• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Staklar Pups!

Lauk & Laruso
Sire: Staklar of Nicola’s Lion

(Mauser of Nicola’s LionGromada vom Grossen Tal)
Dam: Kia of Nikola’s Lion
(Cood of Nicola’s Lion x Marra Hause Avramovic)
Born: 21 April 2020
Sorry, there are no pups available from Staklar

Lauk of Nicola’s Lion

Laruso of Nicola’s Lion

Staklar of Nicola’s Lion
Sire: Mauser of Nicola’s Lion
(Zews of Nicola’s Lion x Fanta of Nicola’s Lion) 
Dam: Gromada vom Grossen Tal
(Dino of Nicola’s Lion  x Arizona vom Grossen Tal)
HD-A; ED-0
JLPP negative by parentage

Kia of Nicola’s Lion
(Cood of Nocola’s Lion x Marra Hause Avramovic)
HD-A , ED-0
JLPP negative by parentage
NDS Vencane 22.6.2019. V-1, JCAC, judge Vasko Mudresa(MNE)
Royal Breed sieger 16.6.2019. V-3 junior class I, judge Ramona Radke (ADRK)
Belgrade sieger 01.6.2019. V-1 junior class I, JUGENDSIEGERINA, judge Kristina Niemela (FIN)
Serbian rottweiler championship 02.6.2019. V-3 junior class I, judge Miroslav Milosavljevic (SRB)

Larusso of Nicola’s Lion

Hey Alice,
 How have you been?  Just checking in 🙂   i wanted to let you know Roo is AWESOME! 🙂 Dont get me wrong he has is moments… lol  But 99% of the time he is just AWESOME 🙂 I wanted to send you a couple pictures we took of him last week so you can see how big and handsome he has gotten 🙂  How are you and the family doing? Hope all are well and healthy!!  Have you ever gotten any of Laruso ( Roo’s)  Paperwork?  I have my papers that i got when i picked him up but you were waiting on some other paperwork an i didnt know if you had received any of it yet.  I know your busy, Elaine and i still check your site often and watch the pup vids we will be getting on your list soon although i am not sure if we will make it before the holidays…

How long is your list right now, i know it went from like 12-25ish people while we were on it.. lol I know ya have a lot of customers, you should be proud that its because you do such a good job with your breeding program that you have so many waiting 🙂  Well i wont keep you any longer.
 Take Care and May God Bless You and Yours 🙂


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