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Import: Srecko x Gama

Import prices will include transportation from Europe personally escorted, export pedigrees, pet passports, Customs/Import tax, brokers fees (any import post COVID must come through a broker), USDA/CDC/APHIS inspections, and international microchip.  Vaccinations and wormings will also be done as they are required in order to be eligible for import to the US.

Import pups available!!!!
Sire: Srecko Timit-Tor
(Doctor Timit-Tor x Nicole Timit-Tor)
Srecko is a linebreed on LEX vh EDELSTEIN!
Dam: Gama vom Boki’s Hause
(Hulk Crni Vitez x Candi Timit-Tor)
Gama is FULL SISTER to none other than GOLIATH and GUBAL!!!!!
Born: 18 January 2021

I cannot put into words how excited I am to be able to offer these GORGEOUS babies!!  When I purchased Goliath and his brother Gubal, I truly wanted to purchase the entire litter (and went on to purchase mom, Candi Timit Tor!!)  The word “impressive” has never fallen so short- not just in drop dead, pick your jaw up off the floor looks, but, more importantly, at least for me, an unmistakable character and temperament that just pulls you in and endears unconditional love and loyalty on both sides of the relationship.  I cannot say enough good things about my Goliath.  He is about the most chill, laid back boy you will ever meet and one I can trust in absolutely any situation, ever.  I might not have been able to talk Gama’s owner out of her, but to know that I can import pups from her very first litter, and bred to one of Doctor’s most recognizable sons, nonetheless- just super stoked about these pups!!  So much so, that I have literally been facetiming with them at least weekly since they were about 4 weeks old 😉

They have grown up in a loving home with an absolutely adorable little boy to help love on them all day <3  I expect these beautiful butterballs to go very fast.

Gama’s lovely ladies:


Gama’s beautiful boys




And here are the 2 brothers together <3  Cannot get enough of these 2 boys!!  Such happy puppies!!

Gama babies at 6 weeks old

Gama babies at 10 weeks


Srecko Timit-Tor
(Doctor Timit-Tor x Nicole Timit-Tor)

Gama vom Boki’s Hause
(Hulk Crni Vitez x Candi Timit-Tor)

Please click here for our GR Import Contract.

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