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Ulan Von Wolpinghausen

Ulan was the first hard dog I did not raise, and he and I had a couple of rounds before we came to an understanding.  But he became a very treasured soul and he leaves a permanent mark on my heart.  Wait for me patiently my Ulan, till we meet again.

Ulan Von Wolpinghausen

Ulan von Wolpinghausen is a BALOU VOM SILBERBLICK son!!  There are only a small handful of direct decendents of Balou in the United States, and as Balou is now retired, there will be no more from this magnificant stud.  Balou is my most favorite German Rottweiler of all time!  And has been called “the best Rottweiler the world has seen in the last 20 years.”  He has the most perfect example of the “ideal German Rott head”, a heavy stocky body, and the best temperament a breeder could ever dream for–full of drive and confidence.  As his owner put it “he is very macho.”  And Ulan looks just like his father, with the exception that Balou was “oldskool” before tail docking was abolished.  We are so incredibly excited about this male.  Harald has done a magnificant job with this dog!!

Ulan is a HUGE, extremely powerful male and VERY intelligent.  He has a MASSIVE head that is absolutely undescribeable.  Tree trunk neck, strong, well musceled legs and a wide, powerful chest.  He is without a doubt, the most powerful Rottweiler I have ever handled!  If he did not have such an amazing, eager to please temperament, I would be up a creek 😉  I really can not say enough about this dog!

More photos of Big Boy Ulan!

For as big and intimidating as he is, Ulan is just like a kid!  His favorite toy is a rock and he will toss it for himself and chase it much like a cat with a mouse!  Biggest difference–this cat has a bark that sounds like he has been plugged into a subwoofer!


Just look at that MASSIVE, gorgeous head!!  That’s a pretty good size rock and he makes it look like a pebble!  To go with that huge head, Ulan has a powerful body, deep, broad chest, solid top line and tree trunk neck.  What a gorgeous dog from top to bottom!  Thanks again Harald!

He may look ferocious, but he is such a sweetie!  How could you not love that baby face!!


Ulan’s sire and one of my most favorite Rotts of all time:

Balou Vom Silberblick
Gek.b.  14.05.02

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