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Import: Nick Se Ungo-Rot

De Baron X Ubaghi

Nick Se Ungo-Rot
Hi Alice!
    Thank you so very much for the wonderful photos of Ubaghi and DE Baron. What beautiful parents Bode has, and they look so sweet, just like Bode!! We think he looks like both of them, but we found a picture of Mobby Dick, at his age, and they look like twins. We also received all the pedigree and registration papers and our sorry you had so much trouble with them. We love looking up his ancestry.
     He’s growing so fast- 54lbs. at 23wks. I think he’ll be a big boy!!! He loves any food and treats. At present we’re feeding him Fromme lg. breed puppy with yogurt, pumpkin, cottage cheese, and a tsp. of canned lg. breed Innova. We try to stay away from wheat, soy, corn, and additives.
      How is your raw diet coming?
       What a really wonderful puppy. We can take him anywhere with us and he behaves far better than most humans we know!!!! He gets compliments from everyone. It’s like having a perfectly behaved adult dog. And he is so sensitive to other adults, dogs, etc. As soon as he sees a child he gets so excited and sits right down so they can pet him.
        Anyway I could go on forever, so I’ll send pictures as soon as I get a minute.
            Thank you again for all your time and being the great breeder and person you are—
                                                                                                   Fondly,                                                                                                   Barb

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