• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Q Litter: Diesel X Ena

Guardian Rottweilers Q LITTER
Dam: Ena Se Ungo-Rot


Vincent DIESEL Von Gottschalk        Can. for International Champion
AKA “Superman”                                     Ena Se Ungo-Rot
Sire: Fox Crni Lotos                                BH
Dam: Mandy v Hennekamp                 IPO – I   

AKC # WS02047704                               HD – A ( Frei ) ; ED – 1 ( +/- )
DNA # V442917                                        Adult Champion Bulgatia ’06

V Rated                                                        Adult Champion Macedonia ’07
CGC                                                               Adult Champion Serbia ’09 .
                                                                        Youth Winner
                                                                        2x R.C.A.C.I.B.
                                                                        8x C.A.C

“Diesel” Guardian Qobalt Von Gottschalk

Qobalt is absolutely AMAZING!!  Thank you!!!!!

I can understand you guys missing him…his temperament is very true to his billing!! Very calm and trusting…he has socialized well with our three girls! I have some great pictures to send you…

As for love, I think I’ve already spoiled him…but loving Rottweilers
is what we do best!

Also…thanks for sending Matt! He was great…you’re very lucky to have such a trusted friend and enthusiastic assistant!

traveling made him tired….the crate pic is from his first night home…

Deisel (Qobalt) is doing really well….as i said before, he’s an amazing animal….
well be sure to keep in touch…thanks again for everything!

…asleep with grilled tuna by his nose

Laura P





Guardian Qalos Von Gottschalk
Hi Alice, My sweet Qalos is settling right in. He is So sweet, following me everywhere. My other dogs seemed to think he’s just another brother.  Why did you switch from Life’s Abundance? Just curious.  
Thank you again! Qalos seems like a well adjusted puppy already!
Good Morning! Yes, the dog food explanation helps. I am new to looking (and caring) about the ingredients in dog food. I want Qalos to be as healthy as he can be. But when you read all the websites, it gets pretty confusing.
We had a great first night. He cried a little in his crate but then went right to sleep.
Woke up at 6 to go out.  Pretty smart pup!
I love his little baby Rottweiler ways already!
 A funny story:  Our driveway is packed white sand. I think Qalos thought it was snow because he started licking the sand, then was SO funny trying to get that grainy stuff off his tongue!  🙂

Hi Alice,
I wanted to ask your opinion. My little Qalos (well not so little anymore) hurt his right hind hock while jumping around. We went to the Vet today and they said he injured and possibly broke his growth plate. He is now on complete crate rest except to go potty. They also said he needs to eat half of his food to limit his growth. They said they did not want one leg to grow and the hurt one to not keep up. So basically I have to keep my very active puppy in his crate and not feed him much. Have you heard of this happening before? I trust our Vet, just wanting to make sure I am doing the very best thing for Qalos.
I am so sad for him. We had started our basic obedience class and the instructor told us that trainers wait a life time for a dog like Qalos. He is such a sweetheart!

Thanks! Debby

Thank you, Alice! Your family is SO beautiful! You are blessed!! I was wondering if you have a long waiting list for the new E liter girls? I would love for Qalos to have a sister. My husband might divorce me but I’m just asking right now.  Thank you for all your help this year. I can not believe this time last year I did not even have Qalos. He is such a joy to everyone who meets him!
                                          Merry Christmas! Debby

Guardian Qitara Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice, I haven’t sent any updates since we were lucky enough to get Qitara so I thought I would give you one!  
She is the most wonderful dog we have ever had.  She has already graduated from Puppy school and is almost finished with Intermediate training.  She starts Advanced training in September and then she can test to be a Canine Good Citizen!  
She is about 22.5 inches tall at the shoulders and weighs 65 lbs but she is thin so the doctor isn’t concerned that she is so big.  I can’t tell you what a wonderful addition to our family she has become, not to mention everyone at Petsmart
that loves her as well!  She is very good natured, people are often surprised that she is so friendly and gentle, she even loves our cats!  Here are some pictures of her.

Carol Walls



“Lucy” Guardian Qadira Von Gottschalk

Zach and I came to you in mid March to buy our new Rott, Lucy..from the Q litter.  I just want to send an update, pictures, and a thank you for her. Lucy is a joy in our lives and never leaves our side. She goes everywhere with us and has formed a loving, outgoing personality.  We live next to a day-care in Chicago now and just last week lucy was licking all the kids hands as they sang songs to her :).  She has went through basic training and is such a fast learner.  We are more than pleased with her attitude towards people, other dogs, and kids. In the mornings she loves to be laying right in between us and always making sure she gets all the love and attention.   
Here are some updated pictures (Sorry I had a hard time editing which ones to send… ( She loves to give hugs and kisses when she sees us and the picture of her and Zach in bed, that is how she is every morning…she loves him more than anything, haha)

I do have one question, Lucy just is about 7 1/2 months- she is about 60-65 pounds….is she about average size for this age? By the pictures, how much larger do you think she is going to get??
Thank you again!

Hi Alice,
Once again, I can not thank you enough for allowing us to add Lucy to our family…we love her dearly already! I just wanted to let you know that we have a Vet appointment on Monday morning at 10:30am and that I would get back to you about that apt. and setting up a time to bring her back for next week after we see the vet. Have a great weekend!






Guardian Quantum Von Gottschalk

Thanks for the great card and kind thoughts!

Axel a/k/a Quantum Diesel is doing very well, except that you didn’t tell me that I would need an extra few grand to replace all the stuff he’s destroyedJ  Seriously, he’s an awesome dog with a hilariously mischievous personality….at least I think so….my girlfriend not so much!

He gets to go on daily trail run with me, loves to swim (when it’s a bit warmer anyway), is great with other dogs and kids.  I’ve spoiled him a bit and still have much improvement for training, but he’s coming along nicely there too.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!


When he’s not rolling snowballs, he’s waiting patiently for his dad to come home. Bust me up! 

Hope all else is well with you, your family and business.


Hope this finds you well. Its been awhile since we’ve talked but I think about you often because of this wonderful dog you gave me. He’s quite the character and smart to boot, maybe too smart for his own good! And nothing but an absolute love machine! Great with kids and nuts about any kind of ball. Works hard plays hard!






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