• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Mickey Mouse Vom Zica Maradona

Mickey Mouse Vom Zica Maradona
Sire: Diablo Timit-Tor
Dam: Masa Timit-Tor
Born: 01 March 2019
Chip: 688038000196300

2-3 Linebreed on Lucifer Timit-Tor
3-4-3 Linebreed on Lex vom hause Edelstein
KSS: JR 700373 Rw
AKC: WS70984901

66 cm
58 kg
Eyes 2A
Bite Certified
Cardiac: Clear
Heartworm: Negative
Long Coat: N/N

Micky Mouse is a beautiful boy inside and out.  He has a strong pedigree to produce consistent type and character.  If you have followed my breeding program at all the last few years, you know that some of my now favorite Guardian Rottweilers are out of Doctor and Diablo Timit-Tor.  Not only do these 2 brothers produce that unmistakable head type that you will only get from Doctor or Diablo, along with consistent conformation with very nice toplines and strong frames, but for me, the outstanding feature from this bloodline has been character and temperament.  Biddable dogs that are not lacking in courage and just enjoy working.  I have followed Micky and his brother Montecarlo for over a year now and am excited to get a male of Micky’s caliber in the US.  It has been a great debate in our home on whether we will call him “Micky” or “Mouse”– I think we will have to get to know him first to see which name suits him the most.  My kids do love ironic names, so they are leaning very much towards calling a big, macho dog “Mouse” 😉

Young Mickey Mouse <3  (about 11 months old)


Mickey’s sire:
Diablo Timit-Tor
Sire: Lucifer Timit-Tor
Dam: Hera Timit-Tor
HD- frei; ED- frei

Full brother to Montecarlo v Zica Maradona!

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