• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

S Litter: Dunjo X Buffy

Guardian Rottweilers S LITTER
Sire: Dunjo von Shambala
Dam: Buffy von Tannenfeld


DUNJO Von Shambala
AKA “Ball Dog”
Sire: Like Vom Sittard
Ayka Von Shambala
Born:  23 Oct. 2004
ADRK Studbook #110433
Pink-Papered German Import
AKC # WS30316201
DNA # V570234
TATOO #110433
Chip# 956000002523287
Heart Cert.
MAG test FE
Multi-V Rated


Candidate for International Champion
Buffy Vom Tannenfeld
Sire: CH. Falko Junior Montagna II
Dam: Destimona German Blood Line
Born:  03 Aug 2008 

JR 717959 Rw
AKC # WS36636701
CHIP #  688050000110105
Heart Cert. # RO-CA5096/36F/P-VPI
DNA # V630403
Youth Macedoina Champion  2009
Adult Macedonia Champion  2009
Adult Serbian Champion  2010
2 x J.C.A.C.; 6 x C.A.C.; R.C.A.C.
2 x R.C.A.C.I.B.; C.A.C.I.B.
CH class Judge Mr. Miomir Marcic

Guardian Sampson Von Gottschalk

Sampson 🙂 and his brother and sister      Brotherly love!

How adorable is that!!?? I swear these two dogs kill me! 🙂 Hi, Alice! I hope all is well with you and your family with the tornadoes that came through Indiana this past week. Sigmund (Sampson) just got back from the vet for his next round of vaccinations. As we were walking out of the vet, a lady walked in with two adult rotties. She commented on how cute Sigmund was and asked where I got him from. I told her a breeder in Bargersville, Indiana (not thinking she’d know where that was or what breeder it was).. So she asked, “Oh really? What was the name of the breeder?” I told her Guardian Rottweilers, and she said “Oh, I love Alice!” I guess you are well known all over!! She asked his name and I’m assuming because his name started with an “S”, she knew the litter. She knew his dads name and everything! It was kind of crazy!! Just thought I’d share the story with you! Take care! Oh I almost forgot, Sigmund is 25lbs now! 🙂 He sends his puppy kisses 🙂 Kelly 🙂

How do i look?? -sigmund Hi! The tape is off! Yay! 🙂 sigmund It is very common for Rottweiler puppies ears to go wonky when they are teething. if left uncorrected, they can stay high or be carried incorrectly. It is impossible to correct the ears when thy are adults- it must be done when the puppies are growing and the cartilage is pliable. Ear taping is non-invasive and does not hurt the puppy, it simply trains the ear cartilage to lay the way you want it. For more information on ear taping, please see our webpage:


Sigmund with his big sister Kasey 🙂 and Getting some sun with big brother Magnus! They are almost the same size! Lol
Hi Alice! I just wanted to thank you for such a sweet doggie that we now have in our lives! Sigmund is my little buddy!!
He has such an awesome demeanor and gentle way about him! He isn’t intimidated at all by his older brother and sister, he is so confident with himself and his surroundings that he will jump into any situation without a second thought! My boy (Magnus) is a sweetie pie also and is my running pal, but I can tell already tell that Sigmund and I have a very strong bond and he will be even sweeter and Ill be even closer to than the other two! I was very pleased with the other breeders, not having anything to compare them to at the time.. But now I know that because you are the kind of person that you are, in that you are very knowledgable with the breed and you take the time to share your knowledge with so many, that your doggies are the way they are because of where they come into this world from and their positive surroundings, I think that’s so awesome!!  It really makes a difference!! So, thank you for bringing this very intelligent and so very amazing dog into our lives!! We will definitely come to you in the future for our next addition to our family!! I hope all is well with you and your family! I hope that you win your battle with your neighbors. I believe that everything happens for a reason in life, and for whatever reason, you are meant to go through and overcome this lesson. Maybe it is to teach your neighbors a lesson of their own that they are meant to learn. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope and wish for you to have the strength and knowledge to have just the right approach to get them to understand and be tolerant of your situation and this amazing breed and the amazing amount of “GOOD” that you have brought to the world and to this breed!!  Thank you for being you and for doing what you do so well!
Take care! Kelly
Sigmund looks so small here.. He is curled up so tightly so he can be by his brother Magnus! They are so cute together 🙂
sampson sigmond01
sampson sigmond02 

"Bear" Guardian Sakuru Von Gottschalk 

Sorry it has taken me so long to write you today. Bear has us completely in love with her! And, needless to say, she has completely taken over our time today. She has taken only one short nap in her crate. The rest of the time she’s been exploring her new home and playing. She had her first experience with a clicker today, which went very well. She decided the clicker was very cool when she discovered it meant a piece of HOTDOG!! She does hate her collar — I assume it’s new to her. 
Tahlia was such a trooper. We were braced for the water works, and were hoping we didn’t join in if they started. We feel for her and know it had to be hard to part with this particular puppy in light of what’s going on with Serenity. But she was very mature, telling us that she had taken Bear for a potty break in the bathroom, and that she was very very playful. She told us she picked out Bear’s pretty pink collar herself.

I’ve attached a pic that Melanie took of us at the airport. It’s not the greatest photo — a tad on the blurry side — but you get to see the moment. 🙂
Bear has decided that her two favorite new chew toys are her leash and her big dog bed. Gotta work on that!
When is she due for her next set of shots? Does she need another parvo vac or is she done with those?
Thanks for everything. 
Bear1 Sakuru_Bear2 Sakuru_bear3 Sakuru_Bear4

Hi Alice, 
Just wanted to touch base with you give you an update on Bear. It has been a couple years since our last update. Bear turned 4 yesterday and it has been a great 2 years. She is such a sweetheart and my baby girl or should I say my big girl. 🙂 She is a very spoiled, happy and loving dog. All of our friends and neighbors have been commenting about how beautiful she is but more importantly, her temperament, and thinking about rotties now, some of them are commenting on your babies as well.
I have attached some current pics of her for you. She is doing very well physically. She has only had 1 UTI since we last spoke and that was earlier this year and the meds worked perfectly. Her stomach still makes weird sounds every so often which is followed by diarrhea, but the 100% pumpkin works within 30 mins. Outside of having to feed it to her on a spoon while talking sweet to her, we have found the solution and everyone is happy. Especially her, seeing that she also answers to princess. I think it suits her perfectly. And we have added the panacur twice a year as you suggested. 
Yesterday, the neighbor brought their puppy over and we watched how gentle but excited Bear was to play. We are realizing that a playmate at home as opposed to relying on playdates at daycares are in our future. And we are finally in a position financially and emotionally to introduce another baby to our home. So if your offer still stands, we would like to take you up on it and start the process. 
Thanks again for all your support and we look forward to working with you again as we expand our family.
Audrey and Melanie
Raleigh NC



Guardian Sebastian Von Gottschalk
I love this dog!

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