• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

R Litter: Marsio X Leda

Guardian Rottweilers R LITTER
Sire: Marsio Ri Mobby Dick
Dam: Leda Se Ungo-Rot


International Champion                        Leda Se Ungo-Rot
Marsio Ri Mobby Dick                            HD +/- ; ED +/-             
HD-FREI, ED+/-                                        Youth Champion Macedonia  
Youth Champion Serbia 06                  2x Youth Winner
Adult Champion Bulgaria 06               2x RCAC
Adult Champion Serbia 07
Adult Champion Macedoina 07
CACIB Athens Greece 08
V15x, Youth Winner 2x,
RCACIB 11x, CAC 3x,




“Hans” Guardian Ruger Von Gottschalk

He is the best! Thank you again for raising the bar on THE breed! If your offer still stands I’d like to pick up a bag or two of the food.

We should be good for a couple of weeks so no big rush.

Hi Alice,
Hope you had a wonderful Easter and Conference weekend… we had a great time with Hans.


He had his first exam with Dr. Jon Culbertson at Thorntown Veterinarian Clinic and everything is great! He weighs 9.4 pounds! The staff all loved him and his tail brought an opportunity to talk about the better standard in Europe.

Thank you again and we’ll be in touch.

Hi Alice,

Thought you might like to see Hans Ruger… He’s getting bigger and is a phenomenal boy!  Elli is patiently waiting for the day when he is big enough to ride.  Hans is learning patience.  We feed him about half, take the bowl away and place a piece of meat in the bowl and tell him to wait.  He’s getting pretty good at it!

Hi Alice,

Hope you guys are getting all settled now and the dogs are well.  Hans is doing great!  He was 56 pounds about 3 weeks ago and soon will be too big for our bathroom scale.  I’m the only one who can pick him up now and our scale only goes so high. ; )
Just thought I’d share one of his funny traits with you… it can be a little startling to people who come over to the house.  He loves attention… so to get your attention, he walks up to you, tail wagging fast, and torpedoes himself between your legs, with his head wrapped around the outside of one of your knees!  Basically in a blink of an eye, you’re straddling a Rottweiler!  It works okay for now, but for those of us with short legs it may be a problem later!
Also, he goes nuts when the laser pointer comes out… he’ll chase that red dot until
he’s good and frothy!  

Have fun!

(Of course after we were informed of joint issues on a pup in this litter, we immediately informed everyone one else in the litter as well as the sire and dam owners and sent everyone information on hip and elbow dysplasia, pano, FCP and HOD- the most common joint issues as well as suggestions on improving environmental contributing factors.)

Thank you for the heads up.  You may remember we have had to deal with this heart wrenching situation twice with our Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.  Our thoughts are with the families who have difficult decisions ahead. 

Hans is doing fantastic!  He did gain weight rather quickly but has shown no signs of discomfort or pain.  We watched his weight, and he has finally hit a plateau of around 112-115.  We have faithfully included glucosamine and chondroitine in his diet, whether as a supplement, in his favorite: duck jerkey, or in the kibble formula.   He prefers his “pill” on top of the pile of food!  But he also likes 13 year old Tucker’s Purina Dog Junk!  This is comical at times.  

Strenuous exercise has also been avoided.  We purchased the new puppy DVD from Leerburg after signing the contract with you.  He stated with clarity NOT TO INCLUDE STRENUOUS EXERCISE in a growing puppy’s daily routine, but to wait until they were grown because of possible injuries and joint damage.


Thank you again for your hard work and dedication to these magnificent members of our families.  With Tucker nearing the vail, talk of another 4-legged addition is more frequent.   Unfortunately, a drop-kick-yapper is popular with my wife and older kids.  They forget who has the checkbook.  We will probably be in touch!



We are so sorry for the loss of your amazing companion.  In my opinion, Diesel set the bar for what a Rottweiler should be… he was a phenomenon. 
Maybe these pictures of Hans (Ruger, Leda x Marsio) will cheer you up a little.  He is doing great!  With the cold winter, he feels it necessary to sleep in our bed… and to cuddle!
You may or may not have read the story about the prophet Joseph Smith when he stated after losing his favorite horse that our pets would come back at the time of the resurrection as well. Therefore, he asked that he be buried alongside his horse.  After reading this story, I told Flory and the kids that when I die, the ashes of Tucker (our black Lab, and Hans’ mentor) and Hans are to placed in my coffin.  I couldn’t imagine eternity without them… they are family!
Thank you again for the great work you do and remember that this separation is but a short time.  

