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Guardian Briana Von Gottschalk

Briana came from one of my favorite Diesel litters and lives with our good friend Randy in Canada.
Guardian Briana Von Gottschalk

Dam: Hulda di Alaricus Rex
Born: 08 Oct. 2010
AKC# WS35750507 
CHIP# 956000002299057
Briana is a large, athletic female with a near perfect topline, deep chest and a strong but feminine head piece.  Briana has excellent rear angles and a very correct front.  She has a super short coat and rich, well-defined, mahogany markings.  Briana has incredible stamina and amazing athletic abilities for such a young age.  She loves ball, swimming and puzzles.  Briana can be a bit stubborn at times (as is typical in the most intelligent dogs who prefer to think for themselves rather than blindly follow) however, once her respect is gained, her loyalty is unyielding.  Briana is confident and playful- really just such an excellent temperament, just as I would expect from a Diesel litter!  Briana is very intelligent and so much fun to work with!  I have had so many wonderful puppies from my amazing DIESEL-dog, but choosing one to keep was more difficult that I imagined.  I found myself constantly comparing them to the greatest dog I have ever known and my most treasured friend.  He leaves some pretty big shoes to fill, and if I will keep his bloodline strong in my breeding program, they have to be worthy of those shoes.  It is easy to produce a beautiful dog if you know your bloodlines, honestly and critically evaluate the dogs in your breeding program, breed to compensate where they are lacking and emphasize their assets, but to produce a dog that carries even a fraction of the great Diesel’s character, for me, THAT was keeping my Diesel in my breeding program.  I am proud to say that my beautiful Briana is as close as they come.  Super smart, even if a bit bull headed, confident but not arrogant, balanced with an inherent ability of perception beyond what would be expected for a dog, especially at this young age, and an unbreakable spirit and infectious joyous spirit.  She has just the right mix of Diesel’s confident intelligence and Hulda’s heart-on-her- sleeve-love-you-all-day-long affectionate nature.  I am so eager to watch Baby Bri grow and develop and we have high expectations from this exceptional female.

Briana at 11 months- she is tall and strong and I cannot wait for her to fill out!!

Briana has medium stop definition with super dark mouth pigment and black (1a) eyes.  Her ears are set and carried correctly and her facial markings are just so beautiful.
My two beautiful girls.
Briana at her new home in Canada with our dear friend Randy Crossan:

Briana at 4 months old

This is sweet Briana at 5 weeks old:
Baby Bri’s Pedigree:
Pedigree of Guardian Briana von Gottschalk
I. parents II. grandparents III. great-grandparents IV. great-great-grandparents



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