• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!


Guardian Zavier Von Gottschalk
Guardian Rottweilers Z LITTER
Sire: Lex Vom Hause Edelstein
Dam: Goldy Vom Zecwald

The name Zavier means “bright, splendid; new house.”  I love both of these meanings and I think they are both this boy.  The splendid part is obvious.  This massive chunk is just the sweetest baby boy.  He is a big boy with and even bigger heart.  Zavier has very heavy bone and substance.  The ‘new house’ is my favorite part, because that is (or at least should be) the goal of every breeder.  You are taking 2 dogs/lines that you love, and deciding how to cross to bring out the very best in both.  What do you want to pull out more of, and what are you hoping to improve on.  I think Goldy was the absolute perfect mate for this breed with Lex that I have held onto for so long, and this pup right here is just one of 7 reasons why.  Goldy is the direct daughter of Rex, so has such strong genes for extreme head, bone and substance, and yet, her overall conformation is spot on, but not too extreme.  Lex is the opposite.  He makes Armani’s for a living.  He produces dogs that are extreme in every way- head, bone, size, substance, and of course character.  But Lex is not extreme, he is truly the epitome of phenomenal conformation.  I thought that by breeding these too lines together, I could get enough of the extreme to give my that pumpkin head and heavy bone that we all love, and yet, temper that with the outstanding conformation they both brought to the table.  Zavier’s overall body type and head type look very much like you bred Rex Timit Tor (Goldy’s sire) to Lex!  He has Rex’s very full, boxy head and that very full, short muzzle, and still strong Lex influence too.  He is already a very beautiful puppy, but he is going to be a GORGEOUS adult!  Zavier’s ears are correctly set and carried.  He has very dark eyes and good under eye fill.  Zavier has dark mouth pigment and a correct scissor bite.  He has overall great structure and angulation.  Zavier has a medium coat with rich mahogany markings that are well defined.  Tail is correctly set and carried.  
Zavier has good focus and drive, just like his siblings, and is so eager to please.  He is constantly looking up wondering what he can do for you.  He is a clever boy and always thinking.  Zavier is a beefcake and such a sweetheart.  He will come with FULL REGISTRATION.


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