• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!


Guardian Yogi Von Gottschalk

Because he reminds me so much of a young Ecco with such a perfect blend of young Eva, I wanted to name him after his grandfather.  When I looked up the name meaning, I found, “someone who does exercises designed to promote control of the mind and body” but to be honest, other than of course Yogi From Royal Breed, the only thing I think of when I hear the name is a bear living in a park trying to steal picnic baskets 😉 

If you were to look up correct conformation on a 6 week old puppy in any Rottweiler book, there would be a photo of this puppy. He is absolutely incredible!  He stacks up like he was born knowing he is a star.  You could set a table on his topline.  He has so much bone and substance for such a young age and is still so compactly built.  Vibrant, rich mahogany markings reminiscent of his Marsio lines.  Head piece is everything I hoped for in this breeding and then some!  When you put Ecco, Eva, Marsio, Lea, Cochise, Arlos, Lacky and Rex all in the front of the same pedigree- you get a head that is both strong and typey, and still correct.  But what would this beautiful body and impressive head be without character?  Yogi is fantastic!  He is social and playful and so affectionate.  He was so funny in his photo shoot when we let him meet the kittens for the first time.  He wanted to kiss them (constantly) and wanted to look at them at the same time- so half of his photos of him kissing them are hilarious with his eyes wide trying to look down his nose and watch their reaction as he kisses them.  I swear it was like he was saying, “they are so cute, I can’t stop looking… but I also must kiss.”  OMGoodness!  I could squeeze and snuggle him all day!  Yogi will come with FULL REGISTRATION and has loads of potential in any venue.

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