• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!


The photos below are graphic and very difficult to see.  I normally try to be very cognizant of the content of my website as I consider it a family website.  However, these photos are important to see.  It is important to know the extent of their injury and how desperate they are for your help.


An EXPLOSION that made his heart stop…

Uros treasures his dogs like the family they are.  Their kennel is an extension his home and has water, protection from the elements and of course heat for cold Serbian winters.  For reasons no one is still quite sure of, the propane tank used to both heat the kennels and cook some of their dinners exploded!  It ripped a huge hole in the ceiling as debris went flying everywhere.  A fire quickly followed consuming everything in its path.  Uros was not home at the time, thank goodness, as his children would have been playing in the garden right where the explosion took place.  When he recounted what had happened tearfully to me, he was so grateful that his babies had not been there, along with many of the neighborhood children that often come over to play.  The humility of gratitude when everything has just gone up in smoke hit me right in the gut. His cousin was, however, home at the time and immediately ran to the kennel to start evacuating all the pets/animals.  She was barefoot when she ran there and ended up hospitalized from burns to her hands, arms, legs and feet.  This did not stop her as she made sure everyone was safe. Unfortunately, because of how powerful the explosion and subsequent fire were, there was massive casulity.  Once again, rather than complain about vet bills that he may never be able to pay, or the monumental effort that will be required with all the round the clock care of the injured animals from severe burns and smoke inhallation, Uros was just grateful that there was no loss of life.  The most severely burned pups were some little French bull dogs that Uros had taken in. Most normal people would have thrown in the towel, euthanized everyone and saved 10’s of thousands of euros and man hours.  But that is not Uros.  He saw some very brave little puppies that wanted to live and told me, “if they fight, then I must also.”

Let me intorduce Uros…

Uros Golubovic is a very generous man with a big heart.  Most know Uros as  the owner of Se Ungo-Rot Kennels in Serbia where he has made bettering and preserving the Rottweiler breed his life long mission.  He is a world renowned FCI certifed Dog Judge with a Specialty in Rottweilers and probably the best handler I have ever met.  He has handled literally hundreds of dogs to show and working titles and has consistently produced some of the best Rottweilers in Serbia, arguably, the world.  You will find his kennel and influence in some of the best dog and pedigrees all over the world.  Uros is a second generation Rottweiler breeder/trainer/handler and has made his life’s mission to preserve the old German Rottweiler with focus on character, health and correct conformation.  Uros campaigned for getting hips and elbows tested on adults considered for breeding long before it was the standard in his country, and has been sought out as a Judge for some os the most prestigeous Rottweiler shows, include the Klubsieger in Ecuador, and Copa America.  

But few know the man behind all the titles.  I had the pirvilage of staying with him and his family in their very modest home in Serbia for 2 weeks back when I first started working with the breed.  I remember being struck by how modest he lived considering the rank his dogs/kennel had.  Of course, as I got to know him over the next 2 weeks, it became aparent that he lived humbly because everything he had was paid forward, both for this breed and anyone else he could help.  He welcomed my entire family as though we were his.  I have never felt so honored and wanted in all of my travels.  He was up every morning between 3-4:am to feed and clean, and then he left for deliveries.  In addition to his tireless efforts for the breed, Uros does everything he can to help with rescue efforts in a country that is literally overrun by unwanted, often ferrel dogs and cats.  There are no real organizations in place to help them in Serbia like we have in the US, so Uros does what he can.  Delivering food, helping with vet bills, etc.  In addition to his Rottweilers, he has several other pets that he has rescued including a couple of mutts, some kitties he feeds and cares for and, one of his many passions, chickens and birds.  7 days a week, 365 days a year, Uros travels all over Europe competing with dogs that he has personally bred, raised and trained, showing his pride and joy to the world.  He will drive for 20+ hours in a small car where the dogs have more space than he does to attend a single dog show.  Win or lose, his dogs will have steak or chicken, usually eating better than he does, before heading off for the next show.  Rain or shine, he works and trains with his dogs every day.
  When he married a few years ago, I have to admit, I could never see this bachelor who’s every waking thought was only Rottweiler, Rottweiler, Rottweiler as a “family man”, however, he proved me wrong.  He is an amazing father determined to raise his beautiful baby girl and precocious little boy to love and respect everything Heavenly Father has created the way he does.  His son was helping him at show as soon as he was old enough to walk, and although his baby girl is still too tiny for that, I have no doubt there is another junior handler there also!  Uros Golubovic is the very definition of the breeder and person I strive to be.  

There is no insurance.  Everything, from rebuilding to hospital bills to vet bills, it is all out of pocket.  This man has spent his life helping everything and everyone he can.  It is time for us to pay it forward.

I do not know what the final financial toll will be.  I put $80,000 as a goal but I have no doubt it will exceed that- probably just in rebuilding their home, let alone all the vet and medical bills that continue to accumulate.  



Although these brave little puppies received the worst of it, there were a lot of pets that had smoke inhallation from the birds to the Rottweilers, and a couple of the Rotties who were more severely burned- one, a beautiful girl who was a guest in my home in the USA for nearly a year and slept with my children, will likely be blind 🙁 
The following were taken at the vet directly after the fire.  They are even more graphic, so please proceed with caution.

Please, anything and every thing helps.  If $1000 people see this and only give $1, then Uros will have $1000 more than he did yesterday; if those same people give $10, probably less than what you spent on lunch, then he will have $10,000, and if all of those people shared with someone who also gave… If ever there was someone that deserved your spare change and if ever there was a cause worthy of your time, it is this.


Please help and please share.



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