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“Bronx” Guardian Prince Von Gottschalk

Little Prince at 3 weeks old- other than scars and a shaved belly, side and back, you would never know!

Little Prince entered this world quite ordinarily and was a strong, healthy puppy.  His mom, Zitta was a first time mom, but doing an excellent job.  She was very attentive and nurturing and it was obvious she loved her puppies very much.  Most people would be absolutely astonished at how tiny a newborn Rottweiler is- most weighing less than a pound at birth- that is about the same as a can of soda, sometimes less.  And when mom is a full grown Rottweiler weighing about 100x that of each pup, it can be a very dangerous place for puppies.  For this reason, we stay with our moms 24-7 during the first few weeks.  Either my husband, my daughters or myself sit with mom at all times.  We move pups when she wants to move, and help make sure no one get pinned under a leg, back, head (yes rottie heads are MASSIVE regardless, but especially compared to an itty bitty puppy!).  We also help make sure that no one wonders away as they can succumb to hypothermia (getting chilled) or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) very quickly when separated from mom.  But unfortunately, even with the best of care, all mom has to do is sit up quickly, lean back or even put pressure on an elbow.  In most cases, as long as you react quickly, you can remove the flexible puppy and all is well.  But not always 🙁  Our tiny little prince had maneuvered his way under mom’s elbow and when she propped herself up to respond to another whining puppy, she put her weight on him just the wrong way.  Initially when I lifted mom and pulled him out, he seemed fine and as I pulled my heart out of my throat, I thought I had dodged a bullet.  Within minutes he had significant abdominal swelling on his left side.  My heart sank.  I called Dr. Jeff on his cell and told him I was on my way.   When we rushed him in emergency to Dr. Jeff who graciously met me at his office, I was prepared for the worst.  Having been a breeder for over 10 years, I know what the typical prognosis is for a pup that has been stepped on by mom.  And I also know that when a pup is only about 1 pound, even the most skilled veterinarian can only do so much simply because if their size. 

After Prince was strong enough to nurse off of mom, we would take him to nurse from her every 2-3 hours, and then back to the incubator (or back to our arms!) We could not leave him with bigger siblings who may step or climb on very sensitive boo-boo, or get a stitch caught or ripped and we could not leave him with mom for fear she may also lick or damage stitches.

I can confidently say that if I had brought him ANYWHERE else other than Dr. Jeff- euthanasia would have been seen as the only option.  I had a vet tell me once when I had another pup that had been stepped on and was bleeding from the mouth- and by the way this was IN AN ANIMAL EMERGENCY ROOM where they should have everything they need- all equipment, staff, etc.- and I KNEW, absolutely KNEW that this strong little fighter ONLY needed the wound either cauterized or stitched or both as there was NO OTHER DAMAGE and the ER Vet simply said as a breeder I should know that-and I quote- “a 40-60% pup loss is considered acceptable!”  I held this little pups mouth for over an hour for the drive there and in the waiting room until I literally could not feel my fingers and my hand was beyond cramping because keeping constant pressure on a mouth wound on a wiggly puppies is NOT so easy!  But I knew that if I released pressure the bleeding would resume and the pup would die of exsanguination or loss of blood- the vet took the puppy back and told me they would “call me” and that I should go home.  Of course I did not “go home” and instead sat in the parking lot while my kids slept in the car.  2 hours later they called and said they had put the pup in an incubator and when they went back to check on him he had passed- why did he die you might ask??  “Somehow” the bleeding had resumed and the pup bled to death!!  Even though I was so VERY, VERY adamant that that very thing would happen if the wound was not treated IMMEDIATELY!!  But of course they were doctors and knew more than me!  When I dropped him off he was still squealing and wiggling and VERY much alive and kicking.  There was ABSOLUTELY no reason that that pup needed to die.  It would have taken them less than a minute to cauterize the would or only a few minutes more to stitch it.  But out of indifference because it was only a 4 day old puppy and part of the “acceptable loss”, and pompous presumption that I knew nothing because I was only a “breeder”, I still firmly believe they killed my puppy.  Oh, and by the way, over $1200 for the privilege to do so!

Sorry!  Back to Prince!  The first thing Dr. Jeff did was get a sterile syringe and try to draw fluid to see if he could ascertain what exactly we were looking at.  When he pulled the plunger back and it was hemorrhagic, I could feel the tears welling up.  Without hesitation, Dr. Jeff said, “lets get him back to surgery.”   I stayed with him as Dr. Jeff Udrasols opened and explored his abdominal cavity methodically checking every organ, etc.  There was significant damage.  The pressure of mom’s weight had split his abdominal wall from the front of his pelvis clear back to his spine- like sitting on a balloon will pop it.  The small miracle however was that despite enough pressure to completely rupture his abdominal muscles, there was not visible organ damage!  Dr. Jeff thoroughly clean, injected antibiotics, then with incredible precision reattached the muscles. 

