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Xoni Von Der Holzhaussiedlung

Xoni Von Der Holzhaussiedlung
(Ben Von Langen Grund X Olivia Von Der Holzhaussiedlung)
Born: 14 October 2007
ADRK# 115165
61 cm/42 kg
Multi-V rated (International)
Xoni is a strong female with an incredible body and substantial bone.  She has a hard, muscular frame with excellent top and bottom lines and good angles.  Xoni has a short, tight coat with rich color and very clean markings.  Xoni has a great rear with beautiful movement and good push.  Xoni has a strong head type with a deep stop and a short, full, powerful muzzle.  Xoni has a heavy back skull and a thick, powerful neck.  Her chest is dropped and open and well muscled.  Xoni is a very clear headed, balanced female with good working drive.  She is intelligent and eager to please and loves to solve puzzles.  We are thrilled to have Xoni in our breeding program!  She has an INCREDIBLE pedigree and is sired by one of my favorite German studs, Champion Ben Von Langen Grund (Xamos Von Wolfert Turm son!!)  Dam’s pedigree is equally impressive- she is sired by Valentino Von Hause Neubrand!!  Excellent character, incredible body, strong head type and top German pedigree!!  Thank you SOOO much Pasquale for once again helping us find the perfect female!!

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