• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Import: Doctor x Fortuna

Sire: Doctor Timit Tor
(Lucifer Timit Tor x Hera Timit Tor)
Fortuna od Damnjanovica
(Fanto of Nicola’s Lion x Basra German Bloodline)
Born: 20 May 2019







Fortuna is a linebreed on Mambo vd Crosener Ranch, Bronko od Dragicivica, Rik v Burgthann, Gil Crni Lotos, Flash v Wolfert Turm, and her great-grandfather, Gref is full brother to the father of my soulmate, Diesel, Fox Crni Lotos.  Doctor is a linebreed on Stink Haus of Lazic, Burning des Princes d’Aragone, Mambo vd Crossener Rance, Rik v Burgthann, Python Crni Lotos and Olympia vh Nadja.  This pedigree is a powerhouse of strong, typey, gorgeous dogs that are so much more than pretty faces.  Too many champion and international champion Rotts with a plethora of working titles.  Really a great pedigree and some absolutely incredible offspring.



Doctor Timit Tor


Dam:  Fortuna od Damnjanovica
(Fanto of Nicola’s Lion x Basra German Bloodline)

Kia Ruma Rotts
Hi Alice & family
Here a few more pictures of Kia
Love her so much  eating very well raw diet turkey beef chicken Hearts and liver neck raw Marrowbone
Nerf foot ball sleek toy still in good shape
Loves it
All  shots given one at a time over a period and all complete
She loves to sleep next to me?
Found one her baby teeth ?
All of her fur around ear Black now
Every one loves her

Love you guys

Thank you ? did get the papers.
Really love her, she love to kiss ?

Love ? Kia so much she makes me laugh all the time.   Beautiful life?

Thank you for all your work getting The papers.     Kia   Is so happy.  My ??  is so in love with this wonderful girl.  She’s so fast quick gentle with all dogs and people.

Everyone loves her.  In the last 2 weeks
You can see her head get wider and she is so beautiful.? she loves playing with the ball none stop?
You and your family are so fantastic and beautiful inside and out. And I always say prayers for all… love you guys

Alice and family
Love you all for bringing this sweetheart Kia in to my life?  extremely loving kind
Very smart and gentle…
Pure ? Love

Just love her and you guys so much
We totally ?? love Kia. She is very gentle  and strong . Perfect ?
Hugs to your family

Kia is full of love ?
Love you all  Alice and family
Keep safe?

Happy Easter Alice  and family

Very thankful for Kia love her sooo much
You all stay safe and keep loving ?
Best hugs Conrad

Video (2)

Hi Alice & Family
Kia  is such a bundle of love ??
None stop fetching her toy balls and catching them mid air
and dribbling them like a soccer player
Very fast?

Keep safe love ? you all
Best regards

Conrad and Kia

Kia  your right she is just like when she was little girl now very gorgeous and extremely fast at catching ball full of love?
Love you all Alice and family
Best of love and kindness
Conrad    Kia

Hi Alice
Really good to here from you?
Kia is just over one year and is such a good example of big ball of love ?
very strong ? gentle and kind
Kia is the best loving friend?
She is funny and has many friends

Thank you ? so much for Bringing her in to our lives. Love her so much
Got  Her pet health insurance to?


Kia is big sunshine

Kia sending happiness ?
From conrad

Hi Alice and family
Kia is enjoying the fall
She is just so beautiful ? fast  strong ? smart kind loving ?

Ps I keep looking at your Gardian web site
So many cute ? great puppies
And any one out there they are pure love ?

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