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Hana Vom Hause Milky Way

Hana Vom Hause Milky Way
Sire: TK’s New Yorker
Dam: Rada Vom Zica Maradona
Born: 14 Feb 2018
Chip: 688035000249467

KSS: JR 78047 Rw
AKC: WS67680901
Dentition: Full- OFA- RO-DE2087/26F-VPI

Heart: Normal- OFA- RO-CA8564/26F-VPI

Before I talk about how in love with Hana I am, I want to take a moment for TK’s New Yorker.  For those that do not know, TK’s New Yorker sadly left us for Rainbow Bridge end of 2019, in the prime of his life.  In a tragic accident, a piece of tennis ball obstructed his stomach.  His owner and breeder, Tamara, took him to the vet as soon as she realized something was not ok, but the emergency surgery was just too late.  He was an absolutely phenomenal male.  Every time I saw him, he was somehow even more incredible, and his loss hugely impacted the Rottweiler world.  Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to Tamara and her family.   
I also want to take a moment to emphasize again how important toy safety is.  With any toy, monitoring your dog is paramount, but especially with tennis balls.  They pull apart too easy and the pieces can become an obstruction.  I have heard about and read about this, but this is the first time I dog I knew and loved was a victim.  What I have read and heard has thankfully made me pretty careful over the years, and with toys in our home- “when in doubt, throw it out.”  The moment a toy starts to get chewed or has a piece come off, it is quite simply not worth the risk and the toy is pitched.  Do we go through a lot of toys?  You have no idea!!!  But an entire truckload of toys is nowhere near the worth of one life and as careful as I feel I have been, this hit my heart and I have vowed to be even more vigilant.  

Hana!  One of the many things that made TK’s New Yorker such a highly sought out stud was the exceptional conformation he passed on to his pups.  Tamara is  fantastic breeder and does not take any shortcuts.  You will find consistently in her dogs what far too many are lacking now-a-days.  Too many breeders focus on head type or bone and substance or workability and drive and forget about the rest of the Rottweiler.  Whereas all of these things are important to me too- a Rottweiler lacking in drive and unwilling to work is no longer a Rottweiler, but just a pretty black and brown dog; and who does not want a Rottweiler who’s head stops traffic??- however, too often top and underlines, front and rear assemblies, angulation, even knuckling of the feet are just all overlooked as ‘not the main objective.’  But when these things are lacking, it is not very long before function and health are also lacking.  Correct conformation should ALWAYS be a priority.  One of the first things that drew me to Hana believe it or not was not that gorgeous head of her- it was that frame and build that left no questions as to who her daddy was 😉  In addition to overall phenomenal conformation, rich color and a beautiful, typey head, Hana has all the character you would expect given her pedigree.  Great drive, loves to work, and just a good-natured girl.


Hana’s Pedigree:

TK’s New Yorker

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