Prince at 6 weeks old! Smaller than his siblings because he got a bit behind, but CERTAINLY not smaller in personality!

Now for those who are not already incredibly impressed that Dr. Jeff was not only willing-because for me that was indeed quite significant- but also capable of such an amazing surgery on a puppy that was only days old and weighed less than a pound, this surgery was incredibly compounded by the fact that this was a newborn puppy.  The health of mom during pregnancy is so vital to healthy puppies- which is one of the reasons back to back to back breedings are so terrible for both mom and puppies.  Not only does over breeding compromise the health and quality of life for mom, but when she does not have enough, she cannot give enough to the puppies.  Because of how tiny little Prince was, it would not take the loss of very much blood at all to cause death.  A prolonged surgery or a surgery that was not done with the absolute greatest skill and care would have doomed him even if the surgery itself would have been successful!  Told you my vet was AMAZING!!  Only the BEST for Guardian Rottweilers, and I believe with all my heart that Dr. Jeff is JUST THAT!

So, I take little Prince home and he has to stay in the incubator (puppies do not have the ability to regulate their own body temperature until about 2 weeks of age), and of course he is dehydrated and hypoglycemic.  I give him Nutri-Cal (high calorie, high sugar paste that has saved PLENTY of sick puppies- LOVE this stuff!!), subQ fluids and of course he is on oral antibiotics for 2 weeks.  We have to tube feed him the first few days because he has absolutely no energy- and, just so you are as impressed with baby Prince as you are with Dr. Jeff, this INCREDIBLY BRAVE puppy endured the ENTIRE surgery WITHOUT any anesthesia- he is so young and so tiny that the pain meds would have stopped his heart!  So, this brave, exhausted, tired, incredibly puppy is at home in the incubator or of course snuggled up under our chin for the next 2 weeks.  Not only does he make a FULL RECOVERY, but he is back to nursing with mom by the end of the week!!  These exceptional dogs NEVER cease to amaze me.  And every time I think of Prince of one of the many other pups that Dr. Jeff has been both skilled and passionate enough to save, I think my Heavenly Father for blessing me with such an incredible veterinarian. 

When Prince was old enough to go to his forever home, we all knew that it HAD to be someone VERY special for such a special puppy.  You could never imagine how difficult it is to give up any of the pups, but especially the ones like this that tug at your heart strings.  As a family we went back and fourth so much on keeping little Prince, but the more I talked with his new mom, Rhonda, the more I knew she would indeed love him just as much as we did and that he would be treasured there.  We all cried of course the day he left, but since he is not so far away, Rhonda is gracious enough to bring him by every so often to visit and of course keep us updated with pics and video.  I could not imagine a moment of my life without these exceptional dogs in it, and the brave little Princes certainly make all the sleepless nights, second mortgages and credit card bills so totally worth it!! 

I thank God for Dr Jeff everyday. Because of you and him we have Bronx. Everybody that meets him falls in love with him. He’s very close to both of his brothers and Oden our Rottie does everything for him. He  even would help him up on the couch when he was little(he would lift Bronx butt with his nose). Please keep in touch and the pics of the new puppies are great. Maybe someday they will grow up to be beautiful like Bronx. LOL. Everybody should think their babies are the best.
Wanted to tell you to check out Bronx on you tube. Search Rottie mop or type in his daddy’s name. Their are 2 on you tube. I got Bronx some supplements and we realized he hurt his knee. It’s getting better but he likes to play so hard and has no respect for his own body. He is our pride and joy but very spoiled. He has his own pool and is going through the terrible twos. If you could please send me a quick email to let me know about his papers, I thank you. And thanks for giving Daniel and I the greatest little boy in the world.
Thanks again


Wanted to send you a pic of Bronx and big brother Oden. Oden weighs about 110 and is thinner boned. They love each other soooooo much.

Hi Alice
Bronx is now 11 months old. This is what you usually see when you look at him. Always wants to play ball. He’s a real brat too. I know you told me but he’s so cute I can’t help it. He paws at Daniel and I all the time if we aren’t talking to him or loving on him. He is so child like. He comes to me to wipe his mouth, or won’t eat out of the regular bowls anymore he has to eat out of the blue one he found, and wants his back rubbed every night before he goes to sleep. He spoiled but we love him. I text Tahlia to check on her but I’m sure she is busy with school and just getting better. Let me know how she and everyone is






I haven’t heard from you in awhile. I have very exciting news. I contacted Alexandra Day(Sandra Darling) from the Good Dog Carl book series and she has agreed to paint Prince Bronx for me when he gets older. She recently got a new “Carl”. Also to let you know how he’s doing. He limps some days worse than others. It went to his front leg for a few days but he must be growing again since the past couple of days have been bad. I have sit and rubbed his leg all day yesterday he comes to me and wants me too. Don’t let him fool you he really likes it. Hope this finds everyone well and having a really good summer.


