• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

O Litter: Marschall X Chigra

Guardian Rottweilers O LITTER
Sire: Marschall Se Ungo-Rot
Dam: Chigra od Scremcica


Candidate for Int. Champion               Chigra od Scremcica
CH. Marschall Se Ungo Rot
HD – A ( Frei ) ; ED – 2 ( + )
17. Schwarzwaldschau-Spezialzuchtschau-DEUTCHLAND-
V1; C.A.C. (CH class-Judge: Mr. Edgar Hellmann-ADRK)
C.A.C.I.B. ;  2 x R.C.A.C.I.B. ;  7 x C.A.C.
B.O.B. ;  R.B.O.G.



“Gabriel” Guardian Omari Von Gottschalk


  Thank you for the paper work on Omari Gabriel). As you already know , we have him for a pet and another member of the family. We are keeping his papers in his folder, but probably will not register him because there is no real necessity. He has a date with the vet Mon. the 22nd for neuter. He’s growing big quick. He’s smart, but a little thick.(stubborn) He fixates on our small dog and persist in playing with her until she gets mad. We go for long walks to find a place where I let him run “off leash”. There are times when he won’t come when I call him, but that doesn’t last when I start to move off away from him. He catches up pretty quick. He is with us where ever we are in the house. He runs on the treadmill like a champ. I never keep him on it long enough for him to get bored with it, and he goes right to it when I take him in the exercise room. I think the longest he’s been on it has been 13 minutes. I stand right beside him and I think he thinks we are walking together. He’s everything I hoped he would be. The attached JPG is Gabriel and a toy he likes.

John and Anna

Alice and family,

  It’s been several months since I sent you an update on Gabriel. He has grown to 90# at eleven months old. Everywhere I take him the people say what a great looking dog he is! He doesn’t shy from anyone,and wants to greet everyone. He’s been to the local dog park several times and gets along with every dog and person there. He travels well in his kennel or in the back seat of my truck. We have added another small dog (Yorkie) to our family and she (Heidi) and Gabe bonded from the first day to be the best of friends. It is so neat to see them interact with one another. Gabe loves to do stuff with both my wife and I, and regularly instigates play. Sometimes a little to pushy if you know what I mean. He ventures farther away from me now, but checks often to see where I’m at before continuing on with his investigation of surroundings. He is a great companion. Still a little stubborn, but learning a lot daily. We are really enjoying him.
  Here are some recent pictures of Gabe.



Guardian Olivia Von Gottschalk

Hi Alice & Family!

Merry Christmas!  We hope you are all doing well.  We are doing great and love our little “Chili”…  the kids thought our “New Mexico” dog needed a New Mexican name…  🙂
She is very smart and learning quickly.  
Thanks for your Christmas card!  We will stay in touch!
The Rice family,  NM

HI Alice and family!

We just wanted to give you a picture of a recent family photo taken over Easter weekend while on vacation.
Chili is doing great – all ear infections completely cleared up, etc.  She weighs 60 lbs now and is almost 8 months old.

Hope things are going well for you.

Brooke & family  🙂


Guardian Osita Von Gottschalk
Hi Alice,
Osita is growing in leaps and bounds and is such a love bug.  She is constantly at my side to the point of being my shadow and tripping me. She loves laying on the sofa sleeping with me.  Of course she sleeps on her back sprawled out and snores very loudly.  I think I need to get her a breath right strip.  HA HA!  🙂  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday as well.

Hi Alice,
I am so pleased with Osita.  She is truly a love bug.  She loves to snuggle especially in my hair.  When I am laying on the sofa, she has to be right there with me.  She especially likes laying on top of my head.  Osita is great with my grandson, and they are best of buddies.  My grandson uses the the toy you gave Osita to play tug of war with her.  Osita is constantly at his side.  She has learned to play fetch and we are working on shaking paw. Osita thinks she is a tough dog when she is trying to attack the blowing leaves.  Ha Ha!!!! She is truly an exceptional puppy.  Thanks so much for letting me have her.  I will definitely give her a hug from you.  I will keep you posted on her development.  Hope your next litter does okay.

 Hi Alice,
I wanted to thank you for the Christmas card that you sent me.  Osita is doing great.  We had a little snow this past weekend.  She really enjoyed it.  Osita went sliding across the deck on purpose.  I made her a few snowballs which she played with for a few seconds before eating them.

Hi Alice,

It was so wonderful to hear from you.  I recently visited your website, and it looks great.  Osita is doing wonderful.  She truly lives up to her namesake of a Guardian Rottweiler.  Osita and amy 2 year old grandson are big pals.  Osita will lay on the floor for Logan to lay on top of her or to sit on her back.  Logan absolutely loves her.  Osita is a great companion and quite the character.  I am so grateful of finding you and purchasing a Rottweiler from you.  It was a great decision on my part.  I will send pics soon of Osita.  She has turned out to be a beautiful dog.