Warm regards,




Guardian Ramses Von Gottschalk
First vet visit went good.  He weighed 10.2 lbs, which I’m not sure how that compares to other rotties or his other littermates but she said he was healthy.  Everyone was really impressed with how calm and sweet he was and of course they loved his markings. They did mention to me about 3 times how he still has a tail, to which I replied ina ”i know isn’t it great” type of attitude lol but that was just the ladies @ the desk.

I def think he has plenty of confidence, he met my buddies chow and german shepard who tower over him (for now) and he didn’t lower his head or tuck his tail or anything he just kinda stared at them, almost stacked up like and greeted them with sniffs. He also does the same thing when he hears noises or other dogs down the alley.  He def seems like he’s not gonna have any confidence or fear problems.

Thanks for the help

Its been a while since i’ve emailed you, ive just been so busy i hardly even get on the computer outside of work.  we took him to the vet for his final puppy shots.  he weighed 28 lbs and he was 3 months and 3 weeks @ at the time.  i feel like everyday i get up and look at him i can see that he was bigger than yesterday lol.

hes been on better behavior here lately.  we had about a 5 day stretch where he really didn’t mess with Ashes or nip at her or anything.  he just sat and laid around in the living room with us, it was pretty nice.  he reverted to his old way for a couple days after that but i think its mainly just puppy energy.  i prob need to get him out on more walks.  i usually get him out around 4 days a week but after work and everything sometimes i dont get him out which is my fault.  also he is excellent on a leash.  never really pulls or gets out in front of me.  if he ever does consistently get ahead of me its usually just because he wants to run so we’ll jog for a block or two.  i dont have any pics with the camera but i do have some on my phone.

well just wanted to give you an update.  ill try to keep them more regular than once every 2 months, lol



Just another update.  I know your busy with the move and everything, congratulations on that.  I’m sure the rotties will love all the room to roam around. When i first saw on the site you were moving i was like “Oh no!, where am i gonna get my next rottie from?” even tho it will prob be a couple years lol then i saw it was still in Indiana so it was a relief.

anyway. i did some running around with Ramses today.  I had to take a bunch of junk to the dump, so he rode there and sat in the truck and watch as i unloaded it.  i took him to PetSmart to get him a new collar because hes been needing one.  He walked around perfectly (like he always has on a leash) i let him look @ some hamsters that were in the case and he didnt know what to think lol.  He had the funniest look on his face i was almost laughing out loud in the store.
Also there was a handicap lady in the lane next to me while i was checking out, and someone with her was talking about Ramses saying “Look @ the cute dog” so i let him walk over to them and she was like “Oh he’s only a puppy”  And the person with the woman in the wheelchair stretch the womans hand down and ramses just licked her fingers and it made the lady laugh and she looked like she was having fun.  It made me feel good that my puppy could make that lady smile and be happy.  Can you say therapy dog? lol.  Anyway, any time he would start to wonder off i would just barely tug the leash and say sit and he would walk back to me and just sit there and look @ me.  Even the manager of PetSmart came out and was petting him and talking about how nice looking he was.  He said that he has a 6 year old rottie.

Then we went to the vet to weight him.  The scale said 38.8 lbs but im sure that wasnt right.  He was 28 @ 3mo 3 weeks and he feels way heavier than that.  Im thinking hes in the mid 40s somewhere at least.

Also, lastly, All i can say is he is the definition of confidence.  You said it when i told you he was already humping when he was 9 weeks old lol.  I was walking him the other day and these 2 big pitts came running from behind a house (they were in a yard) and ran up to the fence barking and growling and he just had his head stuck up and was kind of like leaning towards them like he wanted to go towards them.  He never barked back or growled or anything.  He just had this confident, calm look on his face.  he definately didnt seem scared of intimidated at all.  in fact i just kept walking and kinda tugging him to keep him moving and he kept looking back and trying to turn around, not to like run back but just to kind of check them out and see why they were acting that way, lol.

