• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Guardian Qi’ra Von Gottschalk

Guardian Qi’ra Von Gottschalk
Sire: Doctor Timit-Tor
(Lucifer Timit Tor x Hera Timit Tor)

Dam: Guardian Illusive Von Gottschalk
(Dzomba Von Haus Drazic x Guardian Isis Von Gottschalk)
Owned, loved and trained by Ethan Velasquez!

Born: 04 May 2018 (Star Wars Day!)
Chip: 956000007758746
AKC: WS61832105
HD- Frei; ED- Frei (FCI)
Cardiac: Normal- RO-CA8302/13F/P-VPI
Dentition: Full- RO-DE1761/8F-VPI
Patella: Normal- RO-PA1071/13F/P-VPI

Here is little Qi’ra at 6 weeks old!

Qi’ra, for anyone who has not yet seen the latest Star Wars movie, is a total bad “a” played by Emilia Clarke who, if you are not GOT fans, is also Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons!  Our little Qi’ra is every bit as gorgeous and awesome as Khaleesi, and I cannot get enough of her!  She is the smaller of the 2 females, but very typey and reminds me so much of her mum at this age in character and demeanor.  Her head type is a great blend of both mom and dad and she has all the bone and substance one would expect given her pedigree.  Qi’ra will come with FULL REGISTRATION, but is NOT AVAILABLE as she will be staying right here!

This next paragraph is just name background, so feel free to skip it if it does not interest you.  I shared this with everyone on my waiting list, but thought it might be of interest to everyone else too.
Originally, I wanted to name this beauty Princess Leia, but I was out voted 😉  (although Tahlia will be cross with me if I do not include that she and I were on the same page and we were out voted 😉 )  I must admit, however, that knowing Qi’ra was played by Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, did indeed make it easier to let go of Leia!  The debate in naming these puppies was about as heated as it has ever been!  For anyone who does not know, when we are naming a puppy, we have a master list and throughout our travels and daily interactions, anytime someone hears a name they like, it goes on the list.  At about 6 weeks old, when we do the conformation and character evaluations, we name the pups- we want to get to know the individual puppies and especially their temperaments and characters before picking the name so we can be sure the name suits them.  We all sit down and make a short list of our favorite names for this litter/each pup and then the debates and voting ensues.  It can get very serious!  If someone feels passionately about a particular name and someone feels equally passionate about another name (sometimes, 3-4 names that are vehemently advocated), we vote.  You would think we were deciding the fate of the world sometimes!  I have seen more subdued voting on Survivor and less sore losers in the New England Patriots at the Super Bowl! lol  The name debate on this litter was even more deeply rooted than simply individual names as there were staunch supporters on both sides of whether to follow litter letter since this was THIRD GENERATION grandmother-mother-daughter that all happened to somehow fall on the I Litter (something we have not had happen in nearly 2 decades of breeding!) and of course equally amazing that this was our very first litter born on May the 4th (Star Wars Day for those of you who are not like my family and huge si-fi geeks– although if you REALLY want to get a debate going at my house, vote on Star Wars vs. Star Trek!!!!!!).  Of course, I wanted to go old school on all of the puppy names once we had finally decided they would be Star Wars names (took us 6 weeks of debating to decide that!), and of course my next generation (my kids) wanted to incorporate some of the newer entrants of the Star Wars Saga.  At the end of several days debating, not everyone was happy, but everyone got to have their choice for at least one pup.  One of them, thankfully, everyone agreed on-  Chewybacca!  (although now there is a debate on whether they are calling him Chewy, Chewie, or Bacca!  Tahlia, my die hard Star Wars buff says it HAS to be Chewy because that was Chewbacca’s nic-name by Han- Harrison Ford- on the original, Ethan is determined it is Chewie because the “ie” are cuter and he is just too cute already, and Korbin emphatically said, “you can call him what you like, but me and Bacca will be in our room listening to music so we won’t hear.”

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