• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Guardian Violet Von Gottschalk

Violet lives in Germany, and we are so proud to have produced such a fantastic representative of the breed.

Guardian Violet Von Gottschalk
Sire: Crom di Alaricus Rex
Dam: Nataschal vd Steinbrucke
Born: 14 Feb. 2011
AKC#  WS41475205

I LOVE this girl!  Violet is tough as nails with a body that is as hard as she is.  She has a compact, heavily muscled frame with excellent top and bottom lines.  Violet has great angulation.  Her pedigree is a Who’s Who of great German Rottweilers!  Violet’s sire, FCI Champion of Reproduction, CH. CROM di Alaricus Rex LOI #04/124043 (Italian Import) DNA #V602325; Heart Cert.# RO-CA5099/84M/P-VPI; HD-FREI; ED-FREI (FCI); IPO 1; CH. ADULT MACEDONIA 09; CH. ADULT BULGARIA 09; CAC 6x, RCACIB 2x; Multi-V Rated was sired by none other than the LEGENDARY DT-VDH Champion, Multi CAC/CACIB, ES ’02, SCHWZ.KS ’02, O-KS ’02. MAMBO VON DER CROSSENER RANCH, SchH III, IPO III, ZtP (05.00), AD, BH, FH II!!  Violet’s Dam, Multi-Champion Natascha Von Der Steinbrucke BH; Ch. Macedonia; Ch. Montenegro; 2x C.A.C. who is sired by top German stud Noris vom Kümmelsee ADRK 107027; BH, AD, VPG 3; ZTP 10.07.04 in Mamming (Hellmann) and Noris was sired by one of my most favorite German males of ALL TIME, DT-VDH Champion, BALOU VOM SILBERBLICKAD, BH, SchH III, FH, Gekort bis 14.05.02, ZtP; ADRK 93552, HD-, ED-!!  The great BALOU bloodline and MAMBO line has been crossed countless times in the last 2 decades and it is always a winning combination!  There is just something about those two bloodlines combined- but VIOLET takes it to a whole new level!  She has the hardness of her great German Working heritage combined with this powerfully compact build.  Violet is a serious, hard dog and is truly my type of female!  EXTREMELY intelligent, calculating, biddable- she is the type of dog where trust is earned, not passed out like candy.  But once earned, this is a bitch that would follow you into the very gates of Hell without a moments hesitation.  LOVE my Violet!  But as much as I love her, she has a very special bond with my daughters also and I love to watch them interact <3  So much soul packed into one beautiful Rottweiler.  She is always the first stop I want to make anytime I am anywhere near her in Germany.
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Violet’s Pedigree

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