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The dogs that a breeder chooses to use in their breeding program tells you a lot about the breeder and their breeding goals as these dogs will be used to create that kennel’s progeny- their Next Generation.  If the dogs are lacking in type or have pedigrees lacking in type, it is impossible to create substantial puppies with correct type.  The genetic input of the bitch CANNOT be overlooked either!  Too many breeders believe that thy can go with a cheap to medium quality female and as long as she is bred to a quality stud, they will be able to produce correct progeny.  This is simply not genetically possible.  Both the sire and the dam contribute equally, and in some aspects, that dam actually contributes more.  Pretty in picture is not the correct answer either.  Simply breeding 2 beautiful dogs will also not guarantee quality of pups.  How are the pedigrees?  Are the pedigrees strong in the attributes desired?  If the sire has a strong head but his siblings and parents are significantly lacking, he will NOT be genetically dominant in head type and he will NOT be able to reproduce himself with any consistency!!  The value of a STUD is not merely in his own attributes, but rather the ability of him to REPRODUCE HIMSELF OR BETTER.  How is the health of sire and dam?  Are they screened against genetic issues associated with the breed?  Are the other dogs in the pedigree screened?  What were the ratings?  Have the dogs been shown or have any working titles?  Experience in the ring and field are PARAMOUNT to deciding to incorporate a dog in a breeding program.  Titles are what PROVE the dog’s breedability.  It is easy for you to look at your dog with love and see a perfect being in front of you.  But when you go to a show, a professional, trained judge with breed specific knowledge gives an unbiased, independent, honest and often blunt evaluation of your dog from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail.  A dog that does not have the ability to obtain titles IS NOT OF CORRECT STANDARD and should not be bred!  A “beauty” titled in the show ring does not simply indicate that the dog is easy on the eyes.  Being CORRECT in structure means correct movement without indication of joint issues and with stamina to suggest correct cardiovascualr health.  Every aspect of the Rottweiler we attribute to breed type SERVES A PURPOSE.  The MASSIVE head with pronounced skull, full, powerful muzzle and deep stop are all contributing factors in the Rottweiler’s bite force (tested by National Geographic and judged to be the strongest of all domesticated dog breeds!).  Strong bone and well muscled substance with correct front and rear angles with good reach in drive are what give the Rottweiler power in movement and stamina to competently perform the required jobs.  Deep barrel chest provides space for necessary lung volume, etc.  Function follows form and without correct form, the dog will not have correct function

Working titles, Mental tests and Character Evaluations.  I have said it over and over again- the most beautiful Rottweiler without correct character is nothing more than a pretty black and brown dog.  The Rottweiler’s intellect, drive, workability, courage, his affectionate and inherently protective nature are the very definition of a Rottweiler.  He needs correct physical form to perform the tasks we require of him, HOWEVER, he needs the heart and soul of a Rottweiler to even desire to perform.

Ok, you have established that the dogs are of Merit with correct, strong pedigrees, now you need to know the compatibility of the breeding pairs.  The reason Guardian Rottweilers is willing to travel all over the world for stud EVEN THOUGH we have EXCEPTIONAL STUDS already here is because one male is not the correct choice for every female.  Each bloodlines will have it’s own faults and strengths and each bitch will need something different to bring out the absolute best she has to give in her progeny.  It is the job of the breeder to know what his/her females strengths and weaknesses are, what direction he wants to take with the breeding and then find the male that will best help him achieve that goal.  EQUAL weight to the weakness and strengths must be given!  If you are wanting to improve head type and you focus only on finding a male that will improve head type but disregard that your female has a poor topline and that the stud of choice also has a poor topline, you have now sacrificed structure for a strong head.

We are incredibly proud of our breeding program.  We have worked diligently, 100% devoted to this breed for over a decade.  I think our dogs speak for themselves and the quality and consistency of progeny we produce echos our dogs!

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