• Guardian Rottweilers takes FIRST PLACE KENNEL at the 2013 ADRK Klubsieger in Rottweil, Germany!!

S Litter: Marsio X Ajme

Guardian Rottweilers S LITTER
Sire: Marsio Ri Mobby Dick
Dam: Ajme Vom Grossen Tal


International Champion                       Ch. Ajme Vom Grossen Tal
Marsio Ri Mobby Dick

Guardian Scarlet Von Gottschalk
Miss Scarlet is doing great.  Slept on the way home.  She is very bold, does not scare easily, even when she saw Leon the pot belly pig.  You can see how she carries herself, she has a lot of confidence.

Hi Alice
 Just wanted to drop you a line.  Miss Scarlet is doing great.  As you know she is now a little over 12 weeks and already weighs 20 lb 8 oz.  She is very smart.  She sits and shakes when told, and comes (for the most part), sometimes she gets a little side tracked.  Hope everything is good.  Have you moved yet?  Are all the other puppies from the litter doing well?
We love this puppy.  She have already become an important part of the family!!!!

Thanks Again

We are all great.  I see you have moved into your new Rotty Home. It looks like it is going to be great when all done.  I can’t wait to come and see it when I get my next Rotty.  I hope all of you are doing well.  I can’t believe how big your kids have grown in just 2 years.  Enjoy them they grow up so fast.  One day you’re a mom and the next they are all grown and you have grandchildren.  Which I have to say they are even better than your kids.  I think by the time grandkids come around you just realize how fast life goes by, so you try to slow down a little to enjoy them. 


You are right , Miss Scarlet is BEAUTIFUL!!!  A very good dog and very much if not exactly as you describe a rotty should be.  Very protective of her family, yet absolutely loves the grandchildren.  And just like her sister the girls at the vet always come out to see her when she is there.  And the vets think it is great that she has her tail..  You can tell Tahlia that Miss Scarlet has a great life. In the summer she swims in the pool (whenever she gets hot)and takes walks with me up until it just gets too cold or too muddy for me(its never to cold or too muddy for Scarlet).  She loves to follow us on the 4 wheelers and when winter comes she just chills  on the couch by the fireplace and watches tv with us.    She growls and barks when the V8 commercial comes on  with Jackie Chan, it always catches her attention.

I will send more pics soon.

God Bless

Mary Phillips





Guardian Serena Von Gottschalk
I have had several of my pups go to vets (and many because they have seen Guardian Rottweiler pups that their clients have brought in!) but I was especially proud to send little Serena to Dr. Lucas because he is able to take her in the clinic with him and show so many people what a Rottweiler really is.

She is super cute, an absolute sweety. We all love her! A lot of our clients have been asking to see her haha. She gobbled up her food this AM and I gave her some more a little while ago and she is doing great.  

She is very good with people and animals (loves my parent’s yorkie). For the little time I have had her so far, I can see she is very loyal and has an excellent disposition. We can’t stop taking pictures of her! Thank you very much!



“Kodi” Guardian Sadira Von Gottschalk

Pictures of our Kodi taking life easy…Lura

I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner….getting ready for a high school graduation. We did receive the paper work and it is sent in and I registered her chip with AKC also.
Kodi has probably tripled in size! She has really grown. She plays, eats and sleeps, plays, eats and sleeps. Kodi already likes to play fetch with her favorite toy. She brings it right back to us to be thrown again! My arms look like we have a cat from hell in the house, but it’s only Kodi! I think she has almost stopped the nipping. We’ve been yelping like a puppy and then set her in her play pen for a few minutes and try again. She has finally got the hang of it…if she nips, we don’t play. She is really a sweetie and we love her to bits. She starts her puppy classes at “Flying Feet” June 1st (They have a website so you can check out the facility…very nice!)
Hope all of you are fine.