Anway wanted to give you an update.  I have some pics on nickie’s camera from a few weeks ago so he was prob 4 1/2 mo in the pics.

Good Luck with the move, and congrats again!

just emailing you with another update.  i got ramses signed up for “Family Dog” classes at the Muncie Obedience Training Club a few weeks ago. last week was the first week which was just orientation, with no pups.  its a kinda big class, with 6 other dogs, so the socialization should be good. i also found out that there is one other rottie, 3 gsd, a yorkie and a sheltie, lol.

i took him out to my grandpa’s property today to let him roam around and worked on some recall, also with this class they teach clicker training so ive been ‘loading the clicker’ lol. then we went to petsmart, he came home and passed out on the backporch for a few hours, lol.  my grandpa was so impressed with him, he’s always impressed him anyway bc of how handsome he is but when he got to see him outside and see him come with called almost everytime (except when he had a stick in his mouth, lol) he was asking me what he needed classes for, lol.

anyway, how is the move going? is the construction over yet?
hope everything is going well, ill put a couple pics from lately as well.

talk to you later,

How are you doing? Been a while since Ive given you an update. Hope all is going well and that you and your family have a merry Christmas.
Ramses is doing great. Hes such a smart, handsome pup… Well I guess dog now but he still seems like a pup to me lol.

I was wondering what your experience and advice is on neutering. Ive been thinking and researching for a few months and decided to schedule Rams to get it done for friday but I just wanted to get your opinion on it. Hes not aggressive or anything, its mainly just marking.  Were closing on a house in a week or so and I was hoping that with a new house hes never marked in, and getting neutered at the same time will help him stop marking.

Ive only read a few negatives but most of those are cancers that rotts can become susceptible to after being neutered. Which really scared me but after more research I found that those were only if they were neutered too early. Have you read anything related to that?

Just wanted to give you another update and get some advice. Thank you. Happy holidays!

Hi Alice,

Unfortunately, I have some sad news.
Ramses passed away Wednesday, 7/15/2020.
He had become more lethargic over the past several months, but we chalked it up to old age. Wednesday, I went home for my lunch break, like I often do, and he was just different. He only got up to follow me around 1 time (usually he follows me everywhere I go) and then he went and laid back down. He had been drooling alot as well and we didn’t know why. We had already called to get him an appt at one vet, but they couldn’t until monday, so we called the other vet we use and they could get him in friday morning.
An hour or so after getting back to work, my wife called me and said I needed to get home because something definitely wasn’t right with Rams. I rushed home and he couldn’t do much more than lift his head. We then saw that his gums were white. I called the vet back and we rushed him to their location. We had to carry him to the car. By time we got to the vet, he was very unresponsive. When the vet came out to the car and started talking, his ears perked a little bc he heard her voice, but other than that it was like he couldn’t do anything.
They rushed him inside (we had to wait outside bc covid). They called us and said he had a large mass of cancer in his stomach and they couldn’t really do anything for him and recommended euthanizing him. We asked if we could come in for that so we could be with him, they said yes and to give them a minute to sedate and prepare him, then about 10 seconds later the doctor came back to the phone and said he already passed. It kills me that I couldn’t be there for him in his last moments.
I’m not sure if that is info (about the cancer) you would want to pass on to the others from his litter, and out of curiosity, have any others from his litter passed?
I’m obviously heart broken, and can’t keep from crying just thinking about him or while typing this… but it’s just a testament to how great of a dog he was. He was great with our 7 year old son and 1 year old daughter, and he was my best friend. We got him the week before we got married, so he’s been with us from the beginning of our lives together, and it feels like a huge part of that life was just ripped away.
I know you know the pain, but I can’t explain how much I miss him already. Every 5 minutes I see something, or do something that reminds me of him. I shut the bathroom door out of habit bc he loved getting toilet paper out of the trash lol. When I took the trash cans down to the road last night, I was met with the silence of doing it by myself, rather than his jumping/barking at the trash cans as he attempted to save my life from the big plastic monsters I obviously didn’t realize were dangerous lol.
I’m thankful we had him for as long as we did, and I’m thankful to you for the great breeding and selection you do. Our house won’t be the same, obviously, and eventually when we’re ready I would like to have another Guardian rottweiler in the house. I always felt better when I had to take work trips knowing Ramses was there, and I loved the feeling of opening the door when I got home and he’s sitting there right on the other side waiting to see me.
I’m so saddened because he had such a drive, and was always mentally aware and… I just feel if it wasn’t for the cancer, he would have had another 2-3 years left no problem. I don’t know how we could have known about the cancer, but I feel like I failed him in looking out for things like that so I just want the others in his litter to know so they can be on the lookout. I don’t have facebook, so I’m not in contact with any of them.
Again, I’m forever thankful for you and the amazing pup you provided us with and as of now, I don’t see how another dog can ever come close to his loyalty, protection, hilarious personality and mannerism/faces he would make. There will never be another Ramses.
Ive attached a simple collage I made from the pics over the years.
Top left is him a few weeks after we got him in 2010, top right is 3 or 4 years ago, bottom right is probably 2 years ago as he’s waiting for my son to (hopefully) drop a chip, and bottom left is from probably a month or 2 ago, when we were going on a walk.
I’m sorry for the long email. If you don’t read it all, I understand, so the summary is:
1. Ramses passed away Wednesday and had cancer in his stomach, and I’d like the others in his litter to know so they can be on the lookout for it with Rams’ brothers and sisters.
2. I’m thankful for you and Guardian rottweilers for providing me with my best friend.
Thank you,



