• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

A Litter: Sango X Tosca

Guardian Rottweilers A LITTER
Sire:  Sango Se Ungo-Rot
Dam: Tosca Se Ungo-Rot

Candidate for International Champion
CH. Sango Se Ungo-Rot
JR 716387 RW
HD +/- ;  ED +/-
6 x YOUNG WINNER ; 4 x J.B.O.B.
6 x C.A.C. ; R.C.A.C.I.B. C.A.C.I.B. ; 3 x B.O.B.
Candidate for International Champion
JR 716772 Rw
Born : 23 . Septembar . 2007 .
chip no : 688050000263067
BH; HD – B ( +/- ) ; ED – 0 ( frei )
candidat for CH ADULT SCG
candidat for INT CH
C.A.C.I.B. ; 5 x C.A.C.

Guardian Angus Von Gottschalk
Hi Alice,

This is Connie, Daniel’s wife, we first wanted to make sure Miguel got home safely.  I’m sure he’s glad to be back with the family!

Also we wanted to think you for delivering Angus to us, he’s such a handsome and loving dog.  Dan wanted me to tell you he took him to the vet today and they said he was healthy and going to be a big boy!  They all loved his tail!  Do you need some kind of paperwork from the vet saying he had a physical?  If so let us know so we can send it to you!  Thank you again for Angus he is the best Christmas present we could receive.

Bless you and your family (rotties and all!),



Guardian Atlas Von Gottschalk
Hey Alice,

Things are going well, he was pretty active yesterday and we had a vet visit. The vet says everything is fine and that he is a BEAUTIFUL dog. He asked me if I had seen the mother and father because he wanted to know how large they were. I was sure to let him know that his Grandfather is an International Champion and that his mother and father are both candidates for it. He was impressed with his temperament and said that he was surprised that I had only had him less than a day with how he was responding to me and the situation. That made me feel pretty proud so I wanted to let you know.

My first question is about food. I went ahead and got Fromm Large Breed Puppy and have been feeding him that the past two days. Now the bag says for a Large 6 week to 11 week old puppy, feed them 1 1/4 cups to 1 1/2 cups per day. I was wanting to know if that was right, or if I should use the listing under Giant (1 1/3 to 2 cups). I’ve been feeding him 4 times a day, a little less than 1/3 a cup at a time. Atlas just scarfs down all his food in about 45 seconds to a minute currently, so I wanted to make sure that was enough food. I know it’s important for him to get all the nutrients he needs while he is growing so I just wanted to double check and see what you had been feeding your puppies when you were feeding Fromm.

Secondly, how much sleep a day are these guys supposed to be getting? Yesterday, like I said, he was pretty active, but we did have a two hour nap in the after noon, and about an hour later in the evening. Then he slept… or at least was quite almost all night (11-7:15) in his crate last night. Today he has slept much more, so I am just trying to get a feel of which day would be more accurate. I’d say he slept for about an hour in the morning, and about 2-3 hours this afternoon.

Other that that, everything has been going well!! He only had one accident yesterday, and so far today he is up to 3… but all of those have been my fault. Yesterday and two of the times today I was thinking “I should take him out..” and went to get the leash, and came back to him peeing!! Drat!!

Hope everything is going well with all of your other babies!!


Just wanted to let you know that Atlas is doing well. We have been working on some basic commands around the house, and going out and spending some time at various stores every day. I’ve had several people ask about where I got him because he is such a handsome boy. He is doing very well with house-training, and has started walking towards the door when he needs to go out. He’ll still have an occasional accident, but it’s usually me trying to squeeze something in before I know he needs to go out. Can’t fault him for that! 🙂

Thanks again!



Guardian Ajax Von Gottschalk
Hello Alice,
Ajax (or we call him AJ) is doing very good. We took him to the vet last Tuesday and they were very impressed with his temperament and response to us already. They checked him up one side and down the other and found no problems.

We had a couple questions for you. First, will we be getting his registration through the mail? Second, I’m guessing that you have your rotties insured. Is there a company that you use for pet insurance. I know our home owners covers any liability, but we were thinking about looking into more insurance. Third, we would like to be able to keep up with the Rottweiler breed. Is there any magazines or website that we will be able to keep up with shows and such. I am really interested in the international champions. As to when that is picked, who are other canidates or just how that works. Is there any place that we would be able to keep up with that?

Thank you,
Brandon, Andrea, and Avery

Hello Alice,  just wanting to send you an update on Ajax and say hi.  He is doing great and loves the kids.  I have attached a couple pics of him.  We have enjoyed seeing all your new puppies and dog facilities as you have posted pictures.  Only question we have right now is when do you switch off the Fromm Puppy gold and what should we switch to?  As he is almost a year old already.  Thanks from the Haselby Family 

Hello Alice, how is everything going down in south central Indaina.  Ajax is doing great.  We have learned the past couple of weeks that he loves his swimming pool and water.  I have attached a couple pics of him.  Take care.


Guardian Audrey Von Gottschalk
Hi Alice,
Wanted to update you on Audrey who we now call Daphne. As you can see in the photo she has made herself at home. Our Basset initially didn’t know what to make of this little girl but they now play together a good part if the day. Tired dogs are happy dogs. She tries to play with our cat, too but she would rather just watch the action than participate!
Daphne is doing fairly well with housebreaking. Her accidents are primarily our fault not her’s and usually occur when we are distracted by our 2 kids ( 2 and 4 years old). She is doing great walking on leash, has mastered sit, is great with a sit stay, is great with come, just learned leave it, and we are working on down now. Fast learner!! I’ve gotten many complements on her at work (if you recall I’m an emergency veterinarian). Everyone loves her tail. She’s up to a lean 15 pounds at 10 weeks. I’ll send another picture I just took of her yesterday after this message. Hope all is well with your family both human and canine. Happy holidays!

Guardian Adara Von Gottschalk
Hey Alice,
Well I just wanted to let you know Adara is so wonderful!  She is hiding out at my parents till Christmas morning.  Our kids have no idea and I know they will be completely shocked!  My mom has sent me the cutest pictures of her, one sleeping under the Christmas tree and one of her laying on their bed.  I didn’t want to leave her there last night because I just wanted to bring her home.  Bill and I keep saying we have waited this long we can wait two more days for this big surprise to give the kids.:)
We are keeping the name Adara because we love it so much and it really seems to fit her.  
I will let you know how Christmas morning goes!:)

Hi Alice,
Adara is absolutely amazing!  She is super smart and is catching on quickly to everything.  She has already gone to the door to go outside.  She does love to chew but is learning quickly to the word “no” and drops what she has, wagging her tail coming to us to give kisses.:)  She is the best puppy we have ever had.  
The kids were completely shocked on Christmas morning.  We had her in a little Santa suit.  They quickly bonded with her and she with them.  
Because of the holidays our vet has had some strange hours. We are setting up an appointment this week.  
I will have to send pics soon.
Thanks for a great puppy!

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