• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

“Kaos” Jergan Joep Von Den Hatzrüden

*This Rottweiler is not currently owned by GR, but we may have worked with his/her owner, handler or breeder, imported him/her, incorporated him/her in our breeding program, trained or handled him/her or simply respect their contribution to a breed we love.*


Jergan Joep Von Den Hatzrüden

Sire: Erasmo Cortez Von Den Hatzrüden
Dam:  New Girl on Top of the Fancy Rott
Born: 14 Mar 2014
Chip# 528140000563187
N.H.S.B.# 2958221
HD-Frei; ED-Frei
Imported from Germany
Adult Champion Bulgaria
Adult Champion Montenegro
BALKAN Champion
GRAND Champion

Phenomenal young male from very strong German working bloodlines!  Some of the best of the best ADRK German working dogs in his pedigree.  He is a large, strong, powerfully built male.  He is very intelligent and capable, loves to work and already has a great working foundation.  Excellent on and off leash obedience and started protection work.  He is confident and loyal and very capable.  He has rich, mahogany markings that are clean and very well defined.  He has very dark eyes and mouth pigment and a strong head, especially at such a young age.  He has a large, well muscled frame with excellent bone and substance.
What an exceptional pedigree!!  Strong German working pedigree with excellent health, character, structure and mental suitability bred to strict German standards.
There are 30 dogs in the first 4 generations of his pedigree.  They are all exceptional dogs with some pretty impressive titles:
•  30 IPO, VPG and Schutzhund titles with 22 of them at the HIGHEST POSSIBLE LEVEL TO ACHIEVE- VPG 3, IPO 3, SchH 3!  Schutzhund is a very advanced working/protection training that requires not only a dog of solid nerve and high courage, but also an intelligent, biddable dog capable of listening to his training even when every instinct bids him do something else.  There are 3 sections of an IPO/SchH/VPG trial- obedience, tracking and protection.  Please follow the provided link to learn more about Schutzhund.  There are 3 levels- I(1), II(2), and III(3).  It takes an incredible dog and a great discipline in training from both handler and dog to complete Schutzhund 1, and each level increases in discipline, training, courage and ability.   
•  23 of the 30 also have a BH- Begleithund (traffic dog).  The BH is a mental/socialization test usually done in Europe and a required prerequisite for Schutzhund (working) titles.  The BH includes on and off leash obedience as well as a temperament test.
•  11 have an AD- Ausdaur Prufung.  The AD is an endurance test.  In order for a dog to earn this title they must run 20K (about 12.5 miles) in two hours without excessive fatigue.  This title is earned in Germany or in German style shows.
and if that was not impressive enough, there are also
•  VZH- Verkeerszekere Hond – Rottweiler Werkgroep Flevoland This is a mental suitability test really requires correct character from the dog.  Per the grading guidelines, the dog must be “cheerful and eager”  Here you can see an English translation of the exam.  Part of this long, arduous test includes:  meeting of persons, conduct towards a cyclist, conduct towards cars, conduct towards joggers or inline skater, behaviour with other dogs, conduct a left alone in traffic and behavior towards animals while left along (this of course is a very difficult part of the exam as it is one thing to elicit control of a dog when the owner/hander is immediately available.  But like a child left alone, here the dog must rely strictly on his character and training as there will be no guidance or control from owner or handler).
•  GHP- GebruikshondenprogrammaAlso a working dog title, similar to the IPO.  Here is a great video with some highlights from the GHP exam. https://vimeo.com/38569472  You can see a dog tracking, vigilantly, for however long it takes, and then patiently sitting once he finds what he was looking for (passive signs of a “find” (like sitting or lying down) are taught because if the dog is trained for explosive detection and gets excited about his find, that could of course be very bad news!)  You can also see some of the retrieve work.  What I love the most about this is that this trial was held near some sort of running trail and you can see people running by intermittently and the dog’s focus never waivers from his owner/handler! 
•  MAG (Dutch Mental Suitability Test)  The Dutch MAG test is hailed as one of the most difficult mental tests currently offered.  A dog that passes this test is in very high demand.  (My Dunjo also passed this test! <3 )  It is important to note that a CORRECT German working dog is not a “hulk” with mindless anger and power, but a very refined soldier that strictly follows orders, is high in courage, yet biddable and correctable/trainable; a dog that has drive and a great desire to work, but is equally capable of “turning it off” and being a loving, affectionate companion; and a dog that is of very high intelligence, capable of relying on both his training and his own mental capabilities.  He is, in the very least, an above average dog, and even if never used to his full working capacity, he has the mental clarity, intelligence and nerve to become an invaluable family/pack member.
•  FH- Fahrtenhund.  The FH is an advanced tracking degree that is given in Germany or German style shows.  Advanced tracking degrees show a dog’s stamina, focus and drive/desire to work.  They must be relentless without boring or tiring until the object they are tracking is located.  There are so many vital applications for tracking- Search and Rescue, explosive detection, police and military, and even in the medical community- detecting everything from diabetes to cancer.
•  TT- Temperament Test

