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Import: Korra

Korra- Bull x Nina

Hi Alice:

We had a near death experience at 0530 this morning.

Korra went to bed with Makenzie this morning at about 0400.

Suzy went in there this morning to take her out before she left for work. When Suzy walked in Mak’s room Korra was defending Mak’s life to the bloody end! You would’ve thought she’d been through a 12 week Dignitary Protection Program! Suzy’s life nearly ended.

The pic is in our mudroom. It didn’t take her long to find a vent in there under the shoe/coat lockers.

She goes in for her check up on August 25. She’ll be getting her heart worm, distemper, and rabies.

Take care,

Hi Alice!
 Here’s Ms Korra now at 9 months! She really does believe she’s a person. She’s doing great and quite a handful. She wards off deer, goose, and cars that drive on a road 2 miles away from us.
 She’s awesome with the Mak (my daughter who came with me to your house) and our granddaughter as well as everyone else in (and out) of the family. She goes to a dog ranch twice a week where they do some basic commands training and great socialization.
 She’s a guardian extraordinaire and loves to protect and let’s the kids play on her all the same.
Have a good night.
Bill, Suzy, Mak and Korra

Hi Alice:
Korra at 2.5 YOA. She’s the perfect dog! She’s the perfect family dog but an outright fierce protector. I’m really not sure when she sleeps!
She spends her days with that Kong ball wanting to do nothing but play. But then it seems she is up all night and just guards. I hear her all night long going from door to door with her quiet growl as I’m sure she’s warding off something… We’re just not sure what!!
 She definitely knows all the delivery drivers. All the regular UPS and FedEx drivers are good to go. But heaven forbid there’s a substitute driver! I literally had to grab her one day because I’m pretty sure the poor guy probably wouldn’t have lived to make another delivery.
We have two grandkids so far. One that is 8 and another that is a newborn. She’s so gentle with those two you would think they were a couple of raw eggs out of the fridge. She loves everyone in our family and demands constant petting from every one of them.
 We take her to a doggie day care twice a week where she’s got a whole gaggle of besties. The place is about 15 acres with ponds she loves to swim in and giant tree limbs she trots around with like she just ran a marathon and was awarded a giant trophy!
Just a little update on Korra. Have a good day!
Bill, Suzy, and Makenzie
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