• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

“Ocho” Guardian Warrick Von Gottschalk

Candidate for International Champion
Guardian Warrick Von Gottschalk
co-owned with Phil and Karen Cupa

Sire: Irk vh Milsped
Dam: Zarah v Wolpinghausen

Born: 28 Apr 2012
AKC# WS41589601
Chip# 956000002521112
Heart  Normal
Patella Normal

Adult Champion of Bulgaria
Balkan Champion
Grand Champion
Multi V1 (work class)
Multi C.A.C.
2x C.A.C.I.B.


“Ocho” (Guardian Warrick Von Gottschalk) is a gorgeous young male with loads of potential!  He has strong German bloodlines which are responsible for his calm yet confident character.  Ocho loves to play ball, tug and has fun on the bite sleeve.  He is a large youth with excellent bone and great substance.  Ocho has a solid topline and excellent rear angles.  Ocho has a very strong headpiece with a heavy topskull, deep stop and full muzzle.  He has very rich color and clean markings.  These photos were take of Ocho at almost 8 months old and we are very excited with his progress thus far.  He already had his first 2 trophies by 4 months old!  Keep your eyes out for this beautiful boy!
Ocho_Uros01 Ocho_Uros03 Ocho_Uros04 Ocho_Uros05 Ocho_Uros06 Ocho_Uros07 Ocho_Uros09


Ocho_24 Ocho_blieprint03 Ocho_comic03Ocho_Serbia20Ocho_Serbia19Ocho_Serbia03 Ocho_Serbia05Ocho_Serbia12Ocho_tracer01 Ocho_Serbia31Ocho_comic01Ocho_Serbia04 Ocho_Serbia06

 Ocho_tracer05Ocho_Serbia07 Ocho_Serbia10Ocho_Serbia08Ocho_Serbia14Ocho_tracer02 Ocho_comic06Ocho25 Ocho_Serbia16 Ocho_Serbia15  Ocho_Serbia17 Ocho_Serbia18   Ocho_Serbia21 Ocho_Serbia22 Ocho_Tracer03 Ocho_comic07 Ocho_Serbia23 Ocho_Serbia26 Ocho_Serbia30  Ocho_solorize Ocho_tracer04


23mOcho_Warrick01 23mOcho_Warrick02 23mOcho_Warrick03 23mOcho_Warrick04 23mOcho_Warrick05 23mOcho_Warrick06 23mOcho_Warrick07 23mOcho_Warrick08 23mOcho_Warrick09 23mOcho_Warrick10 23mOcho_Warrick11 23mOcho_Warrick12 23mOcho_Warrick13 23mOcho_Warrick14 23mOcho_Warrick15 23mOcho_Warrick16 23mOcho_Warrick17 23mOcho_Warrick18 23mOcho_Warrick19 23mOcho_Warrick20 23mOcho_Warrick21 23mOcho_Warrick22 23mOcho_Warrick23 23mOcho_Warrick24 23mOcho_Warrick25 23mOcho_Warrick26 23mOcho_Warrick27 23mOcho_Warrick28 23mOcho_Warrick29 23mOcho_Warrick30 23mOcho_Warrick31 23mOcho_Warrick32 23mOcho_Warrick33 23mOcho_Warrick34 23mOcho_Warrick35 23mOcho_Warrick36 23mOcho_Warrick37 23mOcho_Warrick38 23mOcho_Warrick39 23mOcho_Warrick40 23mOcho_Warrick41 23mOcho_Warrick42 23mOcho_Warrick43 23mOcho_Warrick44 23mOcho_Warrick45 23mOcho_Warrick46 23mOcho_Warrick47


Warrick14m39 Warrick14m38 Warrick14m37 Warrick14m36 Warrick14m35 Warrick14m34 Warrick14m32 Warrick14m31 Warrick14m30 Warrick14m29 Warrick14m28 Warrick14m24 Warrick14m25 Warrick14m26 Warrick14m27 Warrick14m23 Warrick14m22 Warrick14m21 Warrick14m20 Warrick14m19 Warrick14m18 Warrick14m17 Warrick14m16 Warrick14m15 Warrick14m14 Warrick14m12 Warrick14m11 Warrick14m10 Warrick14m09 Warrick14m08 Warrick14m07 Warrick14m06 Warrick14m05 Warrick14m04 Warrick14m03 Warrick14m02

This is Ocho at 8 months old!  What a sweet boy!

ocho snow day Dec 2012 001 ocho snow day Dec 2012 009

This is baby Warrick (“Ocho”) at 6 weeks old!  He was a ham then too!

Hi Alice! Thanks for the update, back at ya with some news about Ocho.  The “O Show”!!  Been three days now and I have him sitting with treats, and practicing Here too.  He has plenty of drive, but being a puppy, his attention span is well, a puppies lol. We have been working on potty training and Ocho is doing pretty good!  OMG he is so smart, looks ya in the eye and he trying to figure you out, so so sweet.  Coming out of the house today he took a jump off the third step onto the grass all stretched out like super rott that startled me, after he landed, he strutted around holding his head up like it was nothing.  But literally, my heart was in my throat.  He is also the little guard dog, when he hears a noise he is not comfortable with, his hackles go up and he barks!!  lol,  his little puppy barks got all the chipmucks running for cover!! lol  Took him to the grocery, yep put him in the child seat and got some staples!!  People and kids remarked how pretty he is and asked to pet him, said sure,was the same at Lowes too lol  He travels wonderfully.  Some dogs let alone a puppy do not travel well, not Ocho, he loves it.  He is eating well,  terrorizes his water bowl, we love him.  Ocho is amazing!! 

Hit me back when you can, hope you come out soon!!   Phil

Blizzard is blowing outside:p , work cancelled for the day:D  What to do?  Go outside and have some fun with Ocho!!!  Yeah!!! He absolutely loves to play in the snow with a stuffed bunny rabbit on a whip!!  Just to bad our camera was not fast enough to capture his big air jump!  Ocho literally nearly can jump reaching a full foot and a half higher than my noggin!!  lol just couldn’t get that on film today.  Honestly Alice, just wish you could see in person how athletic he is, swear he is just like a Doberman!!  lol   Phil

Guardian Warrick’s sire and dam:

w litter

“Ocho” Guardian Warrick von Gottschalk’s breedings, click thumbnails for more information

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