His pedigree is not one with a small handful of impressive dogs sprinkled about here and there.  Every single generation was carefully thought-out with the greatest attention to detail, in true German style engineering.  The further back in the pedigree you go, the more impressive it gets with countless show, working and temperament titles.  The focus in breeding has not just been on excellent conformation and great working temperament, the health has been a top priority as well.
From the 30 dogs in the first 4 generations of his pedigree,
29 of them are HD-FREI/A (Excellent hips)
and all but 3 on mom’s side and 2 on dad’s side are also ED- FREI (Excellent)

In stark contrast, the most popular stud in Europe currently is a beautiful Russian male.  He is large and impressive, and it is easy to see why he is so popular.
However, from the 30 dogs in the first 4 generations of his pedigree:

Only 10 out of 30 are Frei (Excellent) in hips
and only 12 out of the 30 dogs are elbow Frei (Excellent)

This is a typical overview and not meant to degrade the reputation of this beautiful male, only used as an example of how exceptional Jergan Joep Von Den Hatzrüden’s pedigree is.  Please also understand that, compared to a typical “American bloodline” Rottweiler, this Russian male FAR EXCEEDS our “normal”.  Quite often, because of the complete lack of quality control here in the USA, generations and generations of dogs do not get any health screenings at all and many, many times, dogs that are so dysplastic they have required surgery are still bred as one ‘breeder’ put it, “to recoup the cost of the surgery”.  Anything “fair” or above is considered breedable per AKC standards, although, as previously mentioned, because no health certs are required before dogs are bred and pups are registered, the entire moral weight lies solely on the shoulders of the breeders.  Those that are in it out of love of greed rather than love of the breed, well, of course little things like health and standards are not going to get in the way of producing puppies that can be sold for profit.  The lack of quality control is exactly why this breed has such a high rate of hip and elbow dysplasia and such overall poor health, conformation and character here in the USA.

In the case of Jergan Joep Von Den Hatzrüden, to have nearly 100% of his pedigree to have perfect hips and elbows lets you know that you are not getting an “accidentally excellent” dog that has little to no chance of reproducing himself, but rather a dog that has been so perfectly engineered that he does not a genetic choice but to produce himself or better in his progeny.

Joep_01  Joep_03 Joep_04


Pedigree of Jergan Joep Von Den Hatzrüden
A pedigree of this caliber is unfortunately not so common even in Germany/Europe.  A vast majority of breeders/trainers/handlers focus on one aspect of the breed often at the expense of the others.  Many of your top working dogs would rate poorly in a conformation show- lacking bone, substance, head type and often possessing beauty/conformation faults- lacking in zygomatic arch, pink gums, ear set or carriage, topline, tail placement, etc.  Aspects that have no bearing on the working ability of the Rottweiler and are disregarded as the main focus is on the mental capabilities, drive, focus, intelligence and courage.
Conversely, a vast majority of your most titled show dogs could not pass an advanced working title if their very lives depended on it.  The entire focus of the breeding program has been on beauty- producing a dog with extreme bone and substance, massive (often incorrect) head, and a gentle, docile dog often with insufficient drive for working.  Some of the dogs are so bulky that they are literally incapable of the stamina required for working- like a mastiff.  And some of the heads are so “extreme” that they are brachiocephalic, like a boxer or pug, and not capable of obtaining a full mouth grip on a sleeve along with having breathing problems with either heat or exertion, like a bull dog.
Unfortunately, the same applies to health.  Often the “minimum health standard” is accepted if the dog “has a great head piece” or “extreme bone” or “exceptional working drive.”  Dogs that are mildly dysplastic, known to produce serious health issues like heart murmurs, are bred and bred as the health is a secondary concern to their breeding goal.  Some of the most popular studs consistently produce bad bites, SAS (sub-aortic stenosis- a heart defect), hip and elbow dysplasia, etc. and yet they are still used over and over again because they “have an extreme head type” or won a big dog show.
The breeders that see the bigger picture and breed for the “total Rottweiler” physically, mentally and with exceptional health are, pardon the pun, a rare breed.  I feel very privileged to have a dog of this quality and caliber in my breeding program! 


