• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

L Litter: Nando X Blondie

Guardian Rottweilers L LITTER
Sire: Nando Se Ungo-Rot
Dam: Blondie Ri Mobby Dick


Candidate for International Champion                 CH. Blondie Ri Mobby Dick
Ch. Nando Se Ungo-Rot                                            (Bumbar Vom Zica Rot X Sifra Oxana RiMobby Dick)
(Int.Ch. Marsio X Ch. Tosca Se Ungo-Rot)                     Born: 10 Apr 2008
JR 719665 Rw                                                                  JR 717709 Rw
Microchip: 688050000568220                               Microchip: 68050000223503
HD-FREI; ED-FREI                                                       HD-Good; ED- Frei
Multi V-Rated                                                                  IPO-I
Adult CH of Bulgaria                                                     Multi V-Rated
Bulkan Champion                                                          Adult Champion Serbia ’11
Grand Champion                                                            3 CAC; 2 RCAC
2x CACIB; 2x CAC


“Mia” Guardian Luna Von Gottschalk

Dear Alice,
    We love our little Mia (aka Luna).  She is sweet puppy.  The boys love her and she loves them.  It’s hard to believe that there is something that has more energy than three boys but she gives them a run for their money.  Mia loves our family and is very protective.  Our oldest was showing Scot the moves he was taught in wrestling and she was not at all happy that someone would be hurting one of her family.  I love to get her out of her kennel in the morning.  She is so happy to see all of us.  She won’t go outside until she has greeted all of us and we have pet her.  
    We are so grateful that she is part of our family.  If you are ever driving by stop by and see her.  I was talking to a lady at work and her friend has a Guardian Rottweiler.  This lady is not an animal lover but she loves Gunther and had nothing by wonderful things to say about your dogs.
    Thank you for the registration papers.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Scot, Jenn, Jake, Max, Chase and Mia

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