• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

X Litter: Boda X Holly

X Litter: Ch. Holly Ar Pedim Line X Ch. Boda Se Ungo-Rot
After I saw the PHENOMENAL pups Boda produced with Pantera, I just HAD to get my hands on more Boda babies!  With Holly’s stature and pedigree combined with Boda-Arlos, I am expecting some large, impressive puppies with strong head type and excellent character!  Cannot wait for my next batch of little baby Boda’s!!

Xafira09    Xarah33
Xafira                                                            Xarah
RESERVED, CO                                RESERVED, OK

Xambo53 Xerox42 Xerxes24
Xambo                                 Xerox                                    Xerxes

XLitter_BodaXHolly1 XLitter_BodaXHolly2 XLitter_BodaXHolly3 XLitter_BodaXHolly4 XLitter_BodaXHolly5 XLitter_BodaXHolly6 XLitter_BodaXHolly7 XLitter_BodaXHolly8 XLitter_BodaXHolly9 XLitter_BodaXHolly10 XLitter_BodaXHolly11 XLitter_BodaXHolly12 XLitter_BodaXHolly13 XLitter_BodaXHolly14 XLitter_BodaXHolly15 XLitter_BodaXHolly16 XLitter_BodaXHolly17
Here are my Holly babies and miss Kinder at 3 weeks old <3  Some of them still have some food on their feet and faces lol  Personalities are starting to come out and they are SOOO much fun!! <3

XLitterBodaHolly3wks_01 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_02 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_12 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_13 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_14 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_15 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_16 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_17 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_18 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_19 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_20 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_21 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_22 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_23 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_24 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_25 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_26 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_27 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_28 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_29 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_30 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_31 XLitterBodaHolly3wks_32

Guardian Xambo Von Gottschalk
FullSizeRender IMG_3020 IMG_3023 IMG_3048 IMG_3049
He’s amazing!! We love him more every day! He already knows how to sit and is doing great with potty training!! Of course I have more photos!! It’s much easier to get good ones of him sleeping though ; ) we’re so in love with our baby : ) he’s such a mamas boy!! He totally loves daddy too! He’ll definitely live up to his name as a Guardian Rottweiler, he just started alerting us when he hears strange noises outside : ) He is so much fun, and we feel SO blessed to have him in our lives : ) thanks for everything!!!

unnamed unnamed
unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3 
He is growing into such an amazing dog : ) he is so smart and playful! He loves people, kids, and all other dogs! We just started taking him to the beach, and he absolutely loves it! Thank you so much for giving us the best little love muffin ever!!!
unnamed-36 unnamed-37 unnamed-38
Gregory Bubbles. 
Aka Guardian Xambo Von Gottschalk
Xambo1 Xambo2 Xambo3 Xambo4 Xambo5 xambo6
unnamed-7 unnamed-6 unnamed-5 unnamed-4 unnamed-3

Guardian Xerxes Von Gottschalk
What an absolute road warrior! Xerxes had zero issues with the drive home. You saved our lives by giving us the chew toys lol. Little man loves to explore the world by chewing everything in sight haha! He’s gone from one loving home to another. 🙂 

Don’t forget about the patch if you get one. It will get you guys TONS of visibility all over the U.S.


He is doing great, such a confident young man! He loves to chew chew chew chew chew lol! We all absolutely love him! I think my wife wants to steal him away from me! I could swear he grows each and every day. Our new year was wonderful, hope yours was the same. Trainer is coming to meet him on Thursday
God bless! 


Hey Alice. 
Update on Atlas/Xerxes, training is going great! Such a smart boy, he literally grows bigger day by day. Trainer is very impressed with him!
So far he can sit, stay, speak, lay down, touch item with paw on command, lay on his side, leave it, take item and release item, starting to teach to walk backwards and the command “around” for going around objects. 

Hope all you guys are doing well!!

Perry was part of a National Geographic article on our Veterans dealing with PTSD.  It is such beautiful read and I highly recommend it:  http://www.nationalgeographic.com/healing-soldiers/Here he is in all his glory! Such a handsome boy.
Hey alice, wanted to pass on a picture of Atlas to you. He is starting his advanced skill training and living with the trainer now. He’s brilliant and she says it looks like it will take him about half the time as “regular” dogs to complete everything and come home to start working as my service dog. Here is a picture of him wearing a vest. Hope all is well!!
Hello Alice!

Update on Atlas, he is doing great! The leg problems seem to be gone for good. Big guy just wouldn’t stop growing!! He is currently in his last phase of training and will soon be my full time service dog!! I’m so excited! You should be very proud of him, I can’t count how many times he’s been called the most beautiful Rott ever, or how well he is behaved for a Rott. My favorite is when they see how non aggressive and loving he is. That usually gets, wow! I thought Rottweilers were evil and mean, but this guy is a sweetheart. I’d love to send you some pictures and maybe some video, only if you’d like me to of course. I’ve got a life long requirement for a service dog, if ok with you I’d love for them all to be from Guardian Rottweilers.

Take care

Hey Alice!

Wanted to give you a quick update, Atlas is now with me full time and we are a service dog team!!! If I can get my employer on board then we will be together 24/7 like we’re supposed to be.  Everywhere we go I get “Oh my! He’s a BIG boy” or “wow, he’s absolutely perfect” and “he is so well mannered and behaved” my favorite is “he looks perfect but can’t be full blood cause he has a tail” amazing that people don’t realize that most breeders dock their tails and that they ALL had a tail at one point. if I had a quarter for every compliment he’s received I could buy ten more Guardian Rotts and have them trained for ten more vets in need. I don’t know how you did it! How you picked him for me at such a young age knowing that his personality would fit mine perfectly and have the drive and temperament to become a service dog. You are for sure the Rottie Guru. May God bless you and yours.

Perry and Atlas


“Gracie” Guardian Xarah Von Gottschalk


Hi Alice,
One year ago today Miguel delivered Guardian Xarah Von Gottschalk, aka Gracie, to us. She is an absolute joy! We are so grateful to have her with us. She is smart, affectionate, and social. Our lives have been so blessed by her. We just wanted to thank you for her and for the quality of breeding program you maintain, despite incredible challenges. We wish you a blessed Christmas and new year. Thanks again for our Gracie.
img_1920 img_1912
Hi Alice,Today is Gracie’s 2nd birthday and we are celebrating this most precious gift. She is an absolute delight and we could not possibly love her more than we do. We are so grateful that you entrusted this precious dog to us. As you described her when she was less than 8 weeks old, she is very relational and affectionate – she would rather be with us (and her brother Walter) than anywhere else. Our 8 year old granddaughter spent part of the summer with us, and she and Gracie were inseparable. I just wanted to share a few pics of Gracie so you can see how beautiful she is – the big guy with her is WalterJWe loved the pics of DieselJBest, Jody

img_2195 img_1590 img_1474 img_0981
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