• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

I Litter: Doctor x Illusive

Guardian Rottweilers I LITTER
Sire: Doctor Timit-Tor
Dam: Guardian Illusive Von Gottschalk
Pups born on Star Wars Day! (May the 4th)


Fierce Females:
Qi’ra                                  Mara

Beefy Boys:
Jar Jar Binks    Chewbacca       Trooper

Jabba the Pup               BB-8




Guardian Jabba Von Gottschalk

Hi. So I wanted a male because I wanted a larger dog. Or as I told my husband “I want a big one”. Now don’t confuse that to as I want one of those really over sized and probably rather unhealthy ones. Anyway. I weighed him today to the best of my ability at home meaning I stepped on a scale and then I stepped on the scale quite awkwardly holding him because he’s huge. ? After the struggle and some math he’s about 65 lbs. At five months he’s getting pretty close to Whisky. I just wanted to make sure this is normal or on average with his litter mates as I know they were larger anyway. He’s been eating the same amount as the others for quite some time now and always seems to be looking for more. He doesn’t appear over weight though. He’s just massive. His paws are bigger than Ontari’s already. He’s quite the protector as well. This morning he was laying at my feet in the living room and every time my husband walked in the room he barked like crazy ready to eat him. ? He’s so adorable. They all are. There is so much personality in this home. Anyway I was just reaching out to make sure he seems on track. Thanks for any input.

I have Jabba at the vet to get a couple vaccines since he will be going into training this weekend for the next 6 weeks. At just 8 months he’s a whopping 95 lbs and still growing. He is such a sweet scary boy. He’s very loving but his growl is very frightening. He’s a big sissy though. Lol.

“Walter” Guardian Jar Jar Von Gottschalk

About 10 months ago we got a new puppy from you, Jar Jar, who we absolutely love! We renamed Jar Jar, Walter. Our last rottie, Sasha was a female, about 85lbs. Walter is huge, we knew he would be, around 130lbs already! I use to frequently take Sasha on 3-5 mile bike rides, not until she was two years of age though. We take Walter on slow bike rides of about 1-2 miles a few times a week, or my wife takes him jogging or walking every day no more than 3 miles. I want to make sure this type of exercise is healthy and not too much too soon, especially for a 130lb dog. Sometimes he likes going 1-2 miles, then lays down and will not move for awhile! I’m fine with that, just don’t want to push him too hard. We always go in the evening or early morning so it’s not too hot and give him plenty of cold water the second we get home. Just want to be responsible and not make him go too hard. Any thoughts?
Thank you again, so glad we got him. He has a great temperament, awesome with everyone around him, very easy to train, smart dog.
Thanks again,


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