I hope everything is well and settled down. I’m writing to let you know what the world would have missed out on if you and Dr Jeff hadn’t of cared enough to save Prince Bronx.
Bronx found an old bowl outside we had used for the dogs to put water in when they were playing. He brought it in played with it for a bit and went back out. Alittle later he came in and wanted to eat. I only give him small amounts when he’s active. I put some in one of the bowls he usually eats from and sat it down since he likes to lay and eat. He then turned away from that bowl and looked at the blue one he had brought in earlier. I told him to eat out of the other one since the blue one was dirty. He gave me a bark and flipped the blue one with his paw. He’s soooo cute and I love him so much I gave in and washed the blue one, put his food in it, them he ate. He waited for me to wash it before he took one bite.
Later at about 11:00 that same night.  Bronx had been bringing me toys for about an hour. He was pulling on his rings and I told him it was time to go to bed. He immediately let go of them, went to his usual spot and laid down and went to sleep.
He makes me so proud everyday. I can’t imagine what I would of missed out on if I didn’t have him. I have 3 of the best boys ever. JJ is the good one. I can count on one hand the times he’s been scolded. Oden is the sweet one. He doesn’t like one of the others being scolded. He will give kisses to make you happy. Bronx is my feisty one and going through the terrible twos. You have no idea the happiness you have brought Daniel and I. Thank you for trusting me to take care of your baby and God bless all you for all you do.
Thank you

Mommy Alice and Family

It’s Prince Bronx, I wanted to write you on the week of my 1st birthday. I wouldn’t have a birthday if it wasn’t for all of you and everything you did for me. My mommy says the world would be less special without me in it. I don’t know what that means but I know it’s good because my mommy and daddy love me a lot. My daddy and brothers play with me everyday and my mommy rubs my back every night when I get tucked in until I go to sleep.

I have a very good life and I would not have it if you didn’t love me. I know I was a lot of work and you lost a lot of sleep. I want you to know I will be the bestest boy in the world.

My mommy is teaching me and my brother Oden sign language so we do things by how mommy holds her hand. We go on rides a lot with our bestest friends Marley and Dory. My brother JJ puts his head out the top of the car. I lay in back, Oden likes to put his head out the window but if I want him to he will lay in back with me.

I would have missed out on so much if you hadn’t saved my life. I have all the toys I want, 2 great brothers, and a daddy and mommy that love me, except mommy won’t give me some snacks I want. She said its not good for me or it’s not organic(whatever that is).

Tell Dr. Jeff my legs are better and I love him for what he did for me, even if it did hurt a lot.

I won’t ever forget any of you and mommy said we might be able to come see you sometime. Tell Tahlia I hope her leg is better too.

I will always try to make you proud of me. To be a great Rottweiler like my doggy daddy and mommy. I won’t waste the life you saved.

I love you all,
Guardian Prince Von Gottshalk

Look what my talented Mother-In-Law made me for my birthday. It’s my “Boo” immortalized in wood. I knew you would appreciate this. It’s about 20 in long and about 14 in wide.  I was so excited about this I just wanted to share with you.  Hope the holiday was nice and Christmas and the new year will bring joy. I’ve been keeping up on the puppies. They are great. I miss holding Bronx but he climbs up in the recliner with me so I still get to hold him some. If you sit in the floor he wants to always sit on your lap and he won’t take no for an answer. I won’t keep you. Just wanted to share.

Alice and family
Want to wish you all a Happy New Year. Please be safe in your travels and everything you do the coming year. As I write this I have Bronx laying beside me pawing at me wanting his back rubbed.

This is also a thank you for giving me the light of my life. Bronx has got to be the smartest, cutest, and has the most personality of any rottweiler or even dog that ever lived. My boys are so important to me. I know everybody thinks their baby is the best but I can prove it. Prince01

I said it before the world is a lot better with Bronx in it. I also have to say the world is a lot better with you it too. Keep doing what your doing and you might be able to get another Bronx but I doubt it. LOL. Just like people they all have a purpose to be here on this earth. I just thank God that the reason for Bronx is to make my world a lot brighter.

Thanks you for all that you do.


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