• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

A Litter: Dunjo X Jinny

Guardian Rottweilers A LITTER
Sire: Dunjo Von Shambala
Dam: Jinny Earl Antonius

Dunjo Von Shambala  X  Jinny Earl Antonius

LOVE the pedigrees of BOTH of these dogs!!  Dunjo is our pink papered German Import from the ABSOLUTE best bloodlines Germany has to offer!!  His mother, AYKA VON SHAMBALA is sister and littermate to the very famous DT.VDH, Multi V-1, AMBASSADOR VON SHAMBALA, SchH/VPG I, BH, ZtP (06.02), DOB: 4/3/00, ADRK 103713, HD-, ED-,and of course Ambassador and Ayka were the progeny of one of my FAVORITE Rottweiler of ALL TIME DT-VDH Champion, BALOU VOM SILBERBLICK, AD, BH, SchH III, FH, Gekort bis 14.05.02, ZtP ADRK 93552, HD-, ED-.  Dunjo’s sire is also INSANELY amazing!!  LIKE VOM SITTARD, SchH III, AD, BH, IPO III, ZtP (12.00) DOB: 8/2/98, ADRK 100132, HD-, ED- who is the son of O-BJS ’95 MAMBO VON DER TEUFELSBRUCKE SchH III, AD, BH, IPO III, GEKORT bis EzA, ZtP (04.96), DOB: 4/22/94, ADRK 86919, HD+/-!!  With such a solid pedigree, it is no wonder that Dunjo is not only an exceptional male, but also produces INCREDIBLE offspring!!

JINNY!!  With a male like Dunjo, any average bitch is just not good enough!  He needs WOW females to be up to his standards and WOW!  Is Jinny ever WOW!!!!!  She is sired by Vice World Winner MERLIN FLASH ROUSE!!  And the Who’s Who Red Carpet list goes on from there!!  Her pedigree is full of some of the world’s best Rottweilers of ALL TIME!



DT-VDH Champion, Multi CAC/CACIB, ES ’02, SCHWZ.KS ’02, O-KS ’02 MAMBO VON DER CROSSENER RANCH, SchH III, IPO III, ZtP (05.00), AD, BH, FH II DOB: 6/23/98, ADRK 99808, HD+/-, ED-

O-BJS ’95 MAMBO VON DER TEUFELSBRUCKE SchH III, AD, BH, IPO III, GEKORT bis EzA, ZtP (04.96), DOB: 4/22/94, ADRK 86919, HD+/-

CLIFF VON DER KONIGSKANZEL, SchH/VPG III, IPO III, ZtP (11.00), AD, BH DOB: 12/31/98, ADRK 100974, HD-, ED+/-

International Champion MORRO VOM HAUSE MARKER Yugoslovian Ch., Hungarian Ch., Austria BS, SchH I, ZtP (11.98), AD, 17 x CAC, 11x CACIB, 1 x R.CACIB, 9 x BOB, 4 x BIS, 7 x BOG, VDH – Europa Sieger BOB Dortmund 2001, BS TULLN 2001, KS Markklub 2000, Hungary Siegermitteleuropa Zagreb 2000, DOB: 4/25/97, ADRK 96186, HD-, ED-

And that is only in the first 3 generations!!  Such an incredible female and a PHENOMENAL pedigree!!  These pups will have it all!!  EXCEPTIONAL head pieces, heavy bone, loads of substance, and most important, SUPER characters!  I am LITERALLY like a kid waiting for Christmas with these 2 Dunjo litters!!


                               AKIRA                                                                   AZTEK

First solid food!!  A yummy blend of beef liver, ground turkey, goat milk, egg yolk and yogurt!  These little fatties did not really care too much for it and with enough milk for 10 pups being directed into just 2 pups, they were probably still stuffed from the milk 😉

Dunjo von Shambala
Dunjo von Shambala
 breed: Rottweiler
 litter day: 24.10.2004
 height: / weight: 65 cm / 49 kg
 breed register number: ADRK110433 , AKC WS30316201
 breed federation: NHSB
 result: MAG Test FE
 show assessment: Multi V Rated; V3 2x;
 sex: m
 description: BH, AD
 health: HD-A, ED-FREI; DNA # V570234; Heart Cert. # RO-CA5094/76M/P-V
 owner: Alice Velasquez
 description: ADRK Studbook #110433
AKC # WS30316201
DNA # V570234
TATOO #110433
CHIP # 956000002523287
Heart # RO-CA5094/76M/P-VPI
AD, BH, MAG test FE, Holland Multi-V Rated
Dunjo has CRAZY drive and is in incredible athlete. He is rock solid with excellent muscle substance. Dunjo is extremely intelligent ahd I have yet to reach the limits of what he can learn!
Jinny Earl Antonius
Jinny Earl Antonius
 breed: Rottweiler
 litter day: 09.10.2008
 height: / weight: 59 cm / 42 kg
 breed register number: KSS/JR 86544 Rw
 breed federation:
 show assessment: CH. SCG; multi V1 Rated
 sex: f
 description: IPO1
 health: HD Frei / Ed Frei(KSS)
 owner: Alice Velasquez

number of considered generation:  5

dog pedigree of sire pedigree of dam
Mambo von der Teufelsbrücke 3 4
Torro vom Zimmerplatz 4 5
Face von der Teufelsbrücke 4 5
Pedigree of Guardian Rottweiler’s A LITTER:
I. parents II. grandparents III. greant-grandparents IV. great-great-grandparent
Dunjo von Shambala (RW) Like vom Sittard (RW) Mambo von der Teufelsbrücke (RW) Torro vom Zimmerplatz (RW)
Face von der Teufelsbrücke (RW)
Esra vom Sittard (RW) Noris vom Grüntenblick (RW)
Cita vom Sittard (RW)
Ayka von Shambala (RW) Balou vom Silberblick (RW) Jackomo von der Bleichstrasse (RW)
Afra vom Bevertal (RW)
Cleopatra vom Hammerbachtal (RW) Greif vom Moritzberg (RW)
Face vom Hirschenrangen (RW)
Jinny Earl Antonius (RW) Merlin Flash Rouse (RW) Gringo vom Grüntenblick (RW) Orlando vom Hause Neubrand (RW)
Peggy vom Oeterkotten (RW)
Ramona von der Crossener Ranch (RW) Mambo von der Crossener Ranch (RW)
Della von Leubnitztal (RW)
Bianca of Silverfield KG (RW) Cliff von der Königskanzel (RW) Mambo von der Teufelsbrücke (RW)
Gina vom Scheldetal (RW)
Mini von Petra Burg (RW) Morro vom Hause Märker (RW)
Fena von der Bleichstrasse (RW)


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