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Gubal Vom Boki’s Hause

Gubal Vom Boki’s Hause
Sire: Hulk Crni Vitez
(Eminem Vom Hause Edelstein x Gabon Crni Vitez)
Dam: Candy Timit-Tor
(Diablo Timit-Tor x Sofija Vom Hause Nadja)
Born: 17 November 2019
Chip: 900182001874007
KSS: JR 702618 Rw
AKC: WS68873502
HD-A; ED-0
Heart certified
Bite certified
Youth Champion MAC
Youth Grand Champion MAC
Youth Champion MNE
Youth Grand Champion MNE
Junior Balkan Champion

Gubal at the beach in New Jersey with his brother, Goliath and their friend, Qema

Gubal, 3 years old

Gubal (left) and Goliath (right) 3 years old


Gubal is such a Rico Suave!  He is a cool as a cucumber and melts his way into your heart.  Beneath the cool, gentle affection is a very genuine soul.  I love these sweet, boys- they are the very expression of the saying “the only thing bigger than their heads is their hearts.”   Gubal does indeed have a massive head that enters the room before he does!  My husband has been calling Gubal and his brother, Goliath, twins, and they are very much alike, inside and out.  I have to see them beside each other to know who is who!  Sure everyone wants a big head and that powerful build, but what made me fall head over heels for this breed more than 30 years ago was a heart and soul unlike anything else I have found here on this rock we call earth.  Gubal and his brother, Goliath, are so very special in every way.


Jubal made his first trip to the shore today. Our new neighbors had a problem there and the cops needed to review our camera video! He was very intrigued at the lagoon and all of the rocks in the yard. It was too cold and windy so he wasn’t allowed on the docks but hopefully when this mess subsides, he can see what it is all about! He loves the refillable pool and water bowl so the lagoon should be a blast for him!
He’s growing like a weed!
He had the half of the truck to sleep in during our 2 hour ride and he had to sleep on Yamara and next to her. He’s sleeping out of his crate in Pucks room at night and cries if Yamara isn’t there. She’s enjoying him!!
Stay safe and Be Well!

Jubals first auto fill water bowl experience

Who has it better than him?
Have A Great Day!

His brother isn’t far behind! He steals Yamaras ball, runs into the yard for her to chase him but once he starts running, he can’t hold the ball and control his run at the same time, ultimately dropping the ball.  He cracks us up! He definitely can catch her now!

He’s funny because he sleeps in the bedroom at night now and I take his collar off since he sleeps on the wood floor and it clanks when he moves around. I don’t sleep that soundly so…he gets upset when I take it off and then in the morning he waits where I hang it, to have it put back on! At about 4:45-5:15, he wakes up and puts two feet on the bed to come sleep up with Yamara until we wake up. If she doesn’t pay attention to him, he gives these little yaps…she in turn looks at him as though to say get a real bark! He doesn’t sleep on dog beds and would rather the wood floor. I keep the fan and AC on just for him!
Today we went to the garden center and he greeted everyone and licked faces. After a walk around he laid down in the middle of a greenhouse and watched people go by. Everyone just laughed!

Here’s some smile pictures for today!
He was sitting in the lap of one of the guys that work with us!
Have A Great Day!

He was hilarious running with Yamara and chasing the guys who work for us. Two acres of fenced in grass!  One of the guys was running around a huge tire that was on the ground and Gubal caught up to him and took him out! I told him workers comp doesn’t cover that!! He was proud of himself when he jumped up on the tire and could lay down on the gym mat. He won’t jump into the pick up truck cab!!
He is such a ham and has a long stride! He stalks Yamara like she can’t see him. He stands in her way and she simply goes under him!! Smile
Happy Belated Birthday to the brothers!!
Be safe and Stay Well!

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