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Guardian Petal Von Gottschalk
Guardian Rottweilers P Litter

Sire: Hulk Crni Vitez
(Eminem Vom Hause Edelstein x Gabon Crni Vitez)
Dam: Wicky Golden Shield
(Maicon Imperial Warrior x Abra di Gobelja)

Petal is our little runt in this litter.  It has been a long time since I have had a true runt- not just a pup who was a bit smaller than his/her siblings, but a wee-bitty little one who required intervention to get going and continued help to continue advancing.  The last true runt we had was Guardian Jazara Von Gottschalk whom we all named “Little Bit”.  Little Bit was a wee wisp of a thing and we also called her our “pocket rottie”.  She and Isis became best friends when they were young and remained so long into adulthood until miss Little Bit, who, at the time was about 94 pounds, went to live on a wildlife reserve in Canada where she got to help find and rehabilitate a plethora of the neatest of God’s creatures including orphaned baby owls, a not so little baby moose, and even a feisty little wolverine who lost a leg and her family and could use a friend.  With the recent passing of my Isis, it just felt fitting to be getting my next super tiny runt who struggled to get going.  Miss Petal had to be tube fed for the first 2 weeks as she was too itty bitty to even nurse.  But she never quit, so we never quit either.  She got put on special probiotics and digestive enzymes from Dr. Udrasols that helped her get the absolute most out of her food and once she started weaning, went on to 2 special foods that we mixed together for maximum digestion and absorption.  She has also gone in for weekly weight checks and vitamin B injections, of which she is decidedly NOT a fan!  Dr. Udrasols warned me prior to the first injection of vitamin B that “She will not like this.  It really stings.”  Poor little thing screamed so loud and tried to bite lol- even in her tiny little state, she was fiesty!  Dr. Udrasols give her a towel to bite down on and although my heart ached to see her in discomfort, I could not help but smile at this plucky little girl- all 2 pounds of her!!  Since she has frequent trips to the vet, they all know her there and when we walk in, everyone spreads the word “Petal is here!”  And then she is passed around and loved on and spoiled with a few treats <3  I love it that our vet staff go out of the way to make sure that even though her vitamin B injections are super not fun, miss Petal knows that there is a lot of good in that office too <3  I could go on and on about this beauty all day- for such a wee thing, she sure does have a great big place in my heart <3  Her ears are not carried close enough to her face, her coat is incorrectly textured- a wee bit curly (also a little wet in the photos/video as she had been playing in the sprinklers 😉 ) and yet, she could not be more perfect.  She has had nothing but heart from day one.  You might think that with a puppy that is as spirited as little Petal is, that she would need a stronger name.  But, aside from being absolutely adorable, her name is very special for me.  My Tahlia, when she was little, loved to collect flowers for her mom.  But she also loved to play and get distracted, and the flowers would get crushed in a pocket or a gripped hand.  One time, she went to give me a really pretty daisy and when she opened her hand, the whole flower was smashed.  As my precious little girl sat trying to fix it, clever and quick-witted even at a young age, she discarded the damaged flower and handed me a perfect petal that had not yet been squished.  Grinning up at me as my heart completely melted, she said, “I brought you a petal- it’s the best part of the flower.” <3  So, here is our Petal, arguably the best part as well <3  Little miss Petal is not currently available until Dr. Udrasols is happy enough with weight gains that she can go on regular food and not need all the extra supplements/injections.  Until then, our Petal will stay planted here at Guardian Rottweilers so that she can grow and flourish <3 

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