• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

O Litter: Codex x Rumba

Guardian Rottweilers O Litter
Sire: Codex of Nicola’s Lion
Dam: Rumba of Nicola’s Lion

I am so impressed with the pedigree of these 2 gorgeous Rott’s on both sides- so much so that I own Rumba’s brother AND Codex’s brother!  Predictably excellent character dominant in both Rumba and Codex’ pedigree- Rottweilers that are happy, social, and eager to work and please. Very strong head types from both Rumba and Codex lines.  Rumba is the direct daughter of my favorite Nikola dog, the ever impressive Dino!  Dino, as the name suggests, is a massive male with extreme bone and substance.  Codex has produced dozens of young champions and working dogs and, combined with Rumba, I am expecting character and willingness to please to abound in this litter.  Hoping for dark puppies with rich markings and strong type.



Guardian Ohana Von Gottschalk


I thought that might be the case.
The one you have to see is the one in the cowboy hat….the hat that I made for her for her tip to TX (too much time at the airport!)
And You have done it again.
She is so special and such a cuddler.
I love her very much….and she loves to be loved (and carried around…my chiro says to let her walk. Such a short span of time to carry them….just a little while longer!)
She has already captured hearts down here.
Just a beautiful pup, inside and out.
More to come!
Take care.

There are no words…..

So i will not try.


Learning how to play!

Wishing you and yours the best this Easter holiday.

She is getting big.
Tried to get her to look at the camera but there was lawn guys across the street.
And she loves her sister, Fergie (the misbehaved English Bulldog.)

So, i think it is safe to say you have the touch!

You know how i feel about my sweet Serena.
I still put flowers and light a candle by her shrine….
And you know my house without a Rott just didn’t feel like home…
Piper Ohana hasn’t filled Serena’s shoes, she has brought with her an entire new pair!
She is loveable, so devoted and quite the character!
My English Bulldog and she are teo peas in a pod, play constantly.
Piper Ohana follows me everywhere and is so affectionate.
Another special pup!!
You have.the touch!
She gets told once a day on our walks how beautiful she is….and polite. And she is.
Also…..she is a big yungin’!
70lbs at almost 7 months, tall and lean….very impressive build and the sweetest temperment.
Her favorite people are two baby boys she sees on our morning walk! Their parents are so enchanted by her and how gentle she is with the babies.
I know you are busy.
Just want to let you know how your pup ia doing.
Hope all is well.

She stops traffic.

Everyone is amazed –  she is truly magnificent.
Latest: when we fall asleep she steals our phones (and sometimes chews in them) and hides them.
She crunched up an “otto box” case that belonged to her beloved dog walker.
I wish you could see how she does it….such a clown.
Love her.
Hope all is well.

This is from last month but it always makes me smile.
She demands i hold her treats while she chews!
I do not have FB but i heard through the grapevine about your son.
Hoping things are getting better.
Take care.

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