“Maddie” Guardian Reina Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice,

This is Jenny, owner (mom) to Maddie (Reina).  I have been meaning to get back to writing you but things have been so busy!  First off, I want to let you know what an amazing dog she is! She is the sweetest, most loyal dog.  Everywhere I go I always get compliments about how big and beautiful she is.  She just hit 100 lbs at her last vet check up.  Maddie and I are currently living in Nashville, TN while I finish up graduate school but continue to come home to Indiana to visit often.  She is the greatest watch dog, as I live by myself in Nashville but the biggest baby to anyone she knows 🙂  I have attached some pictures of her throughout the past year.


Hi Alice,I’m not sure you remember us but I have one of your puppies from a spring 2010 litter… Reina (now Maddie). I just wanted to send you some updated photos of her and let you know how awesome she is! I took her to an Oktoberfest festival this past weekend and got SO many compliments on her! I could not ask for a better companion than my Maddie.  She is the perfect combination of a best friend and protector. Thank you so much for safely breeding such amazing dogs. Hope all is well! 🙂
Raina01 Reina_Maddie02 Renia_Maddie03 Reina_Maddie04

Hi Alice,

This is Maddie’s (Reina) proud mom! I hope you are doing well. Maddie is doing fantastic. We have recently moved to the country and have a few acres- she is LOVING it! I have attached a new picture for you to see of her. She found a bug that flew inside and was very carefully watching it… Such a gentle giant! 🙂
I was wondering if you have any adults or youth available? We are looking forward to adding a new one to our family in the near future! I can’t imagine getting a new Rottweiler from anyone else. Please let me know if you have any available and any information on them.
Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you! Hugs from our sweet Maddie girl!



“Moses” Guardian Ranger Von Gottschalk
Hi Alice,
  Just wanted to let you know how well Ranger is doing.  After such a long flight/travel I was amazed at how great he did and is still doing.  Once we got in the car and let him out of his travel kennel he perked right up.  We have a crate for him and an exercise pen attached, I slept with him last night and he didn’t whine once, he’s been almost too good to be true. My sister’s german shepard was a bit down and depressed-like for a day or two and I expected the same from Ranger, but he has been very happy and playful, although he did want me to tell you and your family how much he missed you guys.  
   His temperment and personality are truly remarkable.  He is self assured, very gentle and very affectionate!  We are so excited about him.  I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but I think he really looks like his daddy.  His face really reminds me of Marsio, with such beautiful markings.
  As you can tell, we’re very satisfied and very thankful.  I’ll keep in touch and send you pics as he grows.  Take care and expect some repeat business from more folks “stuck in Lodi”.
    Brook and family

PS.  We’re gonna call him Guardian “Moses” Ranger Von Gottschalk, hope you like it.