Linda Cockerell RN, CCRN
ICU/CVCU Charge Nurse

“Gabriel” Guardian Omari Von Gottschalk
 Hello Alice and family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’ve been having a great time with Gabriel. My wife Anna and I took him with us to Philadelphia to visit her family, and had no problems. Gabe got along great with my mother-in laws three dogs (one bull dog and two Maltese). He hardly made a sound riding in his kennel in the back of our Jeep, both there and back. (ten to twelve hours each way) I take him for walks nearly every day. He is a little hesitant to leave his familiar surroundings, but once I get him a block away from the house he walks great. I’m amazed at his willingness to go regardless of the weather. He loves the snow and loves being turned loose to investigate his surroundings at his leisure. I take him to large open fields and take him off the leash. He runs and frolics, but always keeps an eye on the distance between us. His big delight is to snoop through weeds and small saplings, nose working like crazy. I hadn’t heard him bark, other than a playful invite to play until just the other day. My son was home from the Navy and Gabe wasn’t use to another in the house. Early one morning I was having coffee and playing with Gabe and my son was stirring in the other room. Gabe saw his shadow down the hallway. His hind legs spread apart as if to brace himself-front legs together-head high-tail just above level with slight curl up, he let out a bark that was really impressive for such a young dog. My son came in and exclaimed ” Oh my!” I said ” That was great,wasn’t it!” Everywhere I take him, people ask me about him. Lots of fun!      John

Alice and family,
    Merry Christmas to all of you. Gabriel now weighs 102 lbs. and is full of life. He walks regularly on the tread mill and goes with me for long walks both on the leash and off. He has a great love for playing in the snow, never seeming to mind the cold weather, 5 degrees or 30. He rides well in the back seat of my truck, and is eager to go when ever I say “Let’s get in the red truck!” He is stubborn when he fixates on some object, but he also loves to learn. I am really pleased with his actions. We have had really very few times when he has been destructive( one paper picture frame, and some paperback books). While we were gone, in a room he’d stayed in often, with no problem before, he got into some of my books and I have no idea why. I’m sure my fault, but I don’t know why yet. He get’s more exercise than most, but rarely gets tired if only for a moment.
     Took him to the veterinarian the other day for booster shot for rabies, and also noticed a small growth on his skin just above his left front elbow. Vet said nothing to worry about, something some young dogs get that goes away in a few months, but I’m going to keep a close eye on it. It has a medical name that I can’t remember, and the vet showed it to me in a medical book for dogs. I’ll let you know how it all turns out in some time from now.
    Anna and I are doing fine. We are anxiously awaiting for the farm house to be built, so we can move into it. We are hoping for completion before early summer. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. We hope your prayers are answered! Again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Guardian Onyx Von Gottschalk
Sonoline Kennels
Owned by the founder of K9 Stud www.k9stud.com

Hi Alice,

So my dad took one of his rotties to the vet today to get hips x-ray (prelim), I decided to take onyx with me too, I know she is young but I figured it wouldn’t hurt, her hips came out excellent J the vet also weighed her, she is 77 lbs at 9 months.  She is doing super, developing very well!

Thanks again!


Hi Alice!

Just wanted to give you a heads up, after waiting 63 days from the first breeding Baby Onyx gave birth this morning, she did great! Total of 9 pups, all look uniform and so far all look healthy, she started producing milk shortly after the last pup, I will probably supplement a couple of pups tomorrow if any look behind.  She has been a great mother thus far, even my dad has been very impressed with the way she handled things today.  My dad also mentioned that these pups look larger than the litters he produced.

Thanks again for the tip!






Hi Alice,

Attached please find some photos of one of Onyx’s son with Aron (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fUXPEpgkC8&feature=related ).

I was wondering if you still have any photos of Onyx when she was a puppy, I wanted to compare against her offspring.



“Jethro” Guardian Orion Von Gottschalk
Hi  Alice!

Thanks for talking the other day  . Attached are some pics of Jethro about a week ago. After he got rid of the nasty Giardia which I suspect he got drinking from the duck pond (should have known better than to let him do that) gained 5 lbs. in the past week! now about 45.(Does that sound about right, at 16 wks…?)

Jethro went to the groomers for the first time today and did very well. Loved everyone. Only protested at having his paws blow-dried (which made me think, do we really NEED to blow-dry a dog’s paws???) How decadent is that. (I just use a towel and let the rest air-dry!!).





Guardian Omega Von Gottschalk
Hey Alice,

Thought you might like to take a look at how Omgea or Dakota is doing so far.. As of right now he’s what almost five months and now weighs in at over 45 pounds.  His energy gets more and more crazier every day.. I just wish that it wasn’t so cold outside that i could let him out and have more time playing.  In all he’s doing well. Thanks for letting me get him.

Hope you had a great New year’s eve and have a great year.


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