• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Goldi Crni Lotos

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Goldi Crni Lotos

Goldi Crni Lotos is the daughter of world famous RAMSES CRNI LOTOS IPO INL MAG test, Young CH of SERBIA, Adult CH of Serbia, YU Rott DERBY WINNER 2002, Holland Klubsieger BOB 2004, Belgium Klubsieger 2004, Belgium Klubsieger 2005 BOB., and ZANDALI CRNI LOTOS 

(CLICK HERE for a nice video of RAMSES CRNI LOTOS.)

Goldi is a very beautiful female with very heavy bone, solid topline, excellent rear angles, very nice head with a short, full muzzle, well defined stop, black eyes and black mouth pigment, well set and very well carried ears and beautiful, well defined markings.  Goldi has a very large head with a heavy topskull and the highly sought after black muzzle.

Goldi is a very substantial female with strong bone and a very wide, deep chest.

Besides an amazing pedigree and excellent confirmation, Goldi was chosen for Guardian Rottweilers specifically for her temperament.   I have long been a huge fan of the Beni X Bessy breeding that produced the so very famous “F” and “G” Crni Lotos litters.  Fox Crni Lotos (Diesel’s sire) was such a well balanced, even temperamented dog, and I know I have him to thank for my perfect Diesel dog.  Because the “F” litter did so exceptionally during a time when the temperament of the Rottweiler was really reaching a low here in the US, CRNI LOTOS repeated that same breeding with Beni and Bessy in the “G” litter, producing one of the world’s most winning Rottweilers: 
46 times best in breed, 9 times best in show, 18 times Group I!!



Goldi’s Pedigree: 
SIRE:                                                                                      DAM:
RAMSES CRNI LOTOS                                        ZANDALI CRNI LOTOS  
 Young CH of SERBIA,
Adult CH of Serbia,
Holland Klubsieger BOB 2004,
Belgium Klubsieger 2004,
Belgium Klubsieger 2005 BOB

It was so hard to send Miss Goldi to her new home so far away.  But I know Cassie will give her as much love as we did.

Did you know Goldi has a babydoll problem. At least the bald headed ones? She has attacked every bald headed babydoll that I have in this house. I thought at first it was just the first one she attacked but soon discovered otherwise. So that’s been our first lesson. No attacking babydolls. Lol.
Uh oh!! SORRY!! She was not alone in the house here, so I did not know that was her thing… but I bet it is because the bald heads look like balls! She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES balls! Try giving her OTHER more appropriate round objects to chew on. Hopefully she responded well when you corrected and will learn that dolls are friends not food 😉 Other than that, how has she been in the house?? I am really truly happy for her that she gets to be a house love puppy! She TOTALLY deserves it!! She is one of my favorite snuggle bugs, and we all spent hours just sitting with her in our laps and the kids all took turns sleeping in her box with her when she had her puppies. Oh, I told Tahlia you said thanx for the mani-pedi, and she said that even though her favorite color is pink (by her, she means Goldi!) she though Goldi would want a few different colors in case YOUR favorite color was not pink 😉  

That’s hilarious. No we are pink lovers too but I loved the multicolor. Lol

After I realized it was just the bald headed babies I went and found a ball to see if that was the connection. Yep same intense look and same obsession so I redirected her to the ball. She responded instantly to the correction. You can tell she still wants to go after the dolls but she is doing the whole avoidance thing. Which is fine. I’ll just work with her on using her sense of smell a little better, so that she knows what is hers and what is not.
Other than that she’s been awesome. She’s asleep now, poor thing long stressful day. But my kids love her and she is fitting right in. A little timid in the house as she’s getting use to her surroundings, but that will wear off quickly.

Thanks again for letting us bring her into our family. We absolutely love her!!! She’s my first tailed Rottie and I love it. Wish the rest of them had tails and not just stubbs 🙁


Here are some beginning pictures of Goldi. Hopefully they will give you guys your “fix” until I can get some better ones. I apologize for the haziness of the pictures, they were taken with my phone since I can’t find my camera. I’ll try and get better ones to you shortly.
I have to tell you something great. On Sunday, Goldi, me and my oldest daughter Taylor were all back in the girls bedroom. My youngest, Sydney (shes the one you see in these pictures) was playing in the livingroom. All the sudden Syd started crying. Goldi took off running into the livingroom, I of course, followed suit. By the time I got there Syd was standing up (apparently she fell down), Goldi was licking her face and then started looking around. (she was looking for the predator) Once Goldi was convinced that everything was okay she sat down and proceeded to watch Sydney as she played. Within 2 minutes she was laying down at her feet, but on constant “guard”. It was the most awesome thing I could have seen from a dog, towards my kids, in such a short period of time. 
         She follows them everywhere they go and if one starts crying, or even fussing, she is quick to go over and check on them. So they have their little “Guardian Angel” (lol, sorry thats my attempt at humor). And they absolutely love it. They get upset when I take her outside for her Outdoor time. Always asking, “When is Goldi going to come back in. Mom go get her, we want to play with her.”
        She is a great dog, we really love everything about her.
Thanks again, and I will try and get you better pictures.
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