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VonHausshun Bronx

VonHausshun Bronx
(Nora Se Ungo-Rot X Burns Elite Motley)
Canadian Import
Born: 16 Dec 2012
AKC: WS4529001
CHIP: 956000008332632
Registered Service Dog #1426792751
Montenegro Champion
HD-B (Good); ED- 0 (Excellent)

I love this baby boy SOO MUCH!  From the time he was a puppy, Bronx has just been a happy, bubbly ball of energy!  There is never a rain cloud in sight with this guy around.  Bronx is from Marsio bloodline with that typical Marsio rich, mahogany markings, and heavy bone.  Bronx is a very well build male with an excellent toppling, great rear angles and beautiful movement.
Bronx_11 Bronx2y_01 Bronx2y_02 Bronx2y_03 Bronx2y_04  Bronx2y_06 Bronx2y_07 Bronx2y_08 Bronx2y_09 Bronx2y_12 Bronx2y_13 Bronx2y_14 Bronx2y_15 Bronx2y_16 Bronx2y_17 Bronx2y_18 Bronx2y_19 Bronx2y_20 Bronx2y_21 Bronx2y_22 Bronx2y_23 Bronx2y_24 Bronx2y_25 Bronx2y_27 Bronx2y_28 Bronx10
This beautiful baby boy somehow contracted parvo virus shortly after being imported from Canada.  As most know, that is almost always death sentence for young Rottie puppies.  But this strong, brave baby boy defied the odds and kept his sweet nature and sunny outlook throughout the entire process.  When we brought him home from the emergency room after he had finally stabilized enough to come home, he could barely lift his head, yet that tail thumped away in my lap the whole ride home.  Bronx has a strong body, but and even stronger spirit.  Thank you so much Randy for such an amazing boy!
Bronx15m01 Bronx15m06 Bronx15m05 Bronx15m04 Bronx15m03 Bronx15m02 Bronx15m07 Bronx15m12 Bronx15m13 Bronx15m08 Bronx15m09 Bronx15m14 Bronx15m15 Bronx15m10 Bronx15m11 Bronx15m16 Bronx18m04 Bronx18m03 bronx18m02 Bronx18m01 Bronx15m17


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