Erasmo Cortez Jergan Von Den Hatzrüden
N.H.S.B.# 2863565
HD: A ED: Free
17-05-2012 Joe Kat Show Arnhem Babyklasse P.W.J.M. van Montfoort (NL)
.                        1 Veel belovend, Beste Baby, 5de beste baby in show. 

27-05-2012 BRK Combi Event Babyklasse Fernando Lucas Martins (PT) 2 Veel belovend 
01-07-2012 32ste Grote prijs van Limburg Puppy P. Roosenboom (BE) 1 Veel belovend,
.                       Beste Puppy 

22-07-2012 11. CAC Grenzlandschau Puppy F. Hedtke (D) 1 Veel belovend, Beste Puppy 
29-07-2012 BRK Clubshow Belgie Puppy K. Niemelä (SC) 1 Veel belovend,
                        Beste Puppy Reu/Male 

02-09-2012 85ste internationale dogshow Luxemburg Puppy H.P. Zangerl (Schweiz)
.                       1 Veel belovend, Beste Puppy 

09-09-2012 CAC Alkmaar Jeugd J. Hiddes(NL) 1 U, Beste jeugdhond, JCAC 
06-10-2012 CAC/CACIB Zwolle Jeugd J. Stubbs (IE) 1 U, Beste jeugdhond, JCAC
Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.17.16 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.18.26 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.19.20 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.20.02 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.20.23 PM

New Girl on Top of the Fancy Rott
N.H.S.B.# 2721146
24-05-2009: NRC Clubmatch : Puppy klasse : Belovend
28-03-2010: Troisdorf : Tussenklasse : 2U reserve CAC
13-05-2010: Joe Katshow : Tussenklasse : 1U
15-05-2010: NRC Clubmatch : Tussenklasse : 4U
19-06-2010: Outdoor Uden : Tussenklasse : 1U CAC/CACIB beste teef
21-08-2010: ADRK Klubsieger : Tussenklasse : Uitmuntend
28-08-2010: Rotterdam : Tussenklasse : U2
Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.53.41 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.54.15 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.54.59 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.55.32 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.56.29 PM

So many exceptional Rottweilers in his pedigree, you truly must take the time to get to know them all to fully appreciate.  Usually it is easy to pick out the Rott-stars out in a pedigree, but there is simply not a dog in this pedigree that is not spectacular.
But here are some of my fav’s:

Anw. Dt CH VDH Gromm Hof Chao
DNA-tested (Progenus)
DNA-tested (Geno Canin – ADRK)
Multi-V1, 3xCAC, 3xCACIB, BOB
3x ADRK res. CAC
res-CAC, res-CACIB
Finland CAC
Luxemburg CACL
Belgium Socialisation Test



Tony vom Wartturm
Leistung und Schönheit vereint in einem Hund!
ZB-Nr. 106761
WT: 05.05.2002
Werte aktuell  91 / 77  i
m dogbase
gekört bis  05.2009
This video of Tony getting his gekört bis is a great watch!
Germany requires a breed suitability test on dogs that are considered for breeding.  The ZtP (
Zuchttauglichkeitsprufung) is an evaluation of a dogs temperament/character, conformation and working ability.  The dog’s conformation (physical beauty and structure) must be judged of breeding quality and free of disqualifying faults.  The dog must have a valid hip certification number and must have a tattoo for identification (this ensures that the dog evaluated is indeed the dog that will be give credit for passing).  Once the conformation and soundness qualifications have been met, the dog’s temperament is tested.  This test includes a gun sureness test, a protection test, and a test to ensure that the dog is stable around the public. The results of this test are published in the “Kor” book and become a permanent record.  The report will also be printed on the pedigree of the dog’s offspring. Awarded in Germany.

The Gekort is an advanced breed test also known as Korung given in Germany. In addition to the requirements of the ZtP, they require a SchH III, IPO III, or VPG III for a male and a SchH I, IPO I, or VPG I for a female.  The minimum age for males is 36 months and for females it is 30 months.  In addition, they require three show critiques with a SG rating or better, HD/ED certificates and AD title. After this title is achieved, the dog must wait two years before it can attempt a lifetime breeding test. This title deems a dog suitable for breeding by the ADRK for a period of two years at which time they are subject to re-evaluation.

