• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Guardian Puck Von Gottschalk

Guardian Puck Von Gottschalk
Sire: Ch. Crom di Alaricus Rex
Dam: Ch. Guardian Isis Von Gottschalk
Born: 12 December 2013

AKC#  WS45811001
Chip# 956000009317189
HD-A (Frei)  ED-0 (Frei)
Champion Montenegro
Balkan Champion 2016
National Champion Bulgaria
Grand Champion Bulgaria 2016

PUCK!  He was impressive as a pup at just a few weeks old and only continues to grow more impressive.  Puck has excellent bone and substance and a great mix of his mother and father’s conformation.  Puck’s head is unmistakably Isis-Plinda-Kafu.  Isis has proven herself to be an exceptional producer with each litter somehow even more phenomenal than the last!  Her strong, dominant genes insure heavy bone, tons of substance and unforgettable head pieces on every puppy she produces.  Puck takes after his mom in character too.  Gentle, sweet, a bit of entertainer and loads of affection.  Puck’s sire had his fair share of contribution to this exceptional male as well!  Crom di Alaricus Rex was an Italian import and one of the last direct sons of LEGENDARY Mambo von der Crossener Ranch HD +/-, ED -, VPG III, FH II, BH, AD, ZTP, IPO III, International/Dt./ VDH-Champion, Europasieger 2002, Schweizer Klubsieger 2002, Ö-Klubsieger, 2002 and 2003 Schweizer Champion, ZTP 28.05.00 in Zwickau-Planitz (Radtke).  Crom was not just a prodigious representative of the breed mentally and physically, but such an extraordinary producer that he earned the prestigious title of FCI Champion in Reproduction!   I see so much of my Crom in Puck.  The heaviness in his topskull, that rich color, that extreme Mambo stop definition… but mostly, I see hid dad in his character.  He got his gentle, affectionate nature from mom (although Crom was my great big teddy bear too- and gave some of the best bear hugs I have ever had <3 ), but his drive and workability remind me so much of my Crom on the field and of course his sire, the great Mambo.  Mambo maxed out his working titles to the highest possible level.  He was a BEAST on the field and the Rottweiler world will probably never see another Mambo.  But his legacy lives on in my Puck.  Could not be more proud to have produced such a remarkable boy.
puck3yrs_27 puck3yrs_25 puck3yrs_24 puck3yrs_23
puck3yrs_22 puck3yrs_21 puck3yrs_16 puck3yrs_15
puck3yrs_20 puck3yrs_19 puck3yrs_18 puck3yrs_17
puck3yrs_14 puck3yrs_13 puck3yrs_12 puck3yrs_11
puck3yrs_09 puck3yrs_08 puck3yrs_07
Q: How do you keep a 120+ pound Rottweiler out of the drivers seat when on a road trip?
A: You don’t.
puck_car01 puck_car02 puck_car03 puck_car04 puck_car05 puck_car06 puck_car07 puck_car08 puck_car09 puck_car10


He wants the sponge in the spa 😉
 unnamed-73 unnamed-74 unnamed-75

Here are some pics of young Puck (8 months) <3


Puck9m_02 Puck9m_03 Puck9m_04 Puck9m_05 Puck9m_06 Puck9m_07 Puck9m_08 Puck9m_09 Puck9m_10 Puck9m_11 Puck9m_12 Puck9m_13 Puck9m_14 Puck9m_15 Puck9m_16 Puck9m_17 Puck9m_18 Puck9m_19 Puck9m_20 Puck9m_21 Puck9m_22 Puck9m_23 Puck9m_24 Puck9m_25

BABY PUCK! <3  6 weeks old

Pukc is a character for William Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  The character was a clever and mischievous sprite that loved to entertain himself and those around him.  Puck is the perfect name for this adorable teddy bear!  He gets quite proud of himself for accomplishing small tasks and is irresistibly charming!  His character is the perfect mix of his mother and father and he is such a ham!  Our Puck is a GORGEOUS Rottie with an INSANELY amazing head!  He is very broad in the topskull with a very deep stop.  His muzzle is very full and powerful.  Puck has smaller, very typical Mambo ears.  He has rich, dark color and well defined markings.  Puck is a stocky, heavy puppy with a wide frame and very broad back.  His tail is correctly set and correctly carried.  Puck will come with FULL REGISTRATION and we have super high expectations for this little show stopper!

Puck01 Puck02 Puck03 Puck04 Puck06 Puck07 Puck08 Puck09 Puck10 Puck11 Puck12 Puck13 Puck14 Puck15 Puck16 Puck17 Puck18 Puck19 Puck20 Puck21 Puck22 Puck23 Puck24 Puck25 Puck26 Puck27 Puck28 Puck29 Puck30 Puck31 Puck32 Puck33 Puck34 Puck35 Puck36 Puck37 Puck38 Puck39 Puck05

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Guardian Puck Von Gottschalk’s breedings, click thumbnails for more information

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