• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

Guardian Colossus Von Gottschalk

Guardian Colossus Von Gottschalk
Dam: Serenity Von Gottschalk
Born: 07 Oct 2012
Chip# 956000008705347
AKC# WS42203204
Youth Grand Champion
Youth Balkan Champion
Youth Champion Bulgaria
3x CAC
Multi V-Rated

Colossus is another character from Marvel Comics.  Besides being large and powerful, I love the description of his character “…by far the physically strongest member of the team, being able to transform into a strong metallic form. Even without his powers he holds a physically imposing figure standing at 6′ 7″ (200 cm).  Throughout the series he has been portrayed as a quiet, shy character, honest and innocent.  A talented artist, he only reluctantly agrees to use his powers in combat, feeling it is his responsibility to use his abilities for the betterment of human and mutant-kind.”  This description reminds me very much of how I view my DIESEL and I sincerely hope this puppy grows up to have even a fraction of his mom and dad.  Right now Colossus is EXACTLY like the description!  He is impressively built, but still such a sweet, gentle pup.  He is quiet and low drive preferring a lap to a ball.  He has a very nice head with a short, powerful muzzle and heavy top skull.

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Guardian Colossus Von Gottschalk’s breedings, click thumbnails for more information

Colossus was a treasured friend whose love and support got his owners though some of their most difficult times.  He embodied everything that we try to accomplish with our breeding program- heart and soul.  The only comfort I take with his loss is that he has both his mom and dad waiting for him when he crosses Rainbow Bridge.  I know my Diesel is up there showing his son the ropes and congratulating him for a job well done here on earth.  Colossus truly was a courageous guardian and the loyalest of companions.  You are deeply missed my dear friend. 

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