• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Links We Love

Here are the Links to some of our favorite sites which you might find useful.


www.rottweiler-dog-breed-store.com/  Some great training equipment for your Rottiweilers!

The Dog Whisperer.  (www.cesarsway.com)  We absolutely LOVE Cesar Millan and his approach to dog training.  He is very knowledgeable on dog psychology.  His show comes on The National Geographic Channel or you can go to his web page.  Want more to love about Cesar?  He got his start rehabilitating ROTTWEILERS that no one else could handle!

Leerburg Dog Training.  (www.leerburg.com)  If you are going to have any animal that will grow large enough to be potentially dangerous, proper training is ESSENTIAL.  This site has tons of useful tips from puppies, to adult dogs with problems.

Boarding or Play time:
Very pleased to announce The Watering Bowl in St. Louis, MO.  Ryan bought Ruger, a Diesel X Serenity pup from us and decided that he never wanted to be apart.  What better way to insure that his rottie and any other dog or puppy not only gets well socialized and exercised, but also has a ton of fun just being a dog!?!  If you live in St. Louis or will just be passing through, you have to stop by The Watering Bowl (www.thewateringbowl.com)!


Favorite Stuff for our Rotties:

For Dog Trainers.  Dog Harness , Dog Collar , Dog Leash , Dog Muzzle – Dog Harness , Dog Collar , Dog Leash , Dog Muzzle Trusted Direct Source – www.ForDogTrainers.com  They have lots of great products at good prices!

I love Kongs!  For a Diesel sized dog that can crunch through a cow leg bone as though it were a popsicle, it is the ONLY toy that I have found to survive my pack.  Ever wonder what to stuff inside it?  Here are some great recipes: (click here)

Haisley’s Photography.  (click here)  Not only a great photographer, but Patty and her husband Scott had the patience (and courage!) to photograph SEVEN of my rotties in one setting!



Breeders we trust: 

We know there are TONS of breeders out there, and we are asked DAILY to link exchange with many of them, however, I would never recommend a breeder, dog or bloodlines that I would not be willing to use, breed or work with myself.  This may be a much shorter list then you will find on many websites, but we have met and worked with each and every breeder on this list.

Italy is a country proven to produce quality in conformation, health and character with some of the highest breeding standards.

Von Der Herash -Italy
(www.herash.it)   Pasquale is one of Italy’s top breeders with some strong European bloodlines and beautiful dogs with those highly sought after typey heads.   It is indeed a privilege to have the opportunity to work with Pasquale and handle some of his great dogs.

Serbia is known world-wide as the country producing some of the stockiest Rottweilers with extreme bone and big blocky heads.

Se Ungo Rott
(www.seungo-rot.com)  Home of International Champion Marsio Ri Mobby Dick  I met Uros in Frankfurt, Germany, and he is an honorable man with some amazing dogs!  Some of the best bloodlines Europe has to offer.  Uros has been breeding for over 20 years and he is an FCI International Judge with Rottweiler Specialty.  I am so honored to be able to work with such a great breeder.

Von Grossen Tal
(www.vomgrossental.com)  Aleksander was one of our hosts for the 2009 KLUBSIEGER, and the breeder of some beautiful Rottweilers!  He has years of knowledge and experience and it shows in his dogs.  Thanks again Alex for everything!

The Netherlands have the same strict breeding requirements as their neighbors to the west, Germany- temperament testing, proven confirmation and all health exams are a must.

Vom Duvanhof
(www.vomdunvanhof.com)  We had the pleasure of meeting Harald and his family in Amsterdam and were just as impressed with them as their dogs.  He is a great breeder for all the right reasons and has great love for his dogs.




Von Ivan Hause
(www.vonivanhause.com)  Cristina Ivan is a breeder in Romania whose philosophy is to preserve the integrity of this wonderful working breed.


Korinthian castle
(www.korinthian-castle.gr) Douroudous George is a small, quality breeder in Greece.


Von Hausshun Rottweilers.  (www.vonhausshunRottweilers.com)  Randy is a dear, genuine breeder who loves and respects his dogs and this breed.  I have only let a very small handful of my Diesel babies go to breeders, and I am proud to say that Randy owns our beautiful Guardian Briana Von Gottschalk.  I cannot wait to follow her career in Canada!


Other useful links:

Bill Domiano’s Web Studio (http://www.domiano.net/vdp.php) A web magician!!  He designs KILLER websites, litter announcements, banners, etc.  Definitely could not have made my website move without him- well maybe… if I had about 2 years to get it done 😉

Not really dog related, but very important; especially to me.  As I mentioned before, both of my girls have a genetic bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or “Brittle Bones”.  (If  you have seen the movie “Unbreakable” with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson–it is the disease that Jackson’s character has.)  It is a little known disease and because of lack of education, it is often confused with child abuse.  Here is a link to the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation if you are interested in learning more.  www.oif.org.

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