• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

U Litter: Wolf X Yurii

Guardian Rottweilers U LITTER
Sire:  “Wolf” Guardian Zev Von Gottschalk
Dam: “Yurii” Guardian Yazra Von Gottschalk



Our U LITTER litter has some SUPER bloodlines for bone and head type!  There are 3 GRAND CHAMPIONS in the FIRST 2 GENERATIONS!!  In the first 3 generations, you have Grand Champion Guardian Eva Von GottschalkInternational Champion Sango Se Ungo-RotInternational Champion Marsio Ri Mobby DickBaster of Silver Field Kg, World Champion Astor Von Junipera– and the pedigree just keeps getting better the further you go back.  SUCH HIGH expectations from this breeding!!  CRAZY nice head pieces even at this young age!  Cannot wait to eval these phenomenal pups!

Guardian Ultron Von Gottschalk

Ultron_001 Ultron_002
Hi Alice
Just wanted to touch base and give you an update.  Puppy is doing very well.  Fit right in with our family and is creating his own space in our home and hearts.  Hes growing like a sprout….hes def a eater.  Hes ups to 15.5 lbs.  Hes full of personality. ….which fits in perfect with us. I attached a couple pics of him for you.  If you’d like I will keep you updated on him as time goes by.  Thanks and have a wonderful day.
Ultron_Loki1 Ultron_Loki2 Ultron_Loki3

Hey Alice
Just wanted to let ya know we got the AKC paperwork today.  Thank you.  Attached a couple updated pics of Loki.  Hes such a beautiful Rotty…so glad we decided to get him…couldnt be more perfect….other than the occasional per accident…lol.  Have a great evening talk soon.

Yes we do…lol.  Im telling ya Alice hes so beautiful.  He is my 6th Rotty and Ive never had one with such a beautiful coat and perfect markings.  You can tell hes gonna be a very muscular boy also.  I wish more breeders would do it like you…cause you do it right. 


Hi!  He is doing good but he is rotten! House trained for the most part except for sometimes when he gets excited. 
He is the most lovable little thing and has already shown his protective side when he hears something outside he doesnt like.  We comment all the time about how loving he is.  Such a sweetheart.   Him and Khan (our Mastiff) get along really well, too.  We’ve just been working with him ourselves which is what we did with the other dogs.


Just a 9 month pic for you.  Hes doing great…..full of personality. 

AJJust wanted to let ya know we got the AKC paperwork today.  Thank you.  Attached a couple updated pics of Loki.  Hes such a beautiful Rotty…so glad we decided to get him…couldnt be more perfect….other than the occasional per accident…lol. 

He has the prototypical Rotty smile too. The tail has really grown on me.  Its very regal looking (for lack of better term).  I love how it curls and the touch of mahogany on the underside. 
I dont think id own another one ever without a tail.
Hope you feel better soon.  And ill make sure to give him some love and send you more pics soon.

Have a great evening talk soon.



“Bear” Guardian Ulan Von Gottschalk
Here is a picture of bear 🙂 thought you would like it

I have read the  stories about diesel.  Josh told me I should of talked to bear before opening the door lol
  Well Bear is doing awesome!!! He is 57lbs already , growing like a weed. 🙂 only thing is we now have an escape artist on our hands.  He can get out of his crate when we leave to go somewhere. He is pretty fast at it too.  We are not sure what to do, we don’t want him to get hurt trying to get out but we can’t leave him with the run of the house lol.  We might have to get a different kind of crate/kennel.  Josh gets to give him a bath tonight, he peed in his kennel (first time that has happened since we got him) so he stinks.  I would of given him a bath but it might of been a little hard for me lol.  We only have 37 days til my due date, don’t think I will make it that long. 🙂  here is the most recent picture of bear . I hope everythingis going good for you and your family and all your dogs too. 
God bless 
unnamed-47 unnamed-48


Just wanted to give you an update on bear 🙂 
He is doing awesome!!!   He does awesome with the kids.  He weighs 8lbs now. He loves car rides.  Mr Beckett is doing good also. Sleeps great at night. Hope everything is going good for your family. 
Here is a  new picture of bear and one of Beckett 🙂
I was holding a tennis ball above my camera. Either he really likes pictures or he wanted the ball. Lol. Have a blessed day.



“Brently” Guardian Ulrich Von Gottshcalk
Hi Alice,
Just wanted to share Brantley’s 5 month picture with you. He weighs 54 lbs and is absolutely beautiful!!
Our best to you & your family!
Aaron, Dana & Brantley 


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