• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Ilijada von Mining

Ilijada von Mining
Sire: Dino of Nicola’s Lion
(Fantom della Val di Noto x Fiona of Nicola’s Lion)

Dam: Astra von Ersterblick
Dolcagabano vom Tannenfeld x Kia od Damnjanovica)
Born: 16 March 2021

BHR 367347 Rw

Ilijada is imported from Bosnia and had already started training prior to import.  She has great drive and focus, stacks well, and has beautiful movement.  Ilijada has had introduction to ring work, basic on and off leash obedience, is very well socialized, and an absolute joy to work with.  She has a fantastic pedigree!  Her mother is the daughter of Dolcagabano and granddaughter of Doctor Timit-Tor !  Ilijada’s sire is one of my favorite Bosnian males of all times, Dino of Nicola’s Lion.  Her breeder is a trainer and Ilijada has been trained and socialized from just a few weeks of age.  Overall excellent conformation and very nice type.  Fantastic female.

Dino of Nicola’s Lion
Sire:  Fantom della Val di Noto
Dam: Fiona of Nicola’s Lion

JLPP – Free
Champion of Serbia
25.7.2015. KS Belgium: V3 (judge: Srdjan Knezevic)
26.7.2015. ADRK Nordseekutenshau: V1-Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH (judge: Siegmund Trebschuh)
16.8.2015. Sremsieger show – Stara Pazova: V1-CAC (judge: Olga Grin)
28.8.2015. ADRK spec. rottw. show.: V (judge: Lavrinovich)
29.8.2015. ADRK KS: V (judge: Hans J. Radtke)
19.9.2015. Balkansieger: V2-R.CAC (judge: Zec Vladimir)
20.9.2015. Macedoniasieger: V2-R.CAC (judge: Olga Grin)
12.9.2015. CAC Cacak: V1-CAC-BOB-R.BOG (judge: Nikola Angelkovski)
10.10.2015. CACIB Obrenovac: V2-R.CAC (judge: Gere Tibor)
17.10.2015. CACIB Pozarevac: V1-CAC-CACIB-BOB-BOG (judge: Dragan Babic)
25.10.2015. CAC Debeljaca: V1-CAC-BOB (judge: Milenkovic Branko)
31.10.2015. Radunid del Sud-Campaniasieger 2015, Italy: V2, RCAC (sudija: Anton Spindler)
01.11.2015. Radunid del Sud-Campaniasieger 2015, Italy: V1, CAC (sudija: Erika Stepanauskiene)

Dolcagabano vom Tannenfeld
Sire: Doctor Timit Tor
Dam: Nika Vom Tannenfeld
Height: 68cm
Weight: 130lbs


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