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Guardian Jahzara Von Gottschalk

Guardian Jahzara Von Gottschalk
(Nando Se Ungo-Rot Buffy v. Tannenfeld)    
Born: 17 March 2011
AKC #WS37074501

CHIP #956000002389132
HD- ; ED-
2 x C.A.C.


Jahzara had been called Little Bit since she was a little peanut of a puppy.  She has been called that so long that even my handler in Europe and our vet call her Little Bit 😉  I do not even think Little Bit knows her real name is Jahzara!  Little Bit was the tiny, itty bitty runt of a litter of 10.  She was so tiny that we had to tube feed her and keep her in an incubator for the first 2 weeks of her life.  No one thought she would make it, but I NEVER gave up hope!  She was a fighter and wanted to live and as long as she gave me 110%, how could I give her anything less??  When she was not in the incubator, she would sleep curled up under our chin on our neck, or tucked in the top of our shirt.  We went through so much with this little tiny puppy that it was a unanimous family decision to keep her!  We decided that if our little pocket Rottie (yes, the kids carried her around EVERYWHERE with them in the front pocket of their hoodies!) never got any bigger than 20 pounds, so be it!  Little Bit went with us EVERYWHERE tucked in someone’s hoodie pocket.  She might have been a smaller than normal puppy had a bigger than life personality!  She stayed small for a long time, but slow and steady she started to grow and MAN did she have BONE!!  Her bone is heavier than even her 114 pound mom!!  Little Bit is built like a MAC truck!  About as wide as she is tall and SOLID!  For a tiny puppy that started out not much bigger than a mouse at 3.72 ounces, our Little Bit is the very definition of determination!  I love all my Rotties so very dearly, but Little Bit will always have a special spot in my heart!

Little Bit is a strong, stocky female with heavy bone and build.  She has the absolute best character!  Confident and playful and just heart on her sleeve happy go lucky.  She is SUPER smart and VERY observant!  Little Bit does not miss ANYTHING!!  She is so much fun to be around and so very gentle with all the little ones.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Little Bit! 

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We started calling her “little bit” when she was a puppy.  Now that she has grown into such a thick and robust youth, the name Little Bit has become quite humorous! 

Jahzara is such a GORGEOUS girl!!  Absolute the perfect blend of EVERYTHING I love about her mom and dad!  Her sire is International Champion Marsio Ri Mobby Dick  HD-FREI, ED+/-; CH YOUNG SCG06, CH ADULT BULGARIA 06, CH ADULT SERBIA 07, CH ADULT MACEDONIJA 07, CACIB Athens GREECE 08, V15x, YOUTH WINNER 2x, CACIB 6x, RCACIB 11x, CAC 3x,BOB, BOG, RBOG, R.YOUNG BOG, BIS III PLACE and her mother is Candidate for International Champion Buffy Vom Tannenfeld BH; IPO-I, MACEDONIA JUNIOR CH 2009, MACEDONIA ADULT CH., SERBIAN ADULT CH 2010, 2x JCAC; 6x CAC; RCAC; 2x RCACIB; CACIB; BALKANSIEGER 2010- V2 and CAC CH. Class.  Jahzara has a strong head type with VERY dark gums, black eyes, and a heavy topskull.  She has a very thick and stocky frame with INCREDIBLE bone and her markings are dark and rich.  She is spunky and confident and full of courage.  Jahzara has such an optimistic outlook and her happy-go-lucky personality is infectious!  She is very intelligent and is constantly outsmarting us 2-leggeds 😀

Even when Little Bit was smaller in stature, she has always been 100% Rottweiler in character!  And such a pretty girl.  She has excellent bone and a gorgeous head.  With her beauty and personality, there is absolutely nothing that this amazing little girl cannot accomplish!

Jahzara has a never quit attitude, always wants to play and is so eager to please.  We are madly in love with our “Little Bit” and everyone that meets her quickly falls is love as well. 


This is Little Bit at only 5 weeks old!  She is just so absolutely adorable!!


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