• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Easter 2016

Easter 2016
Diesel is 14 and a half years old and still has to be everywhere his mamma is and is still, without a doubt, the most handsome man I have ever met.

Diesel_Easter2016_03 Diesel_Easter2016_04 Diesel_Easter2016_05 Diesel_Easter2016_06 Diesel_Easter2016_07 Diesel_Easter2016_08 Diesel_Easter2016_09 Diesel_Easter2016_10 Diesel_Easter2016_11 Diesel_Easter2016_12 Easter2016_Diesel_Ferret01
Diesel loves Jäger, his buddy, the ferret.
Easter2016_Diesel_Ferret02 Easter2016_Diesel_Ferret03 Easter2016_Diesel_Ferret04 Easter2016_Diesel_Ferret05 Easter2016_Diesel_Ferret06 Easter2016_Diesel_Ferret07 Easter2016_Diesel_Serenity
Serenity says, “CHEEEEEEESE!” while Diesel enjoys the fresh cut grass.
Easter2016_Diesel Easter2016_Eggs01
No worries, Diesel will make sure Jager does not wonder off too far.
Easter2016_Eggs02 Easter2016_Eggs03
Bet you will never guess who painted that egg… 😉
Easter2016_Eggs04 Easter2016_Eggs05 Easter2016_Eggs06 Easter2016_Eggs07 Easter2016_Eggs08 Easter2016_Eggs09 Easter2016_Eggs10 Easter2016_Eggs11 Easter2016_Eggs12 Easter2016_Eggs13 Easter2016_Eggs14 Easter2016_Eggs15 Easter2016_Eggs16
Painting is obviously exhausting for both Tahlia and Serenity 😉 

Easter Morning!!

When the neighbors dogs attacked our chickens last year, Ethan favorite little buddy was one of the casualties.  He was a little bantam chicken that we called him “Cowboy” because he had feathers on his legs and feet and looked like a little cowboy wearing chaps <3  I was SOOOOOO stoked to find another one that looked JUST LIKE little Cowboy did as a chick and make that Ethan’s Easter Surprise <3
We always have the kids Easter baskets ready for them to go through in the morning before they go out and find the eggs that the Easter bunny hid.  In addition to the loot in their baskets, we had an additional surprise for the boys!  We have a little Silkie Bantam Rooster that is just the absolute cutest little guy.  He tries to stand up and posture like a Rooster, but he is so silkie and soft and adorable that it is simply impossible to take him seriously as a tough guy LOL.  Because he is a Bantam, he is much smaller than the rest of our chickens, so the boys have been asking for MONTHS to get him some “friends.”  We found a farmer about 2 hours south of us that had some Silkie chicks!  The hardest part was keeping them a secret until Easter!
Easter2016_03 Easter2016_09 Easter2016_08 Easter2016_07 Easter2016_06 Easter2016_05 Easter2016_04 Easter2016_10 Easter2016_11
The kids were holding the Silkie chicks for a photo when one of them jumped/attempted to fly and landed on Anya’s (kitty) back!  I do not know what amused me more- Tahlia’s “There it goes” expression, Korbin’s “One of the chicks is on Anya!” or Anya’s “I am not a-mew-sed” lol
Easter2016_12 Easter2016_13 Easter2016_14 Easter2016_15 Easter2016_21 Easter2016_20 Easter2016_26 Easter2016_25 Easter2016_19 Easter2016_18 Easter2016_24 Easter2016_23 Easter2016_17 Easter2016_16 Easter2016_22
Trying out a new lens on the camera…
There are always prizes given once we count up the eggs, so rushing out to get the most can get competitive! lol
On your mark… get set…. GO!!!!!!
Impressed with the haul, Yoda is.

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