• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

N Litter: Kaos x Zarabi

Guardian Rottweiler’s N LITTER
Sire: “Kaos” Jergan Joep Von Den Hatzrüden
Dam: Guardian Zarabi Von Gottschalk
What an exciting breeding!  Candidate for International Champion Guardian Zarabi Von Gottschalk is the daughter of Champion Whisky Se Ungo-Rot and granddaughter of ADRK German Top Producing stud International Champion Henry von den Hassberghöhen- DT.VDH (ADRK) Champion ZTP 28.05.06 in Röthenbachtal (Hellmann) SchH/VPG III AD BH IPO III.  Henry is the direct son of DT.VDH Champion Akino von der Lauterbrücke KÖRUNG EZA am 09.11.03 in Düsseldorf (Wulff/Walter), KÖRUNG 15.09.01 in Lehrte (Fleige/Apel), ZUCHTTAUGLICHKEITSPRÜFUNG 24.10.99 in Metzingen (Spindler), SchH/VPG III AD BH IPO III.  Akino is the son of Ö-BJS’95 Mambo von der Teufelsbrücke KÖRUNG EZA 18.09.99 in Borken-B. (Spindler/Wulff), beide S3 unten fehlen (Zahnwurzel rechts sichtbar), KÖRUNG 14.09.97 in Metzingen (Apel/Radtke), ZTP 14.04.96 in Metzingen (Spindler), SchH/VPG III AD BH IPO III.  Just in case the titles did not speak for themselves, these are some of Germany’s most impressive working males and an old, highly sought after German bloodline that has been proven time again.  Zarabi’s sire needs no introduction.  International Champion Marsio Ri Mobby Dick  CH YOUNG SCG06, CH ADULT BULGARIA 06, CH ADULT SERBIA 07, CH ADULT MACEDONIJA 07, CACIB Athens GREECE 08, V15x, YOUTH WINNER 2x, CACIB 6x, RCACIB 11x, CAC 3x,BOB, BOG, RBOG, R.YOUNG BOG, BIS III PLACE.  Marsio has over 200 show wins and was still competing in ADRK KLUBSIEGER when he was 11 years old.  “KING” Marsio has produced countless Champions, International Champions, Grand Champions and very well titled working dogs.  He has progeny on nearly every continent and in nearly every country and is world famous for the consistency he produces, the balanced characters and extreme bone and substance.  
Whisky has produced some of our best Rottweilers and her daughter, Zarabi, has gone on to create her own legacy- producing males that are exceptional in every way and females (like Guardian Kashi Von Gottschalk) that rival just about any male.

“Kaos” Jergan Joep Von Den Hatzrüden!!  Kaos is our newest German Import and we are thrilled beyond measure to have him!  He has one of the most impressive pedigrees I have ever seen- in every single measurable way!  His pedigree is full of large, powerfully build German Athletes!  Nearly every single Rottweiler in his pedigree has hard won working titles, most of the highest degree attainable.  In addition to gorgeous, strong, confident, intelligent and biddable dogs, they are some of the healthiest specimens this breed has to offer.  This strong German breeding between Kaos and Zarabi is sure to produce powerfully built Rottweilers with unparalleled character and conformation with a heavy emphasis on health.  You will not find a pedigree or breeding of this caliber anywhere in the world, and Guardian Rottweilers could not be more proud and honored.



Jergan Joep Von Den Hatzrüden
Sire: Erasmo Cortez Von Den Hatzrüden
Dam:  New Girl on Top of the Fancy Rott
Born: 14 Mar 2014
Chip# 528140000563187
N.H.S.B.# 2958221
HD-Frei; ED-Frei
Imported from Germany
Adult Champion Bulgaria
Adult Champion Montenegro
Balkan Champion
Grand Champion




Guardian Norbert Von Gottschalk

I am sorry it has been so long and I haven’t updated you on how Moose is doing!
Moose is the best dog in the entire world. He is incredibly smart. Within two weeks of having him I taught him how to sit, stay, lay down, come, and paw. He now is almost completely potty trained. Usually his accidents are my fault because I got caught up in something and forget to take him out. But otherwise he pretty much goes on command. I adopted two rabbits, Bonnie and Clyde, and Moose loves them. They even cuddle together! A couple weeks ago I was watching another puppy that was the same age as Moose. I don’t want to say ill of pitbulls because they are very sweet, but the intelligence level between the two was obvious. I think it’s funny how people online don’t recommend Rottweilers as first-time pet owners… I find that having a smarter dog has made EVERYTHING easier. 
Moose gets along with everyone. He loves people, loves other dogs, loves bunnies…. just not lizards. He tries to catch and eat them. They are everywhere here in Texas so it’s kinda hard to ignore them. Even I have fun catching them! He is very healthy and is all up to date on vaccines and heartworm meds. He is currently losing his baby teeth and his legs are growing so he looks like he is walking on stilts lol.
I went online for the Microchip registration…. but it seemed too easy. I thought I would see how the microchip number is linked to you and I would have to change the name from Nacho to Norbert but all I did was enter in the number and my contact information. Am I missing something?
And finally, I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful dog. He is my best buddy here and besides keeping me company himself, he is making me a lot of friends in this new city. Enjoy the attached pictures!
Norbert1 Norbert2
Norbert3 Norbert4
Here is my precious boy! Love my Moosie Goosie to death!

Guardian Nature Von Gottschalk
Hey Alice. I just wanted to check in about my puppy Nature. I called a few days after to let you know the vet heard a heart murmur. It wasn’t a bad one though. The last two times she was at the vet they said they didn’t hear it anymore! Two vets listened last time and didn’t hear anything. Just thought I’d let you know of the good news. Thanks for the awesome pup! I did have a question about her littermate. Do you ever have people meet their puppies? And would you be able to tell me if theres one close to me? I understand confidentiality but if you know other people would be good with it maybe it would be a cool thing to do. Let me know if that is a good idea or not. Thanks again!
Jack + Nature

(don’t usually put my responses here as these pages (GR Family) are for the puppy owners, but I get asked by puppy owners about finding siblings all the time, so I thought I would go ahead and disseminate the advice I usually give <3 )
AWESOME!!  Yeah, “innocent murmurs” are very common with any large breed dog (everything just grows so fast) and since my vet did not pick up on anything in any of her visits, I would have presumed it to be an intermittent/innocent/growth related murmur.  Very glad that it was <3  
Your puppy will keep her litter page for her entire life, and there you will be able to follow her littermates (and her <3 ) in as much as I keep it updated 😉 lol  You are correct, I cannot release specific information about any of her littermates’ owners to protect everyone’s privacy and trust in me to maintain that, however, I have had quite a few families find each other on my Facebook page!  You can go on there and post pics of Nature and say which litter she is from (Kaos x Zarabi) and anyone else who has a pup from that litter, if they are on my Guardian Rottweiler fb page can comment and then you guys can get each others info that way <3  
She is GORGEOUS, by the way <3  LOVE her how her head type is coming along <3  And such rich color! <3  Makes me even more excited for my newest Kaos babies! <3 <3 
Please give that beautiful baby my love <3
nature nature2

Guardian Nutella Von Gottschalk
She is settling in well! She is definitely an indoor kinda gal lol but we have been encouraging outdoor play along with potty training. The kids are really warming up to her and enjoy helping to train her (except our 5yr old hates walking her lol)


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