• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Import: Bull x Fate

Bull Se Ungo-Rot x Fate Se Ungo-Rot

We imported the 3 best pups in this litter- 3 massive, heavy boned, GORGEOUS boys.  Their price will include all import fees- Customs, transportation, import tax, export pedigree, pet passport, etc.  Fate is built better than 99% of her male counterparts with a fantastic pedigree!!  This litter is a line breed on Arlos Majestic Rot with the pedigree on both sides absolutely full of some of the best and most popular lines/Rottweilers.

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Stella Rosa



Pups at 7 weeks old <3 


“Atticus” Stella Rosa Se Ungo-Rot
Took Atticus today. Passed with flying colors of course. The Vets and techs were so Impressed with his calm demeanor and stunning looks.  He weights 24lbs.

My friend Kelsey who directed me to your site two years ago got to meet him. She is so in love. She is a fan of Bull anyway.

Thanks so much for doing such justice to this wonderful breed.

Best to you always.

I am so in love. We r snuggled down right now. He is so darn smart. I got to help him find something to challenge him. Really hope he can be a therapy dog for the abused children with whom I work.
Thanks so much.

We changed his name to Atticus. My gosh. He is so outstanding. You know your dogs. Soooooo clever. I will have to find ways to challenge him. I have a friend in law enforcement who does tracking. May need to do that.
Thanks again

Thanks Alice. I know this is no surprise to you but he is so awesome!!!  My GSD loves him and so does our crazy cat!!!  It is going even better than I imagined.

Hi Alice,
I know you are busy but I also know you like updates on your pups. We had a lot of snow last night and today. Oh Alice Atticus loved the snow. He had so much fun. Even better is that he and my GSD Omar had a great time. They are becoming best buds. It is awesome.  They look for each other and hang together.
Thanks yet again for an awesome Rottie,

Hi Alice,
I hope this finds you and your loved ones well and happy. We are at our house in NC. Atticus has taken to boating like he’s done it since birth. Totally happy and calm.

Best to you,

Had another Vet visit. Vet just keeps commenting on what a calm personable pup he is. I expected him to weigh about 40. He weighed 44.6!  Then we went home for a nap.

I love him sooooo much.
Atticus and Omar

Atticus and Peabody

He just gets more handsome and wonderful with each passing month.
Best to you,
I’m nine months old and bigger than my big brother. He weighs 95. I weigh 108. But we still are best buds.

Atticus’ first visit to the beach.

How many times can I thank you for my beautiful, wonderful Atticus. Blessed New Year to you and those you love.

Merry Christmas from the most handsome Rott in the world.
Hi Alice,

Hope this finds you and your loved ones well and happy.

Just wanted to let you know that this will be the e-mail to use now. I took early retirement from the hospital. So great to be with my boys every day.

Took Atticus to Lowes to train today. Oh my gosh he loves everyone and they sent to love him. Noise and activity just doesn’t bother him. He is 16 months old. Vet said he is in great shape. He weighed 121 today.

Looking at him next to Omar one would never think he outweighs Omar by 20 lbs. He and Omar continue to be best friends and we love them both sooooooo much!

Best to you always,


He loves the ocean!

In NC on the boat. Got a new safety boating vest.

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