He’s doing great Alice, he’s already learned to come, sit, lay down and give a “high 5”, treat training is working! Take care.

Guardian Raven Von Gottschalk
HI Alice,

I wanted to say thanks so much for Raven.  She is absolutely beautiful and wonderful and I’m so in love with her.  I also wanted to thank you for being the breeder that you are.  You are a person with great integrity and because of that I wouldn’t have gotten such a wonderful dog.

She has made herself right at home.  The cats are still a little iffy but they will eventually give in to her charm!  Tim nearly started to cry when he first saw her and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

The neighbors just love her and she is loving all of the attention.  And she did great on the car ride home.  She is such a trooper!

Thanks again you and Guardian Rottweilers are wonderful!!!

Always and God Bless,
Kimberly and Tim

Hi Alice,

Here a some more pics of Raven.

She had her first Vet visit yesterday and it went well.  She definitely did not like the bortadella vaccination (poor thing) but she has adjusted great.

I have her signed up for puppy classes which start next week and I’m very excited about that.  I met the trainer at the Vet clinic and she has 2 Rotties of her own!  So I know she is the perfect trainer for Raven and I can’t wait to get her started.  This is going to be a great and fun adventure for us. She walks great on her leash and is excited for all the new things she’s discovering.

Enjoy the pics and have a Blessed Day!


Hi Alice,

Hope all is well with you and congrats on the house sale and the upcoming move!!

Raven’s first day of puppy school was yesterday and she did so wonderfully.  She’s such a good girl and we really got to see her personality come through.  What a sweet soul she has.  There were five puppies (including Raven) in class and she had so much fun running around during the socialization part.  She was a little timid at first being more observant and following the crowd until she got to see each personality for herself.  Then she jumped right in to play.  She enjoyed playing with the more laid back puppies then the more aggressive ones.

We took her on her first camping trip.  We just bought a travel trailer and have it on a site in a private campground.  She loved it.  We didn’t have a crate big enough to travel with her to the camper so we let her sleep out overnight.  She did great!  But it was back to the crate when we got home.

Hope you have a great weekend!



  Hope all is well and your packing and moving is going smoothly.
  Yesterday I was contacted on Facebook by a guy who was asking me if my Raven was from the same litter as Riddick because his puppy Rottie is Riddick (now Arnold) and he was excited to find someone who has a puppy from the same litter.  We chatted back and forth about our newest additions and exchanged pics. Raven and Arnold (Riddick) look almost exactly alike.  It’s just amazing.  He doesn’t live to far from me so eventually I would love to get them together.  If we ever get that chance I will take a ton of pics and send them to you 🙂
  I’ve attached a recent pic of Raven.  I was whistling when I snapped the pic.  She was turning and cocking her head.  So darn cute!
Thank you,

She is so much fun.  I’m such a proud Mom and I want to show her off to everyone.  She has tons of personality and loads of character and just loves everyone she comes across.  She’s a comedienne.  She loves to make you laugh and loves to test those boundaries all with a glint of mischievous in her eyes.  I love it.

She’s getting so big so fast I can’t snap my camera fast enough.  The last time we were at the Vet’s office (about a week and half ago) she weighed 26#.  So she’s nearly doubled in size since we first brought her home.  WOW!  

I’ll keep sending those pics to you and I will give her your love!


Hi Alice,
Hope all is well and that your move was smoooooth!!
I just wanted to send you some new photos of Raven.  These are from the July 4th weekend.
Take care!

Dear Alice,

Today I took  Raven to Doggie Daycare and the owner was telling me how happy the staff was to have her back (after the blizzard and such she missed a few weeks).  He showed me the dry erase board that had her name on it with a row of smiley faces.

I’m so proud to be her human Mom.  I’m so proud that she is such a wonderful, sweet, kind, gentle, funny, well-rounded fur-person J.

It is all thanks to you.  You gave her such a great head start at life.  Your love and devotion to this breed has made her who she is today and will continue being throughout her life.  That kindness and sweetness comes from you giving her the greatest chance at success.  And although I’ve carried on what you started you gave her the foundation.  If it weren’t for the integrity in which you breed and the love in which you do it I would not have such a wonderful dog.  I look at her everyday and my heart swells with such love for her.  Tim and I always tell her that Marsio and Leda made a beautiful baby (as she tilts her head back and forth trying to figure out what we’re saying).  But, some of that credit must go to you also. 

