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Maxximum Se Ungo-Rot

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Maxximum Se Ungo-Rot
Sire: De Baron Se Ungo-Rot
Dam: Ubaghi Se Ungo-Rot
Born: 01 November 2009
JR719661 Rw
AKC # WS34077901
HD +/- ; ED +/-
Ch. Serbia
Ch. Macedonia

What an incredible head piece!!  This is what happens when you linebreed on MARSIO!!  EXTREME deep stop, black mouth 1b eyes, super heavy backskull, full, short, powerful muzzle- this is the head of a BEAR!!  Ears are set and carried well and his head just spreads out into this incredibly thick and powerful neck.  His bone and substance continue to increase as you move down his incredible body.  He has a broad powerful back, well sprung chest and bones like a rhino!!  LOOK!!  Even judges that are NOT judging Maxx cannot keep their eyes off him!!  

Maxximum’s extreme bone and substance and massive head are the result of a linebreed on International Champion MARSIO RI MOBBY DICK.  His sire, De Baron, a Marsio son, is a powerful, stocky tank of a Rottweiler.  The mother of Maxx, Ubaghi, a Marsio daughter, looks more like a male than a female- she is heavy with a well sprung chest and incredible bone with a very large head, deep stop and broad muzzle.
Believe it or not, MAXXIMUM (AKA BEEFCAKE) was only 15 months when these photos were taken!!!  Already more thick and powerful than most adults and STILL GROWING!!
Maxx is a very drivey male and ALWAYS looking for a job!  He LOVES to work, stacks up CRAZY for ball and can run all day!!  He is a BEAST on the field and a MASTER in the ring!!
I Just never get tired of looking at this phenomenal male!



Sire: De Baron                                                Dam: Ubaghi
Maxximum really does provide Maxximum Impact!  He is a GORGEOUS male with such incredible bone and substance for such a young dog.  At 5 months he is already 68 pounds, and it is all SOLID ROTTWEILER!  He has an INCREDIBLE head piece with a very well defined stop, a heavy topskull, and a very full, powerful muzzle.  We imported Maxximum from Germany last month and very quickly fell in love.  We all call him “beef cake” and once you meet him you will see why!
As beautiful of a dog as Maxximum is, what we love about him is his personality.  He truly is the gentle giant.  He is calm and gentle and loving and sweet.  He is very laid back and mellow and really just wants to please.  I cannot wait to see him grow and develop and I can’t even imagine him bigger or more beautiful than he already is!  And I certainly can’t imagine him being any sweeter!!
This is Beefcake at 9 months old! 
Not sure which is more impressive- that MASSIVE head or those catcher’s mitts he has for paws!!

Maxximum Se Ungo-Rot’s breedings, click thumbnails for more information

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