This video shows clearly what the difference in breeding standards are in Germany vs. USA.  In the United States, all AKC requires from me to breed my dogs- any dog to any dog- is payment.  They are not interested in health, character, conformation, working ability… all AKC requires is for me to let them know that male A bred female B and how many offspring I would like to buy papers for.  AKC does not even care if the dogs I breed are of the same species- I can create my own “designer dogs” (a.k.a. mutts) if I want.  If we respected this breed the way Germany did, the pedigrees of every dog would look like that of Jergan Joep Von Den Hatzrüden.

You can see all the precise measurements taken- height, weight, width, length, muzzle to top skull ratio (should be 40/60), every tooth is not only counted but checked for correct placement, ear set, eye color, chest circumference, etc.  Once all of his physical/conformation attributes are verified, then his mental suitability and obedience are tested.  Reaction to gunfire, comfort and focus while working in a group, including group convergence (a group of people quickly encompasses him- he can not be intimidated by nor distracted by them).  The obedience is done both on and off leash.  Just look at the way Tony watches his handler- completely unconcerned with the rest of the people there and focused only on his handler and what is asked of him!  Also notice how, when he must walk through the parallel lines of people with a very loud distraction and even having the large, loud object tossed at him, his focus on his handler does not waiver!  Finally, his working ability is proven.  The first task is a “send” where he must go out on the field and look behind several blinds looking for the helper (“bad guy”).  Notice that he must search in the order dictated by his handler.  Once the helper (“bad guy”) is found, then Tony must do a “bark and hold”.  Very much like the name suggests, he is to keep the bad guy held in position.  His job at this point is not to attack, but rather intimidate the bad guy into not doing anything stupid like attacking his owner/handler or making a run for it.  Then, when Tony is called back to the heeling position, he still stays vigilant on his guard duties.  Next, Tony is put in a platz (down stay) to guard the bad guy and make sure he does not attempt to flee.  Once he does, then Tony must apprehend him.  For me, the most incredible part about it is always the “Aus” or out.  Even when the dog is in high adrenalin having just chased and caught the bad guy, he must IMMEDIATELY let go as soon as the command is given.  Any delay is detrimental to his score.  Next, Tony is put back into a heel and the bad guy is essentially sent on his way.  The dog must, however, understand that even if the threat has been removed, there is ALWAYS the possibility that it will return.  Once the bad guy changes his mind about leaving and turns aggressively towards Tony’s owner/handler, Tony must immediately, without any instruction, be reactive to him and act accordingly.  Then a “long drive” is done where Tony must remain attached to the bite sleeve with a full mouth grip (in other words, not just his front teeth, but a a full mouth grip).  He should not be adjusting his bite to give the bad guy a chance to slip free, but rather stay firmly attached even if he is drug or struck.  A clatter stick or similar device is used when striking the dog- it makes a lot of noise, but does not harm the dog.  It is vital, however, that the dog learn that even if the bad guy has a weapon and/or is attempting to strike the dog, that he still has a job to do and he is not caught off guard.  This is all fun and games for the dogs, but what is great about it is that even though the training is “fun” and “sport”, the real life applications are lifesaving.  Just like when I was in the police academy or in basic training in the military- most of our training was “fun” and we had “war games” and “DT” (defensive tactics) where we ran scenarios- although there was no real threat during the training, the skills that were taught became ingrained and part of my toolbox when in the real world.



Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.22.51 AM
Beertje vom Cassanova
NHSB 2510860
Geboortedatum 13-12-2003
HD A, ED vrij
UV, MAG test E.S.
It is rare for a female to accomplish either an IPO III or a VPG III- LET ALONE BOTH!! And VzH, BH, ZTP, UV and MAG!!  Exceptional female in every way!  And talk about a FULL MOUTH GRIP on that sleeve!!


Vico_vom_kressbach vico3
International Champion
Vico Vom Kressbach
Italian Champion

Vico is proof that exceptional breeding produces CONSISTENTLY exceptional dogs.  His full litter sisterr is the famed EJS’05, KJS’05, BH, ZtPR, VPGI, HD-Frei, ED-Frei, Valeria v Kressbach.


Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.01.57 AM
Leipzig Jugendsieger’02
Bayen Jugendsieger’03
Jumbo vom Kummelsee
ADRK 105682
HD-Frei ED-Frei

ZUCHTTAUGLICHKEITSPRÜFUNG 23.11.03 in Dischingen (Apel)
Withers 68cm Chest Depth 32cm Weight 55kg Body length 75cm
Chest 96cm Skull 15.5cm Muzzle 8.5cm

“Very large, as a whole is not yet consolidated, medium-sized bone strength. Beautiful type of head, ears properly worn, deep dark eyes (1a), wide short Fang Foot and dark pigments. Precisely presence, shoulder still very loose. Mean breast wide, very good depth. Powerful paws, prompted by something. Neck well shaped, good Back line, is after something, medium croup, H.-handled correctly by very strong angled. Exquisite hair, russet fire. Very good course installations. Low Ber .- property, Führigkeit medium. Stamina and strength high. Handle full / quiet / solid.”


Djuke_vom_vilstaler_landScreen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.11.39 AM
International Champion

American Champion
Austrian Champion
DT.VDH, ADRK Champion
DJUKE vom Vilstaler Land

2008 IFR World Sieger & Best in Show 
2006 ADRK KlubSieger
2008 Hungarian KlubSieger
2011 SARK Sieger, 2010 USRC Southeast Regional Sieger
2007 Swiss KlubSieger, 2005 & 2007 Austrian KlubSieger
2005 BundesSieger, 2005 EuropaSieger
SchH III, AD, ZtP, BH, TT, CGC, RTD (Registered Therapy Dog), HD-

OFA Excellent Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Heart, Patella Certified
CHIC # 45121



Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.17.48 AM
Cliff von der Königskanzel

ADRK 100974
HD Free; ED +/-
Südpfalz 2000 SG 1 Ottmar Vogel
Bodenseejugendsieger 2000 SG 1 Erika Egolf
Badenjugendsieger 2000 SG 1 Helmut Freiburg
Schwarzwaldjugendsieger 2000 SG 1 Erika Egolf
Hanau Jugendsieger 2000 SG 1 Anton Spindler
Riedlingen 2001 V 1 Anton Spindler
Schweizer Klubschau 2001 V 1 Harry Meister
Badensieger 2001 V 1 Jürgen Wulff
Schwarzwaldsieger 2001 V 1 Helmut Freiburg
Schwarzwaldsieger 2002 V 1 Ottmar Vogel
Badenschau 2002 V2 Jurgen Radke



Mambo von der Teufelsbrücke
KÖRUNG EZA 18.09.99 in Borken-B. (Spindler/Wulff)
beide S3 unten fehlen (Zahnwurzel rechts sichtbar)
KÖRUNG 14.09.97 in Metzingen (Apel/Radtke)
ZTP 14.04.96 in Metzingen (Spindler)



BH, AD, FH I, Ztp, SchH/VPG III, Gek.b.14.05.02
ADRK: 093552
HD-frei, ED-frei
Height: 67cm

KÖRUNG 14.05.00 in Neukirchen(Walter/Hoffmann)
Widerrist 67cm Brusttiefe 34cm Gewicht 54kg Rumpflänge 78cm
Brustumfang 95cm Oberkopf 15.0 cm Fang  9.5cm

Sehr groß, kräftige Knochen.  Kräftiger Kopf,  dunkelbraune Augen, ausgeprägter
Stop, mittelgroße gut getragene Ohren. Kurzer breiter Fang, Lefzen und Zahnlei-
sten dunkel, Scherengebiß, P1 oben links doppelt. Kurzer kräftiger Hals,  tiefe
breite Brust, Vorhand gerade, Pfoten kräftig. Rücken nachgebend, Hinterhand gut
bemuskelt, mittlere Winkelungen, sehr guter Bewegungsablauf. Derbes, etwas lan-
ges  Stockhaar,  rotbraune Abzeichen, an der Brust unklar abgegrenzt.  Ausdauer
hoch. Beruhigungsvermögen, Führigkeit, Belastbarkeit mittel. Griff spitz, fest.

English Translation:
Very big, strong bones . Strong head , dark brown eyes , pronounced Stop , medium well carried ears . Short broad muzzle, lips and Zahnlei- most dark , scissors , double P1 top left . Short powerful neck , deep broad chest , forehand straight, paws vigorously . Back yielding hindquarters well muscled , medium angulation, very good movement . Derbes , something long ges Stock hair , reddish brown badge , a situation of confusion on the chest . endurance high. Tranquilizers assets , tractability , Endurance medium . Handle sharp , firmly.







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