She is 1 year old now and my love for her knows no bounds.  Tim and I wanted to thank you for giving us the chance to love her.    I would say that you have no idea what she means to us….but I won’t because I know you do!
Take care…
Kim, Tim and Raven
P.s.  Rottieopolis is looking awesome!

Guardian Ryobe Von Gottschalk

Well this letter is long over do! Sorry I had to send 3 emails I just have an iPhone so that’s the only way I know to send photos of Tebow (Ryobe ) is doing great he went to the vet yesterday and weighs a hefty 97 lbs!! He Is just perfect! I’m mailing of his registration papers tomorrow I just found them! We have moved 2 times this year ( my husband is a coach) and on top of that my one year old ( in picture) started having seizures so we have been busy with life! I just wanted to say thanks we love our Tebow and aside from an ear infection he has been in perfect health! He is great with everyone especially me and the kids ( aside from knocking them over with his tail) lol. Tebow and I are starting private obedience lessons next week so that’s exciting! Also he loves to run when I want to give up and slow down he won’t let me ; )

Well thanks again! I’ll try to keep in touch more feel free to use pictures I’ll try to send better ones later. Hope y’all had a merry Christmas and have a great New Year! Jamie 



“Arnold” Guardian Riddick Von Gottschalk

We put so much thought and research into our breeding program.  We study bloodlines and pedigrees, do genetic testing, and try to ascertain the best breeding pairs based on past progeny as well as current conformation, character and health.  However, despite taking every precaution, breeding is still working with live animals, and the infinite genetic possibilities associated with that as well as all environmental contributing possibilities.   Sweet Arnold suffered from FCP and consequently had to have elbow surgery.  Any breeder that tells you that they have never produced an imperfect dog is manufacturing plastic replicas.  Rather than hide from and/or pretend that we have never produced a pup with any genetic deficiencies or even environmental injuries, etc., we instead choose to learn from them.  We inform owners of siblings, if the dam or stud was not owned by us, we inform their breeders as well.  We not only make every effort to keep good communication with our puppy parents, we actually insist on it in our contract.  The input and follow up from our Guardian Rottweiler family as their little Guardians grow is invaluable.  Our breeding goal has been, since day one, to improve this breed with each and every litter and to make each generation better than the one before it.  By careful planning in our breeding and thorough follow up in all aspects of our breeding program, we are able to constantly evolve and hope to one day work towards breeding down the genetic issues that plague the Rottweiler breed.  Although we are most certainly aware that there are some aspects of the genetic component of certain breed associated disorders (i.e., because of the very nature of their extreme growth- reaching over 100x its birth weight in less than 12 months!!) that we will not be able to change, we still hope that by continuing to breed only the best of the best we can at a minimum, strengthen the bloodlines enough to have better control over the genetic contributing factors of many large breed disorders.  I want to once again thank Ryan for helping us by keeping such open communication and informing us immediately about Arnold as well as keeping us updated on his progress.  We stand behind Arnold and every GR puppy and Ryan and his family are welcome to another puppy at any time they decide AND of course we would never dream of taking away a member of their family, so we do NOT require them to return Arnold just to receive the puppy we owe them.  The breeders that do require a return of the first puppy in order to receive a replacement do not have any need or desire for your puppy-(why would a breeder want a pup with a bad bite or hip dysplasia?), they simply know how attached anyone would become and are heartless enough to prey on that attachment as a shady way to get out of having to replace the puppy.  I think that is cold, cruel and dishonest.  We will happily take any of our babies back at anytime for any reason, HOWEVER, we would never require that.  I know if anyone ever told me that I had to return Diesel- GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!  You would have to pry that dog from my cold dead hands!  And I expect every member of our GR family to feel the same way.  We continue to keep Arnold and his family in our prayers and hope for a speedy recovery.  We are honored to have such wonderful puppy parents as members of the Guardian Rottweiler family that go above and beyond for their Guardian Rottweilers.