Kodi is now 27 pounds and growing! She likes to nip and we are working on that. She is doing well at her puppy class…showing all the others how smart she is. This picture was taken quite awhile ago when my older daughter brought her dog over to visit. Notice it doesn’t even phase Kodi that he is 5 times bigger than she. She was pulling his ears and face hair and everything else she could grab. Good thing he is so good with puppies. My daughter fosters lots of puppies from the pound and “Harley” is very tolerant of them.

Hi Alice!
Today was Kodi’s graduation from her first obedience class. She won 2nd in
the tricks division! Was fourth in obedience, too. She was one of three
babies in the class, all others were older.
She is doing just great. We are soooooo happy with her and have so much fun!

She goes everywhere with us and has even traveled with us to Minnesota and
tomorrow she takes off cross country with us in a motor home to San Diego,
California. We even took her in a puppy buggy around the mall of America.
Didn’t get caught by the Mall Cops either!
We keep checking your website and enjoy all your postings. All your puppies
look so sweet!
We send our love,
Lura, Don, Ashley and Brian

We would like to show her in a confirmation class. Can you recommend a trainer or some one to give us advice, that is in the area, please? Kodi has traveled this summer to 17 different states!  She us a great traveler and probably behaves her best when she is out among strangers… although everyone is her friend according to her.
Appreciate your suggestions, Lura

Guardian Simba Von Gottschalk
Hi Alice,
   I just wanted to let you know that Simba is settling in well and we are so crazy about him!I forgot how much fun having a puppy around is. Thank you so much and to Miguel for adding him to our lives. We will stay in touch and send pictures.
Big Hug!!

“Boston” Guardian Saber Von Gottschalk
Boston is Great he is so so smart. Please don’t Forget about DUNJO and Serenity. I think you should put a pole out 🙂 You got to come down and visit us after the Move and bring the kids. The Beach is great and I have a condo I can rent you for cheap. Have a great weekend.


 I have to get your cell phone so I can forward you a PICTURES of Boston. He is doing great. He is such a beautiful dog inside and out. A wonderful addition to the family and will make Guardian Rottweilers proud.

Here is a picture of Boston. Got to send you a better one just took that one at the park now. Hope all is well.









Guardian Suki Von Gottschalk
Good morning! The girls are getting lots of love from everybody in the house. The rest of the family (3 more siblings, parents, brother in law, niece, and nephew) wanted to come over last night but we said to wait so we don’t stress them too much with all of the changes.  

Nikki and I woke up every 2 1/2 hours last night to take them out. Suki is doing beautifully, no accidents! Poor Trinity (i.e. Lucy) has had a little bit more rough of a go. She pooped and peed in her crate 2x and on the floor twice. Do you recommend any particular product to get urine out of grout? We’ve been using clorox wipes. Their crates are partitioned off so I didn’t think that would be likely, but that’s life! Lucy is better with the crate, but Suki (I don’t know what to name her?!) got much better as the night went on. After the 4 am bathroom break she only took 15 minutes to settle down.

I also wanted to clarify how they were fed. I know you said that the first part of their meal you had them separated so they could each eat their full dose of medicine. What about after? Nikki was under the impression that you fed them out of the same bowl. We did that for dinner last night. We put our hands in the bowl and both were accepting of that. Lucy did have difficulty sharing with Suki. She would growl at her. Each time she did that, we would take her away from the bowl and across the room so she couldn’t see Suki. We’d wait a minute, then try again. We repeated it the next time she growled. I think we stopped counting how many times she did it at 8 or 9. Did we do the right thing? Is there something else we should be doing?

Poor Nikki is exhausted! And I think frustrated when she sees how well Suki is doing. She does very well going to the bathroom outside. I think her vice will be chewing. She’s tried to chew on the dry wall, the base board, the baby gate, etc. Each time I try to give her a toy instead.

The little darlings are so cute! It is so funny to watch little Lucy come over and pounce on Suki who is almost twice her size! We are going to have our family over this weekend for a Memorial Day party and I’m sure they will be a big hit! I would send pictures right now, but I left the camera for Nikki today. I promise I will sometime before bed!


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