TGI Se Ungo-Rot X Guardian Pantera Von Gottschalk
Born: 06Jul14

HD-A; ED-1
Youth Champion Bulgaria
Youth Champion Montenegro
Youth Balkan Champion
Youth Grand Champion
Her name is dutch for Butterfly <3  She was named by my trainer in Germany when I sold her to him as a puppy.  It is the absolute perfect name for her because she is such a social butterfly and hams up every ounce of attention she can get.  Vlinder has a ton of energy and is always happy.  She loves to play and work and is so very eager to please.  As expected from her pedigree, she is an absolutely gorgeous girl with great bone and substance and a very typey head.  Vlinder has very dark gums and mouth pigment and 1a (the darkest) eyes.  She has rich mahogany markings that are clean and well defined.  Vlinder is very well knuckled with perfect feet.  She has a very wide topskull and her ears are perfectly set and carried.  Vlinder has an extreme, deep stop with a short, full muzzle.  When I sold her to my trainer as a small puppy, I knew she had loads of potential.  She was confident, outgoing, determined, so very intelligent and eager to please and exceptionally well built for a puppy of her age with more bone and substance than most males twice her age!  I saw her a few times training as a young youth with Hans Schiltkamp in Germany, but then did not see her again until she was just over a year.  When I saw her at an exhibition at just over 12 months old I was absolutely blown away with her overall conformation, character and presence.  I simply had to have her back and incorporate her in my breeding program.  I made a deal (unfortunately, as always, for far greater than what I sold her for!) and began making payments.  I finally got to go pick up my Beautiful Butterfly in February and we could not be more in love.  There is absolutely no doubt about how well she remembered her first family.  She initially hopped out of the car very regal and elegant.  But as soon as Liliana spoke to her, she sniffed the air and then leapt up into the arms of Liliana, showering her with kisses and whining.  Ethan was the next for her to greet and she literally DOVE into his lap belly up trying to kiss every inch of him.  Uros had to physically pick her up to get her out of his lap so she could be inspected by Customs in Italy.  We are thrilled to have our beautiful Butterfly back.
vlinder_milan03 vlinder_milan02
vlinder_milan01 vlinder_milan04

Vlinder_Italy_02 Vlinder_Italy_03 Vlinder_Italy_06

Vlinder in Amsterdam 

Baby Vlinder
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VLitter BodaXPantera_edited-1
What a great combination!  Pantera is a strong, powerfully built female with a very typey head.  LOVE the bloodlines on this girl!  Her sire is International Champion Marsio Ri Mobby Dick, one of Europe’s most noted studs with progeny in nearly every country and continent!  Marsio is world renowned for not only the caliber of conformation he gives his progeny with extreme bone and substance, but more importantly the consistent character he produces.  A calm, confident dog with good drive balanced so keenly with a biddable, gentle spirit.  I raised the mother of Pantera, Sindy Nine Rot, from the time she was a youth.  What a fun-loving, always happy young lady.  She loved to splash in the water with the kids and whenever she did something amusing, she always turned around with a big grin on her face and waited for you to laugh.  Sindy’s sire is the great Cuno von der Tonberger Höhe who is of course sired by the legendary Mambo von der Crossener Ranch!!  So much packed into one pedigree!! Pantera is such a great mix of Marsio and Sindy.The sire for Pantera’s litter is an up and coming star that I have followed since he was a puppy!  I had the honor of hosting his mother, Skali Se Ungo-Rot here at Rottieopolis.  What a phenomenal female!  Skali is sired by none other than International Champion Marsio Ri Mobby Dick, so it is easy to see where her head type, bone and substance originate from as well as her exceptional personality.  Boda’s sire is Arlos Majestic Rot!!  This superstar has taken the world by storm and has very quickly become a favorite among breeders and judges!  He has a very strong head type and very well muscled frame.  I have had the pleasure of using Arlos for stud previously and had outstanding results!

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