• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Tempo of Nicola’s Lion

Tempo of Nicola’s Lion
Sire: Dino of Nicola’s Lion
Dam: Menta of Nicola’s Lion
Born: 20 May 2017
KSS: JR 77403 Rw

Very large, powerfully built male with a phenomenal pedigree.  Dino is quite possibly my most favorite male in all of Bosnia.  At a hefty 140!!! pounds of solid mass, he is just a heavy boned, very well built beefcake with a ridiculous head.  Dino is probably the biggest Rottweiler and especially the largest head I have ever wrapped my arms around the neck of!  Temop’s mom, Menta, is the full sister of Meteor of Nicola’s Lion, and the daughter of Marra Hause of Avramovic– an incredible female that I am OBSESSED with!  I have followed Marra’s father, Uzi since my family and I met him in Serbia as a young buck and his father, Merlin Flash Rouse as well.  So, so many great Rottweilers- Mambo von der Crossener Ranch, Branko od Dragicevica, Ex vom Grutenblick, Gringo vom Grutenblick, Dack Flash Rouse, Gonzzo Earl Antonius, Morro von der Scherau, Jackomo von der Bleichstrasse, Norris vom Grutenblick, Akino von der Lauterbrucke, Cliff von der Konigskanzel, Mambo von der Teufelsbrucke, the list just keeps going- back to the OG (Old German 😉 ) bloodlines that have been proven time and time again and have made this breed what it is.  Tempo’s pedigree contains some of my most favorite Rottweilers ever and I am super stoked to have this incredible boy as a guest in my home!  Tempo’s personality is so perfect for his name- he has such a smooth, easy going, biddable and eager to please boy- the perfect Tempo for me.

Tempo Pedigree:

Tempo’s sire:
Dino of Nicola’s Lion
Sire:  Fantom della Val di Noto
Dam: Fiona of Nicola’s Lion
70kg  (154 lbs)
JLPP – Free
Champion of Serbia
25.7.2015. KS Belgium: V3 (judge: Srdjan Knezevic)
26.7.2015. ADRK Nordseekutenshau: V1-Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH (judge: Siegmund Trebschuh)
16.8.2015. Sremsieger show – Stara Pazova: V1-CAC (judge: Olga Grin)
28.8.2015. ADRK spec. rottw. show.: V (judge: Lavrinovich)
29.8.2015. ADRK KS: V (judge: Hans J. Radtke)
19.9.2015. Balkansieger: V2-R.CAC (judge: Zec Vladimir)
20.9.2015. Macedoniasieger: V2-R.CAC (judge: Olga Grin)
12.9.2015. CAC Cacak: V1-CAC-BOB-R.BOG (judge: Nikola Angelkovski)
10.10.2015. CACIB Obrenovac: V2-R.CAC (judge: Gere Tibor)
17.10.2015. CACIB Pozarevac: V1-CAC-CACIB-BOB-BOG (judge: Dragan Babic)
25.10.2015. CAC Debeljaca: V1-CAC-BOB (judge: Milenkovic Branko)
31.10.2015. Radunid del Sud-Campaniasieger 2015, Italy: V2, RCAC (sudija: Anton Spindler)
01.11.2015. Radunid del Sud-Campaniasieger 2015, Italy: V1, CAC (sudija: Erika Stepanauskiene)

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