Hi Alice!
How are you?  I hope all is well in Rottiopolis.  I just have a few questions for you about Arnold.  I’ve been saving up questions and finally decided it’s time to email you with them 🙂

1)  He’s now 13 months old.  I’ve been very careful about him not getting too much exercise, carrying weight, etc.  I was wondering if he’s now old enough to jog with me in the morning before work.  He definitely has plenty of energy and would love to do it, but I’ve been so concerned that he would develop hip displasia from too much exercise too early that I’ve been holding back.  I’m no marathon runner – I only run about 2 miles when I wake up.  Do you think 13 months is old enough to do this with me on a daily basis?  I’ve taken him with a few times before and he runs right next to me like it’s his job 🙂

2) I signed Arnold up for a weight pulling class at his obedience club.  We’ve been doing weight pulls, but only pulling the cart without weight so that he can get used to the harness and understand the job.  He absolutely loves it.   Every other dog in the club seems to be afraid of the cart being pulled behind them but Arnold is in the working zone and just pulls.  Do you think it is safe to start adding weight?  Either way, I would make it a slow process, but I just wanted to see your thoughts on this.

3) Last question, promise..  Arnold is still intact and we’ve noticed no change in his behavior at this point.  Is there a certain age that we should notice him being more dominant towards other intact males?  I’m careful about who he is around, but so far we’ve had no problems at all.  He does try to hump other dogs, but me telling him to “leave it” or a little poke in the side does the trick.

My wife and I talk all the time about how we’re so glad we decided to purchase a Rottweiler through you.  She wasn’t on board at first because of the price of the dogs, but now can see that it was completely worth it.  I think Guardian Rottweilers will be the only dogs we’ll ever have!

Please let me know if you can give me any answers to the above questions.
-Ryan, Sarah, and Arnold Rubel 

Hi Alice,

As an update, Arnold is out of surgery and back home with us.  The surgery went really well and they took 2 little bone fragments out of his joints.  They actually gave us the bone pieces for some reason haha.  Arnold is already walking without a limp, but I’m sure that is at least partly due to being on medication.  He wants to chase squirrels and wrestle with me still, but we’re really careful about keeping him still so he can recover.  We’re just glad to have our little guy back. 

Do you ever have plans to breed Buffy with Marsio?  Would they be a good match?  Just wondering!

Also, Arnold is not dog aggressive, but with him being intact you mentioned it could be a bad idea to get another male.  Would that be a different story if one or both males were neutered?  Lastly, is it true that a female dog will bond better with male humans, and male dogs with female humans?  Arnold seems to have a very strong bond with my wife.  Him and I still have a close bond, but he would always rather be petted by my wife, and goes to her first to greet.  I think this is partly due to the fact that I’m more the rule enforcer in the house (which we’re working on with Sarah) but let me know what you think.



Hi Alice,

I hope all is going well with you!  Arnold is doing really well after the elbow surgeries!  Before his surgery he would limp every day very badly, but almost immediately after his surgery (within 1 day) he was walking smoothly again.  They said he has some signs of arthritis but that he should be good to go now.  We have him swimming a LOT and he’s loving it.  Now he plays Frisbee in our backyard, runs around at the dog park, etc.. without limping!  If he pushes it too hard he has a very subtle limp, but the vets said to expect some of that with the arthritis.  Overall he’s doing great and is the best dog ever.  My wife and I can’t believe how much we love him.  His loving personality and character really made us Rottweiler owners for life. 

We’re getting to the point of considering getting him a sister or brother.  He’s intact, but not dominant and gets along great with other dogs.  Even so, would you recommend we went with a female puppy rather than a male?  I’ve read differing opinions.  I’d REALLY like another male, but if it’s likely going to be an issue I’d be fine with a female.  What do you think?

Also, do you have any upcoming litters that you’d recommend?  Ideally I’d like a pup from parents that have a long history of not having hip or elbow issues.  I know you check all of your adults that you breed, but since we had the issues w/ both of Arnold’s elbows we want to be extra careful with our next pup.  Please let me know what you think, and if you can give some suggestions of upcoming litters that would be a good fit.

Also, I noticed Marsio hasn’t been producing on your website in a while – are you still breeding with him?

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