• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Roxi Von Avalon

Roxi Von Avalon
(Luciano Vom Bamberger-Tal X Isa Von Avalon)
Born: 16 Aug 2009
CHIP# 276096901000081
ADRK# 118449

These are some excellent, strong German working lines!  It is important to know that even in Germany, there are different qualities of breeding dogs.  In order to be a “PINK PAPER” (so called because of the pink paper the pedigree is on), working titles are a MUST.  If even one of the dogs in the pedigree does not possess a working title, the dog cannot be a PINK PAPERed dog.  Roxi’s sire, Luciano Vom Bamberger-Tal is very large male with a strong, powerful frame and incredible skill!  Luciano has the highly sought after and very respected Gekort bis EzA.  The Gekort is an advanced breed test also known as Korung given in Germany. In addition to the requirements of the ZtP, they require a SchH III, IPO III, or VPG III for a male.  The minimum age for males is 36 and in addition, they require three show critiques with a SG rating or better, HD/ED certificates and AD title.  This title deems a dog suitable for breeding by the ADRK for a period of two years at which time they are subject to re-evaluation.  Once a dog has earned his Gekort, he is able to apply again after 2 years Gekort bis EzA.  The Gekort bis EzA is a LIFETIME breed suitability test.  A dog with this title is rated by the ADRK as suitable for breeding for the duration of Breeding Utilization Age (nine years in males and eight years in females).  Because of how much is required- not only the highest levels of working ability, but strict adherence to breed standards, the Gekort bis EzA is a coveted title and a male possessing this title is considered highly desirable as stud.  Luciano’s other titles include: BH, AD, IPO III, VPG III, FH I, FH II, KÖRUNG 23.09.07 in Lustadt (Radtke/Petermann), ZTP 09.09.06 in Eschweiler (Petermann).
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Roxi’s PHENOMENAL PEDIGREE!!Roxi_export_ped Roxi_pedigree
Roxi’s Sire:
 Luciano Vom Bamberger-Tal
Gekort bis EzA
KÖRUNG 23.09.07 in Lustadt (Radtke/Petermann)
ZTP 09.09.06 in Eschweiler (Petermann)

IMG_3362-001 IMG_3366-002 233
http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQzNjQ3ODI0.html (CLICK on LINK)
Found a really great video of Luciano!  For those unfamiliar, I wanted to explain some of the things happening in the video.  In the beginning (first 11 seconds) you will hear shots.  The Rottweiler must be nonreactive to gunfire, which of course Luciano is.  The healing work demonstrates the dog’s off-leash obedience.  He must remain in a healing position on the left side of his handler at all times, no matter how fast or slow or how often direction changes.  He must also respond to commands independent of the handlers movement (i.e. if given the command to sitz (sit) or platz (lay down) he must immediately comply even if the handler continues moving).  My favorite part of watching a working dog work is the focus on the handler and the eagerness they have to please- both so evident in Luciano!  At 1:30, Luciano must demonstrate the ability to stay focused on the handler regardless of distractions (people).  At 5:30 I LOVE how effortless he glides over the wall- such graceful movement for such a large male!  At 6:38, in case you had not heard the other dogs barking, you can see that he is not the only dog on the field off leash- another testament to his obedience and focus.  At 6:45 he is sent off to search for or attack the “bad guy”- even when he is keyed up and focused on the task at hand, he must always give IMMEDIATE compliance to the commands of his handler.  At 6:49, when he is given the command to “platz” (lay down) he not only immediately lays down, but does so FACING his handler with his back to the “threat”!  (hence the applause).  This is a remarkable demonstration of his trust in his handler!  At 7:26 he is sent to search for the helper (“bad guy”).  There are several blinds and he does not know which one the helper is behind so his handler gives him commands on where to search.  At 7:46, when he finds the helper (“bad guy) he does what is called a Bark and Hold.  His job is to intimidate the “intruder/bad guy” and make sure he stays put.  As long as the bad guy does not make any aggressive movements either towards the dog or handler/owner, then the dog will simply “bark and hold”.  At 8:25, Luciano once again demonstrates that no matter how keyed up he is, immediate compliance to his owner/handler.  You can see as he walks over how every muscle in his body is prepared to go after the bad guy!  Yet, he still “platz” on command.  Now the handler leaves him in charge of the bad guy.  As long as he is non-threatening and not trying to get away, the dog remains in a down stay.  At 8:56- even though Luciano is already attacking the helper (bad guy) once again, as soon as there is compliance from the helper, Luciano lets go.  However, immediately upon a representation of a threat, he again attacks.  This part demonstrates Luciano’s ability to “think for himself” independent of his handler’s commands.  If his owner/handler is not there or perhaps incapacitated, Luciano must be able to decide for himself what is necessary to ensure safety.  At 9:00, he is struck with a “clatter stick” this makes a very loud noise when he is struck (not at all harmful to Luciano- the clatter stick is designed to make noise but is not hard and does not hurt).  This is done to teach Luciano that if he is attacking a “bad guy” in real life and he is struck- even if it is loud or uncomfortable, it should not break his focus on the task at hand.  This is the same reason the dogs are not permitted to be reactive to gun fire.  You want a dog that is hard of nerve and high in courage because that is a Rottweiler.  One of the reasons these breed suitability tests make the dogs so desirable for breeding is because they guarantee that you have a dog of sound mind and body and a CORRECT representative of the Rottweiler both physically and mentally.  At 9:11, Luciano again goes into a bark and hold.  At 9:27, he demonstrates that he is clear headed enough to relinquish control of the situation to his owner/handler as soon as he is given the command.  At 9:45, Luciano demonstrates that even though his owner/handler is in control, he is STILL a Rottweiler and his job is still, without fail, to ensure the safety of his owner/handler.  Even though he was under control of the handler, he is still IMMEDIATELY reactive to a threat even if his owner does not give the command.  9:45-9:56 shows a long bite with drive- meaning that the “bad guy” did not stop moving and tried to ‘drive’ the dog, however, Luciano refused to let go until there was compliance from the bad guy.  Once Luciano received compliance from the bad guy, he held him in a ‘bark and hold’ until his owner could come take control of the situation.  In real life application, this would be Luciano holding the intruder in place until the police showed up or until the owner took control.  At 10:19, the owner takes control of the “bad guy’s weapon” and Luciano then helps to escort the bad guy.  The rest of the video is more bite work including a very long bark and hold.  I LOVE how deep/intimidating his bark is- not sure if I would tempt him if I was the intruder!!  I also love how these are not small helpers- these are large guys, yet beside such a beast, they just do not seem like such big guys!!  I am just a HUGE fan of Luciano and am SOO super excited to see what Roxi can give me!!

I could go on and on about all the dogs in Roxi’s pedigree!  Every one even more amazing!  Please take the time to click on some of the Rottweilers in her pedigree here on http://en.working-dog.eu/dogs-details/315121/Roxi-von-Avalon

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